Easter is like the Super Bowl for churches. It’s one of the most important days of the year because of what it represents, and it’s also one of the highest attended services annually. The Christian faith rests on the idea that Jesus was resurrected after three days in the tomb. What a day to celebrate!  

With so much emphasis on this spring holiday, your church website should reflect how amazing your Easter services are going to be. Check out the tips below to improve your online presence this Resurrection Sunday.  

1. Have a welcoming home page

Many people only visit church on big holidays, like Christmas and Easter. These are also days that new people feel more comfortable checking out a church service because of tradition or simply knowing that other new people will also be attending. With that, you’ll want the home page of your website to be inviting and informative because most people discover their new church through online searches. Include your church’s regular service times, the location address, and include an obvious link to stream your Easter service for those that are unable to attend in person.  

Don’t forget to promote your Easter services out front. Include a hero image using one of Sharefaith’s incredible Easter graphicscustomized with your church’s specific message and branding. Incorporate the times for the special services and any other important information people might need to know about Easter at your church.  

2. Include an Easter-specific landing page

Be sure all your promotions leading up to Easter point to a specific page on your website where congregants and seekers can find the information they need to make it to service. Include your themed graphic/hero image, along with any pertinent info, such as Easter service times and any special events that will be happening, like an Easter egg hunt or unique kids’ services. Since Easter is a very family-oriented tradition, don’t forget to include what the children will be doing during service, whether in children’s ministry or provide resources for online church.  

3. Create a next-steps section

With all the new attendees you’ll get to welcome on Easter, you will want to have an online space for them to find their next steps. During service you might have a welcome card or gift and collect their information, but having a “next steps” section on your church website will help these newcomers feel welcomed. They’ll know how to get connected, whether that’s through small groups or a membership class. Maybe you will include resources for new believers so they know how to start reading the Bible or how to pray. You don’t want people to only show up for one Easter service, so providing a next-steps page will encourage them to grow in their faith and become consistent members 

4. How to get involved

From your main home page, incorporate a tab or link for attendees to get involved. Encourage those people who show up every Easter or who have been attending off and on to really get plugged in. This page could include events that your church is hosting and the various ministries they could serve in. Inform them about the process it takes to become a volunteer and highlight how they can become a blessing to others. When individuals commit their time to serving in the church, the more likely they are to attend and give on a regular basis, and also invite others to join them on their incredible faith journey. 

5. Revamp your online giving page

It may seem a little awkward to dive into the topic of giving on a holiday where there are so many new people. However, many individuals and families enjoy participating in blessing the church and community. Make giving easy with an accessible giving page, which could also be linked to the all-inclusive mobile app. This allows congregants to donate with their credit card or bank account securely online straight from their phone. With Sharefaith Givingeasily integrate online giving straight to your website or church app. You might be surprised how many people will choose to give when the opportunity is readily available.  


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Easter is an incredible occasion to share the gospel with people that normally don’t attend church, and it’s also a beautiful day to celebrate with fellow believers all that Christ has done to redeem His Church. If you want more tips to make Easter at your church even more successful, click here to join the FREE Sharefaith Easter webinar.


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