Happy New Year! We are excited to hear about the exciting plans that our Sharefaith customers are making this new year to grow and engage their church or ministry.

2019 was a great year for Sharefaith’s ministry partners. We love that you do such inspiring things with the feature sets we offer. Let’s take a look back at what we introduced last year, and then get excited about what we’ve got in store for 2020.


Sharefaith Websites 2019 Review

Prayer Plugin

One of last year’s big hits was the Prayer Plugin. This plugin is included with every Sharefaith church website and serves to strengthen the connection of your online community with an online prayer wall. Display your prayers on any page of your site and let visitors submit requests and mark that they’ve prayed for others. Many of our Sharefaith members  use this feature to lift each other up in prayer. 


Easier Media Library Access

We also provided the ability to easily access your Sharefaith Media library directly when adding images to your website. Users love that they no longer have to download and upload each file. Check out this help article to learn more and streamline your media adding process. 


New Forms Plugin

In addition, we created a new forms plugin, which provides forms that meet the specific needs of your church. Our new form builder was designed to make building and designing new forms easier than ever. It can be used to create custom online giving pages, event registration, volunteer events, and more. Plus, you can connect to Sharefaith Giving and handle payments and donations directly through the new form system to keep all your forms seamless and intuitive. 




Sharefaith Website Coaching

We also introduced the Sharefaith Website Coaching experience, which is designed to help develop or enhance your skills in website creation. We partner with churches in design, content, and layout creation to help them  effectively communicate their ministries to others. 

Coaching includes three one-on-one coaching sessions that cover everything to help you complete and successfully launch your new website. A Sharefaith coach consistently walks you through all of your questions while you create your website. It also comes with interactive checklists to help keep you on track with your website progress. Plus, we provide meeting notes from coaching sessions with step-by-step walk-throughs and tutorial links. This new offering has been one of our favorite additions. Check out our work with Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church: 

Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran is a church with a school and wanted to overhaul their outdated website and paint a clear picture of who they are on their new site. The new site is streamlined and easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly, plus it clearly communicates both the church and the school’s missions. 


CORL Before


After (desktop):

CORL After


After (mobile):


Sharefaith Websites 2020 Preview 

We have a lot of exciting things coming your way!

  • Brand new Sharefaith V9 Editor powered by Elementor — the #1 WordPress page editor 
  • New, fresh themes and ministry specific layouts
  • Sermon Plugin; tied to SermonCloud.com
  • Custom design services
  • And more to come!



Sharefaith Kids 2019 Review

12 New Lessons

For Sharefaith Kids, 12 new lessons were released! “The Miracle of Christmas” and “Furnace of Fire” were the most popular. With award-winning artwork, amazing animation, and bold storytelling, these stories are must-have Sunday School resources. You can explore all the newest lessons here.


Sharefaith Kids Essentials: Seeds Family Worship

host of new Essential resources were released, including hand-motion worship videos from Seeds Family Worship! We partnered to release their entire catalogue of kids worship videos. This music-based ministry that creates word-for-word scripture songs. They’re not your old school Bible songs; they’re relevant, well-written modern worship songs. 


Digital Bible Comics

Kid’s ministries are always looking for ways to get families connected to their lessons, which is why we first released a trial pack of digital comics. The response from teachers has been amazing! We always listen to your feedback, so in December we released our first volume of digital Bible comics. These comics encourage your children to explore the Bible at home while enjoying the engaging artwork.


Spanish Bible Videos

We also responded to members requesting Spanish versions of our Bible videos to help expand their ministries both to existing members and new outreach opportunities. In December 2019, Sharefaith Kids will be released our first volume of Spanish Bible videos.


Sharefaith Kids Quick Launch Guide 

In addition to our new classroom resources, we put together a Sharefaith Kids Quick Launch Guide. This guide is a comprehensive breakdown of everything included in Sharefaith Kids and tips on how our members can get the most out of them. 


Everything New Blogs

Additionally, we launch the first of our Everything New blogs in November. These articles give our members a quick summary of all the new content coming their way.


Chronological Bible Lessons for Kids

We developed this historical timeline for teachers and children interested in understanding the Bible in historical context. We took the stories of Scripture and presents them in order of date. This chart presents over 130 Sharefaith Kids Sunday School lessons in order with links to each lesson and Scripture references. Plus, there’s a search bar to help you find specific lessons. 


Sharefaith Kids 2020 Preview

We have many exciting resources coming in 2020! Here’s a quick list of everything you have to look forward to:

  • 12 New Bible Lessons
  • New VBS: “Courageous Faith”
  • 12 New Worship Albums
  • 120 New Spanish Bible Videos
  • 60 New Digital Bible Comics
  • And a few surprises that we’ll save for later 



2019 Sharefaith Media Review

2019 was also an incredible year for Sharefaith Media users. We love being part of your ministry’s media mission and seeing the incredible ways you use graphics to connect people with Christ.  

Over 100 Unique Designs Packs


We were able to release many unique designs including Title Graphics, Print Graphics, Church Motion Graphics, and Countdown Videos. Check out this tutorial on making a stellar countdown video

Social Media Graphics

We launched a brand new product with Social Media Graphics and added it to the current media membership plans. 


Twelve:Thirty Media Mini Movies

We partnered with our Twelve:Thirty Media! We’ve added their entire library of mini movies to the Sharefaith media library. That means more exciting ways for you to help members and visitors connect with your message. Mini movies are short-form sermon illustration videos you can use as sermon bumpers, trailers, openers or as a transitional element in your worship experience. We’ve produced videos for any weekend or season at your church. 


2020 Sharefaith Media Preview

Looking ahead to 2020, we couldn’t be more excited. We have a lot of really awesome things planned for you and are working hard to get you new features, designs, tools, training, and so much more. 


Next Steps

2019 was a great year for all of Sharefaith Products, but we are looking forward to an even better 2020! Be sure to check all the options we have to offer to help you connect with your audience.


About The Author

Zach has been with Sharefaith since 2011 and has served as a pastor ministering to all age groups, from children to adults, throughout that time. His passion has always revolved around building relationships and using communication and technology to help churches reach more of the world for Christ.

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