Consider this, the goal of online giving in your church may not be to increase member giving, it may be to make it more convenient for them to give. Who knows? There may be obstacles that are hindering them from donating more frequently. One way to get around this is to have more options available through the use of technology. The internet and smartphones allow people to be more accessible than they were a couple years ago and that accessibility is only going to increase.

However, like anything else, if there is no buy-in from the parties involved, online giving and mobile giving will be more of a nuisance than a benefit. There is a way to successfully communicate to your members through the transition from offline to online giving. Maybe you already have an online giving platform and you would like to see more interaction from members. Here are a few ways to get your church to use online giving and mobile giving.

10 Valuable Ways On How To Get Your Church To Use Online Giving

1. Mention Online Giving Each Time You Announce The Tithes And Offering.

Most churches have a time where they announce that the offering plate is being passed around the congregation. Why wouldn’t you add that people have the option to give online with their smartphones or tablets that they brought with them? As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” People have to be constantly reminded during a transition. We are creatures of habit and without that constant reminder, you are expecting a lot from your members to remember a change that you made 2 months ago to the website that they may or may not have noticed.

2. Provide “I Gave Online” Cards For The Offering Plate.

Apart from giving someone the satisfaction of still putting something in the plate, even when giving online, it’s also a means to promote the fact that online giving is an option at your church. Others will see the cards there at their seats or in the offering plate as it goes by and at least be informed that there is an online giving option.

3. Use QR Codes On Printouts That Link To Online Giving.

Whether it’s a bulletin, flyer, or card from your church, it’s quick and easy to scan a QR code with a smartphone or tablet and go straight to your online giving portal. Ever since iOS 11 was released, iPhones and iPads now have a QR code reader built into the native camera, making it less hassle than before. Sharefaith Giving actually generates a QR code for all giving and registration forms you create so you can simply copy the code and print it out.

4. Make A Video Showing How Easy It Is To Use The Online Giving Form.

Visuals are helpful when you are communicating a process. Have a video prepared that walks members through a simple step-by-step process of going through the online giving form. Don’t forget to show them how to set up a recurring payment and create their own donor accounts. You can showcase the donor account section in Sharefaith Giving and how easy it is to setup and login to view personal giving records and secure payment details.

5. Set Up Giving Kiosks.

Having a giving kiosk or even a few giving kiosks clearly visible in the church lobby or foyer provides more people with the opportunity to give outside of service. It also makes it possible for church members to give online without needing their own smartphone or tablet. Use the kiosk mode on forms you create in Sharefaith Giving to make sure that it removes the information once a form is submitted so that it’s clear for the next person to come up and donate without seeing the last person’s information.

6. Host A Fundraiser With Instructions To Give Online.

Use your online platforms to promote fundraisers and give links to your giving page so that your social media followers and website visitors can quickly and easily donate. Take them to the giving form or a giving page on your Sharefaith Church Website so they can see just how quick and easy it is to donate online.

7. Post An Online Giving Link To Social Media.

Social media is the go-to communication channel for everything happening in the church these days. Seize the opportunity to promote your giving platform and bring attention giving opportunities. Create a giving page on your Sharefaith Church Website and link to it from a social media post so donors can easily go straight to the giving page and give in seconds.

8. Add Text Giving As An Option.

Roughly 75% of Americans own a smartphone, according to a report published by the Pew Research Center in the early part of 2017. Three-quarters of the American population has access to a mobile device so they have the ability to give anytime, anywhere. Text giving allows your church to give online by simply texting an amount to your church’s text giving phone number and have it instantly transfer from their debit card, making it the fastest and easiest method available. Churches typically just need to pay some minor fees to cover the phone number and taxes associated with it. You can add text giving as an option to your Sharefaith Giving account for only $10/ month to cover all your phone number fees, text fees, and taxes.

9. Put An Online Giving Section On Your Church App.

Church mobile apps get 10x as much engagement as a church website. The convenience of opening an app and immediately seeing your church events, latest sermons, and online giving make it much more popular among regular churchgoers. More people are likely to give online through your church app than your church website as long as you make it available. Connect to your Sharefaith Church App by simply adding a section that links to your Sharefaith Giving form or page on your church website.

10. Include An Online Giving Link In Your Email Newsletter.

Email is still the king of communication with the average person checking their email daily, and most people more than once a day. Your email newsletter is one of your most effective communication methods available and including a link to your online giving in the footer or header of your email means that your newsletter subscribers have quick access whenever they look to give online.

Bonus: Personalizing Your Donation Receipt Email To Encourage Repeat Giving.

Encourage repeat giving by including a special thank you message in your email donation receipts. This gives you a chance to show your gratitude and what their gift means to your church. Adding that extra bit of effort can make a huge difference and encourage your online donors to give again. Edit the receipt in your Sharefaith Giving dashboard for each form to include any relevant information and a heartfelt thank you message for each form.

Make online giving faster and easier than ever with Sharefaith Giving! Sharefaith Giving is easy to set up and manage, plus it’s FREE to all Sharefaith members and there are NO setup fees, NO monthly fees and a low 3% transaction fee! With Sharefaith Giving, you’ll empower your congregation to give anywhere, anytime through your church website, church mobile app or with text giving for an extra $10/month. Learn more how you can increase your tithes and offerings with Sharefaith Giving, sign up for your FREE Sharefaith Giving account here!

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