It’s now time to run a church email survey. You’ve decided you need to find out more about your congregation, or discover how you can better meet their spiritual needs. What do you do next? Creating a church email survey is, thankfully, uncomplicated and takes little time using Constant Contact. Here’s how to do it.

1. Log in to Constant Contact

2. Click on “create a survey” by either choosing the tab at the top or the button right underneath “create an e-mail”

3. Choose a name for your survey that will help you remember the purpose and date of the survey. Don’t worry about choosing carefully or creatively, since you will be the only one who will see this title. Click next.

4. Now comes the fun part–creating the actual survey. First, you should choose a survey template. Since Constant Contact does not cater exclusively to churches, there are a variety of commercial-style templates to choose from. You will want to select a template that will best accomplish your specific objectives. Take a minute to browse the options and choose one that you think may work. Remember that you can create a completely customized survey aside from any of the predesigned templates. The screenshot below shows just one of the possible templates you may choose. When you have selected a template, click next.

5. You can customize each of the questions as well as the answer selections, simply by clicking on the edit button, and making appropriate changes. Some changes may be simple, for example, changing “Customer” to “church member.” You may also have to change question options or answer formats. When you are satisfied with your survey, click “save and continue.”

6. On the page that comes next, you can select whether or not you want to include a greeting page with your survey. If you choose to include a greeting page, you can customize the message to give instructions about the survey, a word of thanks, or just a word of introduction about the survey.

7. In addition to a greeting page, you can select a closing page to provide a fitting end to the survey.

8. After you click “next” you will be brought to the final page before sending your survey. We recommend that you test your survey before sending it to the church.

9. When you have perfected your survey and are prepared to share it with the church click, “go live now.” On the page that follows (which you can return to later), you will be able to track survey results and analyze the responses.

Congratulations on successfully creating your first survey using Constant Contact. Remember that you can design a survey to find out as much as you want to. Be judicious in your use of surveys, but enjoy the help that they can bring.

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