With less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get going with some Valentine’s Day preparation. We’ll use Pastor Fred as our case study. Watch how Pastor Fred goes from ground zero with his Valentine’s Day planning, to full completion for Valentine’s Day. All he needed was a Sharefaith membership.

You can do exactly what Pastor Fred did, as described below. Or you can select your own flyers, PowerPoints, bulletin covers, and other templates. Click any of the headings to see a full library of options for each category. Clicking the image will take you to the Sharefaith site to see a description of the graphic as well as other options.

Step One: Promote the Valentine’s Day Service with Valentine’s Day Flyers
First, Pastor Fred knows he needs to promote his Valentine’s Day event. So, he goes to Sharefaith.com to find an attractive flyer template to promote next week’s Valentine’s Day service. He found an attractive Valentine’s Day theme flyer. All he needed to do was customize the flyer with the Valentine’s Day service information and place copies of the Valentine’s Day flyer around the church.

Step Two: Prepare the Valentine’s Day Sermon Using a Valentine’s Day Sermon Template
The focus of Pastor Fred’s Valentine’s Day Sunday is the sermon that he will be preaching. Pastor Fred knows what he’s going to preach on. All he need to do is prepare a PowerPoint. Easy. One download later, Pastor Fred is on his way to preparing his sermon PowerPoint, “Love Covers a Multitude of Sins.” (And by the way, Pastor Fred has zero graphic design skills, which is no problem. Sharefaith’s PowerPoint templates are predesigned, letting you add your text without doing any complex design.)

Step Three: Use a Valentine’s Day Welcome Video to Introduce the Service
This step is simple. Using software like PowerPoint, Keynote, Media Shout, or Easy Worship, Pastor Fred downloads the Valentine’s Day welcome video and he’s ready to go. A Valentine’s Day Welcome Video is a great way to maintain the graphical theme, and provide a welcome for your special service. Impressive.

Step Four: Introduce Your Valentine’s Day Service Using a Short Valentine’s Day MiniMovie
To gain people’s attention and introduce his sermon, Pastor Fred downloads two special Valentine’s Day videos. Check these out to see if they are something you can use in your Valentine’s Day service.

Step Five: Prepare the Valentine’s Day Worship Background
No Valentine’s Day service is complete without appropriate music. Pastor Fred downloads worship backgrounds and customizes them with song lyrics. Music service:  ready to go.

Step Six:  Get the Valentine’s Day Bulletin Cover Ready
Bulletin covers are normally Pastor Fred’s most dreaded task. Not this week. Thanks to the predesigned bulletin cover template from Sharefaith, all Pastor Fred does is downloads, customizes, and he’s ready to go. That was easy.

Step Seven: (Next Month) Publish a Newsletter Telling about Your Valentine’s Day Service
After Valentine’s Day is over, Pastor Fred wants to send out a church newsletter describing last month’s events. So, he picks out an nice church newsletter, edits it, customizes it, and sends it out. (Sharefaith’s partnership with Constant Contact makes it easy to manage church mailing lists.)

That is pastor Fred’s Valentine’s Day experience. Sure, he should have delegated a task or two along the way, but with Sharefaith’s total Valentine’s Day media solution, it wasn’t hard to do everything himself. He spent only $109 on a Sharefaith membership. Immediately, he had access to over 38,000 graphics. His membership is good for a year! You may not have to do all the Pastor Fred did, or you may not be a pastor. Whatever your role in the church–whether you’re a media director, church administrator, church secretary, or volunteer–Sharefaith will help you empower your Valentine’s Day experience. With total access to the entire Sharefaith online library, and unlimited downloads, you can produce powerful graphics every Sunday. With Sharefaith’s unified sets and wide array of church graphics, it’s easy to produce great church media–for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and every Sunday inbetween.

Get started with your Sharefaith membership experience. We think you’ll be impressed, too.

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