If you know anything about Sharefaith, you know that we’re passionate about helping churches to proclaim the gospel effectively, and to magnify the name of Jesus. Media provides helpful tools for doing so. That’s why we are committed to helping churches, church leaders, and other ministries use technology and media to glorify God. Today, we wanted to share with you ten ways you can use a worship background.

What is a worship background?

A worship background is a professionally-designed visual that can be used for church or worship events. Worship backgrounds depict Christian imagery, photography, or just beautiful abstract designs. They are projected from a computer using a data projector.

How can you use worship backgrounds?

  1. Display worship backgrounds before and after the service. Worship backgrounds, with their beautiful designs and Christian themes, are an excellent way to set the mood and atmosphere before the service, somewhat in the same way as a welcome video. You may even wish to set up an slideshow of several images to auto-loop before the service. As an additional enhancement, include Bible verses with each worship background as it loops. (This is also a lot easier than hanging a banner!)
  2. Use worship backgrounds to display the Scripture text. If your church has a time of Scripture reading, use the worship background as a backdrop for displaying the Scripture text. In case there are visitors without Bibles, this will help them to follow along.
  3. Use worship backgrounds for the lyrics during songs. Many worship backgrounds from Sharefaith are optimized to display text. They are ideal lyric slides. Overlay them with the song text, and you’re ready to go.
  4. Use worship backgrounds at special events like children’s meetings, youth events, revival meetings, and conferences. Worship slides work well on other occasions, not just in a church service. Use them at the next youth rally to display song lyrics, or even during a PowerPoint presentation during a non-church meeting.
  5. Use worship backgrounds to display the service title and announcements. Worship backgrounds are ideal for displaying the theme or text of the message and displaying any announcements, too.
  6. Use relevant worship backgrounds for seasonal events. When holidays roll around, you’ll want to use a worship background that matches the spirit of the season. Sharefaith has worship backgrounds for spring, summer, fall, and winter. In addition, holidays give you a good opportunity to display holiday-specific worship backgrounds.
  7. Use worship backgrounds as computer wallpaper. Worship backgrounds work for your own computer, too. They work great as beautiful computer wallpaper.

Want to use worship backgrounds yourself? Here is what you need to use worship backgrounds in your church. As long as you have a data projection system in your church (laptop, screen, and data projector), you’re ready to go. If you don’t yet have a membership with Sharefaith, sign up today. Download a worship background of your choice, and drop it into a PowerPoint (or other presentation software) and you’re ready to go. (Click here for more information on worship backgrounds.)

How do you use worship backgrounds?

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4 Responses

  1. Terrie Zieber

    I just found your site and joined for our church. Your backgrounds and graphics are just wonderful! I am a graphic designer – so I can really appreciate the work that goes into designing these worship videos. I not only use them before and after worship but during worship while the choir sings. I get so many compliments on how they improve our worship service. I will also be using them on our website. I was using a different site; however, I find your site has better graphics and better pricing. Thanks for offering low price packaging that even small churches like ours can afford. Blessings In Christ… Terrie Zieber

  2. Sandra Reiff

    How can I find a list of all your worship backgrounds? I am looking for pictures of Jesus, beautiful scenaries, people worshipping, etc. Thanks for your help

    • admin

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for your question. Here is the link to all of our worship backgrounds. You can browse the entire collection by using the numbered links at the top and bottom of the samples.

      You asked particularly about pictures of Jesus, beautiful scenery, and people worshipping. I’ve suggested a few for you to use below. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else!

      -The Sharefaith Team

      Jesus Worship Background

      People worshipping

      Beautiful Scenery

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