This blog isn’t the place to announce all things tech. However, we did want to mention one very cool advancement that Microsoft has made in their beta release of Office 2010. It has a direct impact upon how churches and other users can use more powerful media.

The Important Change

Obviously, Microsoft Office 2010 has a lot of new features and goodies. The one that makes a real difference for church media is the upgrades to PowerPoint. In previous versions, users could not insert and edit video right within the PowerPoint program. What’s more, you couldn’t put text on top of the video. In short:  video functionality was nil. In order to do cool stuff with videos, church media personnel had to have expensive video editing software if they wanted to use videos with their existing PowerPoint platform. Needless to say, most churches don’t have soaring media budgets.

All that has changed.

Now, in the new version, users can insert, edit, tweak, alter and do a lot with videos–right within PowerPoint! As Mr. Microsoft Office himself (Stephen Elop) stated, “Within PowerPoint you can now insert and edit video right in the context of PowerPoint, without using any third party tools. You can just do it right there.”

What You Can Do with Video

The video change means that you can trim sections of video within your PowerPoint. You can play the video directly in PowerPoint, rather than merely having it pull from a remote file on the drive. You can create fades, you can alter the sound, and you can even place text on the video.

What This Means

One of the best forms of church media is video. While PowerPoint sermons probably aren’t going away anytime soon, there is something particularly attractive about a moving worship background. Sharefaith has a vast collection of videos that can be used in a variety of ways–as a background for song lyrics, as a way of making announcements, for the background to sermon notes, etc. With the recent changes, Microsoft Office 2010 users will have a lot more options, power, and creativity to use videos in their worship media.

Of course, all the Mac aficionados are probably snickering, realizing that Keynote (The Mac version of PowerPoint) has had video capability for a while…

Want to Give It a Try?

You can. Just download the beta version of Microsoft Office 2010. Click here to visit the download page.  It is a free, fully-functional version that is available until October. Then, check out some of Sharefaith’s videos to see how it works.

(By the way, if you haven’t seen Sharefaith’s new Father’s Day Music Video, we recommend you check it out.)

About The Author

Daniel Threlfall

Daniel Threlfall has been writing church ministry articles for more than 10 years. With his background and training (M.A., M.Div.), Daniel is passionate about inspiring pastors and volunteers in their service to the King. Daniel is devoted to his family, nerdy about SEO, and drinks coffee with no cream or sugar. Learn more about Daniel at his blog and twitter.

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9 Responses

  1. Hein

    YAY Microsoft! You listened and have finally given us top notch products. I download the beta from MS’s site and tested it out last night and the video editing capabilities are awesome!

    This is a big step forward !!

  2. Chukueku Ifeoma C

    I love it and im also happy MS listened. I do hope for more of these. Worship him and easyworship apps are actually dedicated to presentations and are faster than d MS, but its no where near d animated text over powerpoint video backgrounds…

  3. Dave Mockett

    Am I missing something? MS has once again underdone the video provision for PowerPoint. Huge leap, only 10 years late, for video over text, but why all that editing nonsense? Anyone serious about using video will obviously all the software needed to do it properly. What we really needed was true video backgrounds which would play over several slides. Yes, you can do this, but suddenly it reverts to the old style video in front of everything. So how excatly do you easily use this for song lyrics etc.? Disapponting.

    • Heather Pendleton

      I’m with you Dave… same problem here…. I am pretty knowledgable with PowerPoint and I cannot figure it out! Grr… at least I only got the trial version of Office 2010 instead of purchasing it… not worth the money if it will not even do what I need it to do 🙁

      • admin

        Dear Heather,

        Have you tried using another video format from our download list? Perhaps MP4 or MPEG? MSPT 2010 supports more than just WMV format. When we did the testing before writing the post, we did an actual example to see if video would work and it did. Text was correctly displayed on top of the video without any problems. What MSPT 2010 could not do was to have the video loop in the background while doing more than 1 song on top of it. So you will have to make use of 1 video for each song lyric. In the end, MSPT is awesome for churches with basic worship needs, but if you would like to streamline your lyrics/sermon text and incorporate endless video then actual worship software would be much better. Example: MediaShout or Keynote (Mac).
        Blessings !!

  4. Shan

    could you please tell me exactly how to streamline lyrics/sermon text and incorporate endless video by using keynote on mac. Thank you very much and God Blessed.


    • Hein


      Using PowerPoint or Keynote for video is not recommended. You cannot get a smooth transition from one video to the next using software that was designed for showcasing slides. PowerPoint and Keynote is not build to handle video. The new PowerPoint 2010 has some video ability, but still does not give the user the function to display multiple song lyrics on a worship loop. The loop will either stop, or the lyrics will disappear.

      Please use MEDIA SHOUT, the leader in church worship software. They have a free trial and their software is designed and build for churches, using video, slides and scripture.
      Here is a link to their site:

  5. sonny wong

    i need display text/edit text to our language,
    how to get blank videoloop without english text?

    end what’s your suggest software to give text each video loop, like sharefaith –>
    example: welcome, let’s worship the Lord
    translate to: selamat datang, mari naikkan pujian bagi Tuhan…

    thanks for attentions

    • admin

      Great question, Sonny. Most of our videos are blank video loops, allowing you to customize the video loop with your specific language and text choice. See the collection of blank worship video loops here:

      We’ve found that the best worship software is Media Shout. Please visit their website to find out more about this powerful worship software product:

      It is possible, of course, to use other software such as PowerPoint. To add text to a worship video loop using PowerPoint, check out this brief how-to article: The text you wrote above can easily be inserted into a blank video loop.

      If that doesn’t answer your question, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help out.

      -The Sharefaith Team

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