There are two stages to the life of a church newsletter. Stage one:  creating it. Stage two:  getting it out there to the people. It’s about how to publish a church newsletter. If you want to publish a church newsletter, you’ll need a way of doing so. What are some of the ways to publish a church newsletter, and what form of church newsletter distribution should you choose?

How to Publish a Church Newsletter and Distribute It

  • Publish the church newsletter by mailing it out. Mailing a church newsletter is an obvious option. You’ll be virtually guaranteed that every church member will receive it in their home. There are, of course, notable downsides. Mailing stuff is expensive. Printing costs are high enough, but adding a stamp to the equation just makes this pricier. Furthermore, there is the problem of mailing lists. Church mailing lists are notoriously hard to keep updated, so it can be tough just to make sure you have everyone’s address. It may be best just to send a select number of church newsletters to shut-ins or people who can’t normally attend services.
  • Publish the church newsletter by placing it in the lobbies. An easy way to publish a church newsletter without hassle, complication, or expense is to simply place copies in the church lobbies. Most churches have tables or areas on which literature can be placed. Put a stack of church newsletters there, and, presto! problem solved. Although this method is great, some people may not notice the church newsletters and fail to pick up a copy.
  • Publish the church newsletter by handing it out to people at the doors. A more direct and personal way to publish a church newsletter is to physically hand it out to people at the doors. This is a great way to get it into everyone’s hands. Most churches distribute materials at the door, anyway. Obviously, greeters and ushers may miss a few people, especially those who work in the nursery or a children’s ministry, but it’s still a great way to publish a church newsletter.
  • Publish the church newsletter by sending it to people’s email addresses. Since we’re in an electronic age, this is an optimal form of distribution for a lot of people. I, for one, am the kind of guy that doesn’t like to use paper–period. It’s not just that I like trees in their upright and growing position. It’s also that I like the clean, clutter-free, simplicity of electronic-only. I may be unusual, but I do know that publishing a church newsletter electronically is a great way to go. If you are interested in a powerful email tool for keeping in touch with your congregation, consider Sharefaith’s church email solution. Get more information here.
  • Publish the church newsletter online. If you have a church website (and you should), publish the church newsletter online. You can devote a page or link exclusively to church newsletters. Publish the church newsletter by uploading it to the website.

The best way to publish a church newsletter may be a combination of these distribution methods. The best solution is to find something that works for your church, and adapt it and tweak it. The most important thing, however, isn’t that method of distribution, but the church newsletter itself.

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