Church Websites – 70 Most Inspiring of 2016


Church Websites that inspire! We all need to take a look before designing our own.  You should be proud of your church website. It’s not just a stagnant information page, it’s a channel where you communicate with new and current members. Church websites often look horrible as little attention is paid to design or content. Many churches still believe that beautiful church websites cost a fortune or that you need a developer. Sharefaith Inc, for the last 7 years has built beautiful church websites for nearly 8,000 churches and we know that when you start your church website you’re looking for design and content inspiration. We, ourselves, love looking at beautiful church websites and that’s why we assembled this list of top 70 beautiful church websites that inspires.

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Free Website Migrations For Churches – Coming Thursday


Over the last few years, we’ve met countless churches who loved Sharefaith’s website & hosting product, but were stuck in an expensive website contract or hosting agreement with another provider that they’re no longer pleased with. Many of these churches also did not have the funds, time, or staff to allocate to migrating or moving their old website to a new Sharefaith one. That is now in the past! As usual, Sharefaith goes above and beyond to create the best customer service and give you the best church resources at the lowest price possible! (more…)

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30 Best Church Website Templates for Ministry and Outreach


Websites have quickly become a powerful and necessary tool for the church. Every church wants the best church website, as these days more people are finding churches through searching online, than searching through the phone book. However, even if you come up #1 in searches all the time, that won’t do you much good if your website looks out-of-date or just plain ugly. You need to make a good first impression for any potential visitors and your church website will serve as your digital ambassador to the world. The internet has grown leaps and bounds since its inception and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Keeping up with those changes and maintaining a look with the latest and greatest features can be exceptionally difficult. This is where church website templates come in. Oftentimes, we hear the word “template” and think that this means low quality cookie cutter stuff. In actuality, many of the best church website templates are out there that make even professional web designers have to do a triple-take to see if what they are looking at is truly a template or custom design work.


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The fastest way to build a beautiful church website


Your church or ministry may be in the process of setting up a church website and looking at all the many options available. There may be many things you deem important in choosing the best solution provider. More than anything, you will probably want a solution that not only provides the website, but hosting as well, and both of those should be budget-friendly. You can look at solution providers that are tailored towards churches and ministry, or you can make use of the many secular offerings that provide websites to anyone. The ideal situation for a church would be to pick a company that agrees with their statement of faith. One should take note that many of the secular alternatives also host websites with mature content, which you would not want to support. (more…)

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How to Encourage Your Congregation Through Your Church Website



Encouragement comes in many forms, and while the act of “one-another” fellowship typically involves a physical assembly of two or more, we cannot discount the benefits of offering virtual support and inspiration. Your website has the potential to present refreshment to the weary, quiet answers to those seeking, and just good in-between inspiration and hope to a community of believers endeavoring to make sense of it all. Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” Here are some practical ways to offer encouragement using your church website: (more…)

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Want to Live Stream Your Sermons? Try Google Hangout – How to Live Stream Your Church Service with Google Hangout


If you’ve ever wanted to have live video streams of your church services but weren’t sure if there was enough interest to justify the effort and cost, we’ve got great news for you! Google+ Hangouts give you a way to add live video streams to your Church Website at no cost and with very little effort. All you need is a website, a Google+ account and a camera on an Internet-connected computer during your service. (more…)

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Getting Advanced with Your Church Website – Introduction


Let me describe a common scenario. This is a true story. My passion for Church Websites began at home. I used to be a volunteer youth group leader at a medium-sized congregation, and I worked professionally in the tech industry. As a young man (with a lot of time on his hands), I designed and built my church its first website in 1998. At first, I was its sole maintainer. But as my career began to take off and my family grew, requiring more and more of my time, it became difficult for me to continue updating the website and its content. (more…)

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Brand New Church Website Template Released Plus Better User Experience


Programming websites is difficult. At Sharefaith, we provide everything you need to have a website without doing any programming yourself, but there are a number of obstacles that we have to deal with in providing an intuitive interface. Even with decent “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editing tools in place, you are at the mercy of the instances in which the authors of those tools decide that, “What You See is a close proximity, but may not be exactly What You Get.” All of the WYSIWYG content editors that we have seen (including the one we use – up until now) miss one simple fact: People who don’t want to learn a bunch of new computer skills are most comfortable if their content editor acts exactly like Microsoft Word. (more…)

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Make Your Church Website Background, Navigation and Content Look Amazing!


Did you know you can fully customize the look and feel of a Sharefaith Church Website? Change your website to match your special event like Valentine’s Day or Easter, it’s so easy it can be done in minutes. (more…)

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