Every year, thousands of churches hold some sort of mission event. Missions conferences, special missionary speakers, mission offerings, mission sermon series, or other mission topics are a key component of the Christian message, and a wonderful part of Christian ministry. In these events, churches use mission flyers. Here are some tips on designing a church mission flyer, and some mission flyers that you can use for your next mission event.

Using Mission Flyers

Use a good design for mission flyers.
Eye-catching design and sharp graphics are essential for mission flyers. Here are some sample mission flyers that you can use.


Write good copy for mission flyers.
Next, you want to focus on what you’re going to say in your mission flyers. Make it to-the-point. Providing relevant scripture on the mission flyers is also a great idea.

Find prominent places to publish mission flyers.
Getting the word out through your missions flyers is important. Look for great places to post your mission flyers. The front doors of the church, church auditorium doors, church bulletin boards, Sunday school rooms, the church newsletter, an email blast, the Facebook page, and the church website are all great places for posting your missions flyers.

Missions flyers are important, and there is no easier or more professional way to create mission flyers than with Sharefaith. With an endless selection of church flyer designs, and infinite customizing options, you can develop some outstanding missions flyers.

Start exploring mission flyers templates right now.

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