Your Ultimate List of Chronological Bible Lessons For Kids

The Bible contains 66 books that are typically arranged by their authors. While this organization is helpful, some teachers prefer to present the Bible as a linear story. This chronological order takes the stories of Scripture and presents them according to a historical timeline. Many teachers find this approach both helpful to both themselves and their children.

The chart below presents over 130 Sharefaith Kids Sunday School lessons in chronological order with links to each lesson and Scripture references. If you are looking for a specific lesson, Scripture, or Bible character use the convenient search bar at the top of this chart.

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The Creation StoryGenesis 1 & 2
The Fall of ManGenesis 3
Cain and AbelGenesis 4
Noah’s ArkGenesis 6-9
The Tower of BabelGenesis 11
The Story of JobJob
Sodom and GomorrahGenesis 17-19
Abraham and IsaacGenesis 22
Isaac and RebekahGenesis 24
Jacob and EsauGenesis 25
Jacob’s LadderGenesis 28
Jacob Wrestles with GodGenesis 32
The Story of JosephGenesis 37-50
Baby Moses Exodus 2
Escape from EgyptExodus 2
The Burning Bush Exodus 3
The Ten PlaguesExodus 5-12
The Red Sea CrossingExodus 12-15
The ExodusExodus 12-15
Wilderness WanderingsExodus 16-17
The Ten CommandmentsExodus 20
Balaam’s DonkeyNumbers 22
The Story of RahabJoshua 2
Crossing the Jordan River Joshua 3
The Walls of JerichoJoshua 6
Sun Stand StillJoshua 10
Gideon and the 300Judges 6
Samson and DelilahJudges 13-16
The Story of RuthRuth
The Story of Samuel1 Samuel 1-2
The Story of King Saul1 Samuel 8-12
Jonathan and his Armor Bearer1 Samuel 14
David and Samuel1 Samuel 16
David and Goliath1 Samuel 16-17
David Fights Goliath1 Samuel 17
David, Saul, & Jonathan1 Samuel 18-19
David and Jonathan1 Samuel 20
David Spares Saul1 Samuel 23-24
David Becomes King2 Samuel 5
The Lord is my ShepherdPsalm 23
A Mighty Fortress is our GodPsalm 91
Song of ThanksgivingPsalm 107
The Wisdom of Solomon1 Kings 1-11
Solomon’s Temple1 Kings 8
A Woman Of FaithProverbs 31
Elijah and the Widow1 Kings 17
Elijah the Prophet1 Kings 18
Naaman the Leper2 Kings 5
Give Thanks to the Lord2 Chronicles 20
Horses and Chariots of Fire2 Kings 6
Jonah and the WhaleJonah
The Prophet IsaiahIsaiah
The Prophet JeremiahJeremiah 38
The CaptivityDaniel 1
Nebuchadnezzar’s DreamDaniel 2
The Fiery FurnaceDaniel 1-3
Furnace of FireDaniel 3
Writing on the WallDaniel 5
Daniel and the Lion’s DenDaniel 6
Valley of Dry BonesEzekiel 37
The Story of EstherEsther
The Story of NehemiahNehemiah
The Story of ElizabethLuke 1
The Promise of ChristmasProphets & Gospels
The Story of Mary and JosephLuke 2
The Miracle of ChristmasLuke 2
The Birth of JesusMatthew 1-2
The Magi Christmas StoryMatthew 2
Flight to EgyptMatthew 2
Jesus as a ChildLuke 2
The Story of John the BaptistMatthew 3
The Baptism of JesusMatthew 3
The Temptation of JesusMatthew 4
Jesus Turns Water into WineJohn 2
The Story of NicodemusJohn 3
Jesus Chooses His 12 DisciplesGospels
Jesus Heals the SickVarious Gospels
Jesus Heals the ParalyticLuke 5
Sermon on the MountMatthew 5-7
Love Your EnemiesMatthew 5
God Our FatherMatthew 6
Do Not WorryMatthew 6
Plan of SalvationMatthew 7
Jesus Calms the StormMatthew 8
The Pool of BethesdaJohn 5
Jesus Gives ThanksMatthew 11
Woman Washes Jesus’ FeetLuke 7
Jesus Feeds 5000Matthew 14
The Bread of LifeJohn 6
Jesus Walks on WaterMatthew 14
The TransfigurationMatthew 17
All Things are PossibleMark 9
The Unforgiving ServantMatthew 18
Light of the WorldJohn 8
The Man Born BlindJohn 9
I am the DoorJohn 10
The Good ShepherdJohn 10
The Good SamaritanLuke 10
The Lord’s PrayerLuke 11
The Lost Sheep & CoinLuke 15
The Prodigal SonLuke 15
Lazarus and the Rich ManLuke 16
The Ten LepersLuke 17
The Resurrection and the LifeJohn 11
The Story of LazarusJohn 11
The Story of ZacchaeusLuke 19
Jesus Cleanses the TempleMatthew 21
The Triumphal EntryLuke 19
The Parable of the TalentsMatthew 25
Taxes for CaesarLuke 20
The Way, the Truth, & the LifeJohn 14
I am the VineJohn 15
Prayer in the GardenMatthew 26
Jesus is BetrayedMatthew 26
Jesus Before the SanhedrinMatthew 26
Jesus’ CrucifixionMatthew 26-27
Jesus’ ResurrectionMatthew 27-28
He Is RisenMatthew 28
The Empty TombJohn 20
Road to EmmausLuke 24
Peter is RestoredJohn 21
The Ascension and PentecostLuke 24
The Holy Spirit ComesActs 2
Peter Heals the Lame ManActs 3
Ananias and SapphiraActs 5
The Stoning of StephenActs 7
Philip and the EthiopianActs 8
Paul’s ConversionActs 9
The Power of WordsJames 3
Prison BreakActs 16
Lydia is BaptizedActs 16
Miracles and RiotsActs 19
Love is1 Corinthians 13
JustificationRomans 3
RedemptionRomans 6
AdoptionRomans 8
Romans RoadRomans
ShipwreckActs 27
Adventures in MaltaActs 28
Paul’s Missionary JourneysActs
The Armor of GodEphesians 6
Saving FaithHebrews 11
All Things NewRevelation 21

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