Church Social Media

Social Media and the Church. How to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for your church.

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Pastoral Counseling on Facebook

Josh, the youth pastor, was looking at a very frustrated teen. Chris, a fourteen-year-old in Josh's youth group, refused to speak with Pastor Josh about anything. Josh had tried talking to Chris about sports,... Read More...
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Church Email Marketing: Adding Flair

Today, we want to give you one of the most powerful tips for enhancing your email newsletters, devotional emails, or whatever other type of email marketing you may be doing for your church. It has to do with em... Read More...
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How to Run a Church Email Survey

It's now time to run a church email survey. You've decided you need to find out more about your congregation, or discover how you can better meet their spiritual needs. What do you do next? Creating a church e... Read More...