Church Social Media

Social Media and the Church. How to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for your church.

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Top Ten Trends in Church Technology

Changes in church ministry are zipping along at lightning speed, pretty much right at the speed of a cable Internet connection. Today's churches are plugged in, online, and very tech-savvy. We've done a bit... Read More...
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Church Social Media Bad Practices

Churches are all over social media, which is a good thing. But are they doing social media right? That's another question altogether. In many cases, sadly, the answer is "no." Churches plus social media has... Read More...
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Ten Ways the Pastor Can Use Twitter

Are you a Tweeting pastor or church leader? If you're anything like me, you may have joined Twitter once upon a time just because it was all the rage, and after sending one or two test Tweets, realized it w... Read More...