Designing a Ministry Flyer

Putting a ministry flyer together isn’t as simple as just slapping some text on a page. There’s a process that you should follow, or at least sort of a science to getting your ministry flyer out in the best way possible. The question is, what is the way, and how do you do it?

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Using Publisher Flyer Templates

Microsoft’s design software, Publisher is a useful tool for designing church media in-house, especially because of its low-cost and familiar interface. The only problem with using MS Publisher flyer templates is finding those templates. It’s relatively easy to find flyer templates MS Word, but what about Publisher flyer templates? That’s another story. For ten years, Sharefaith has been designing and developing Publisher flyer templates, and we’d like to tell you where to find them and how to use them.

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The Best Church Flyer Templates MS Word

I’ve run up against a brick wall several times in looking for good templates for MS Word. Somehow, either I was looking in all the wrong places, or there just wasn’t a template for my particular need. If it’s church flyer templates MS Word that you’re looking for, however, Sharefaith has everything you need. You’re about to be introduced to the best church flyer templates MS Word…in the world. Hang on to your seats.

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Using Church Flyers to Announce Events

It’s finally happening. Your church is planning a huge rally. You’ve scheduled the best speaker for the event. Your church musicians have been practicing for weeks. You’re wanting this to be a life-changing event for a whole lot of people. So now you need a way to promote your event. How are you going to pull it off?

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Church Flyer Templates Are Everywhere

There may just be an untapped source of communicating information that you haven’t thought about recently. It’s lingering under your very nose. It’s extremely effective. It’s cool. It’s cheap. It’s easy. It’s unbelievable. What is this panacea, this communication fix-it-all, wonder solution?

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When You Want Free Church Flyers

“Free! Free! Free! Everything is free!” It’s the mantra of a million sites on the Internet—FREE! It’s the hook that catches millions of gullible Internet fish everyday. It’s the way that hucksters make millions through advertising and not-so-free sign-up scams. If it’s free church flyers you want, you do have options—but not without risk. Here’s your definitive guide to free church flyers.

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How Do I Create a Church Flyer?

Creating a church flyer is a common task of any church administrator or church worker. If you’re faced with the task of creating a church flyer, you may be asking the question, “How do I create a church flyer?” Here’s your answer. Spend five minutes reading this short article, and by the end of the article you’ll be able to answer the question, “How do I create a church flyer.”

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Church Flyer Design for the Average Joe

Pastors, church administrators, church secretaries, and church volunteers don’t have to excel at everything. Specifically, not every church secretary should be expected to churn out amazing church flyer designs on command. It’s just unrealistic and unreasonable. That being said, church flyer design is really important, and there is a need for top-notch church flyer design. To come up with a solution, we’d like to introduce you to Church Flyer Design for the Average Joe.  Continue reading “Church Flyer Design for the Average Joe” »

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How to Create an Entire Valentine’s Day Media Experience

With less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get going with some Valentine’s Day preparation. We’ll use Pastor Fred as our case study. Watch how Pastor Fred goes from ground zero with his Valentine’s Day planning, to full completion for Valentine’s Day. All he needed was a Sharefaith membership.
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