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No app required. Sharefaith Giving seamlessly integrates into your church mobile app, website or social media by providing you a URL, donate button or QR code. Share them anywhere and start receiving funds in seconds. Choose mobile text giving, pick your phone number and share. Sharefaith Giving makes managing, monitoring and facilitating online giving for churches easy!

Amazing reports on tithing and donations
No need for any additional giving tools



    Pick your phone number. Share it and receive funds in seconds. Only $5/m extra.


    Easy integration into your church app with a unique URL or donate button


    Easy integration into your church website. Insert the URL or donate button. Done!

Easily create an event with simple forms that work on website, mobile or app

    Registration and funding for any church concert, camp or event is a breeze!


    Monitor your online giving by viewing your donors, registrations and funding in real-time.


    Church tithing should not be scary. Our support team is with you every step of the way!





Only 15% of Christians tithe. We need to educate the church on the Biblical principles of giving. Sharefaith Giving’s complete church tithing solution engages the 85% that don’t tithe, by giving them the tools and options to tithe anywhere at any time, through your church website, your church mobile app, or even through SMS/text. Share the auto-generated URL, donate button or QR code anywhere and receive funds in seconds.

Let your congregation give anywhere, anytime!


All major credit cards available

Your donors and tithing partners use a variety of cards (debit or credit) and many would like to simply link their bank account. Sharefaith Giving is PCI compliant and accepts everything from ACH, Visa, and AMEX to MasterCard, Discover and more so that your donors can use whatever suits their needs.



While customizing your church online giving form, you can provide the ability to donate to one or multiple funds and even give the donor the ability to do one-time or recurring donations, scheduled at the time they choose! Receiving church tithes and donations for your building fund, youth, mission, outreach or special event could not be easier!

Giving forms look great on tablet, mobile or desktop


All churches are different. That's why we don't offer a "one-size-fits all" tithing solution. Put your donor or giving partner's mind at ease with a secure platform they can trust. Sharefaith Giving for churches allows you to customize and tailor your giving forms and transaction receipts so that you can build a positive church tithing experience.

Giving forms look great on mobile.


Sharefaith Giving is part of the multi-award-winning Sharefaith experience, a trusted brand in the church industry, serving over 100,000 churches globally for the last 14 years. A Complete Sharefaith membership gives you access to everything we offer, including: 90,000 worship media resources, worship presentation software, Sunday School resources, church websites with hosting, and your own mobile church app.
You are in great hands!



Q. What will I need to start the application for my church?  

To apply, you'll need basic information about your church - legal name, DBA, EIN, legal address, bank account information as well as the social security number of the signer - the person opening the merchant account on behalf of the church. The SSN of the signer is required because each account must be tied to an actual person - not just an organization. No hard credit check is done - it is just a basic identity verification and soft credit check.

Q. How do I update my Sharefaith Giving account information and settings?  

The Sharefaith Giving control panel gives you access to update your account information and settings. That way, if you ever need to update your contact or banking information or adjust your settings, your account admin(s) can do so at any time.

Q. Can we have more than one user (admin) access the Sharefaith Giving account? How do we add more?  

Yes, you can have as many users as you like. We offer three role levels of admin (full access), accountant (limited to billing and reporting data), and webmaster (limited to forms and event creation) that you can assign users under.

Q. How do we sort donations that come through our Sharefaith Giving account?  

Within the Sharefaith Giving control panel, you can create funds that you can sort donations by. Whenever someone uses a form, registers for an event, or uses text giving, you can set up funds that receive the gifts that come in through each method and track how much of your tithes and donations go toward each one.

Q. Can I monitor and run reports for accounting, tax purposes and donors?  

Absolutely! The Sharefaith Giving control panel comes loaded with a beautiful and intuitive reporting system that will provide an overview of your giving, detailed transaction and batch reports, and even the ability to have your account auto-generate reports and email them to the email address(es) of your choice.

Q. How much does it cost to use Sharefaith Giving?  

Sharefaith Giving is available to all Sharefaith members regardless of your membership plan for a very minimal cost. There is a small security fee of $10/month and the transaction fees of $0.39 per transaction with rates of: 3% for credit/debit and 1% for ACH/e-check. There is an an add-on text giving feature which is available for $5/month. There are no annual fees, no set up, no cancellation, no statement fees, no gateway fees, no batch fees, third party or hidden fees. None!

Q. When will our funds be deposited into our bank account?  

All of your funds will be deposited into the bank account provided on your application. This deposit is delayed on bank holidays. You can find estimated deposit amounts and dates on the Batches page.

Q. How long after setup does it take to build a form and make it live for donors?  

Applications are typically approved same or next day. Your account will be live and ready to process within an hour of being approved. This gives you full access to all your forms and events which can be created and linked or embedded for use, immediately.

Q. Will Sharefaith Giving work with my ChMS (Church Management Software)?  

Sharefaith Giving offers a variety of reporting solutions that are compatible with most Church Management Software programs. We offer direct integration for ELEXIO, Fellowship One, Shelby Systems, and more.

Q. What is a merchant account?  

A merchant account is what you need in order to process transactions. Essentially, it's a bank account that allows you to accept credit/debit and ACH payments and donations.

Q. What payment methods are allowed? What is ACH?  

With Sharefaith Giving, you can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and ACH (e-check). ACH is a transaction in which someone donates directly from their bank account by inputting their account and routing number. Checking accounts are recommended as most savings accounts do not allow ACH transactions.

Q. How Do I Put the Giving Form on My Website, App or Social Media?  

Once you've created your form, you have the option to get a link for it that you can place on your site, mobile app, or social media. Or you can also copy the embed code to embed the form directly on your website.

Q. Can I do one-time and recurring donations?  

Yes - with Sharefaith Giving, donors can give one time or set up a donation to reoccur regularly - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Donors can even set an end date if they want to give for a specific period of time. This can all be done with or without creating an account within Sharefaith Giving. If a donor sets up a recurring gift without creating an account, they can edit that gift by clicking the link in their last email confirmation or receipt.

Q. Can I have multiple giving funds?  

Yes - you can add as many funds as you'd like to your giving or payment forms.

Q. Can donors give to more than one fund at a time?  

Yes - donors can give to as many funds as they'd like to in each transaction.

Q. How secure is Sharefaith Giving?  

We like to describe our security as "secure to a paranoid level." All of our forms are secure so even if your website isn't, our forms will take care of it. Sharefaith Giving processing is PCI Compliant and we have many flags and filters in place to prevent and catch fraudulent transactions. All sensitive data is sent to our system via encrypted channels (using the same browser-based Transport Layer Security [TLS] as financial institutions).

Q. Can I also do Event Registration with Sharefaith Giving?  

Yes! Our event forms are very versatile for all kinds of events. They can be added to your website the same way giving and payment forms are added.

Q. Can I add multiple administrators to Sharefaith Giving?  

Yes - the first administrator that is created for Sharefaith Giving will have full administrative access. They can then add more users by clicking "organization" on the top right and selecting "administrators." Here, you can add as many users as you need to. We have 3 types of users: administrator (full access), webmaster (access to forms and events only), and accountant (access to the reporting, account billing and VT only).

Q. Can I export donation data?  

Yes - you can export from the reporting summary, transactions and batches pages. Each page has an export button at the top.

Q. What's the best way to reconcile deposits?  

We recommend starting on the Batches page. Transactions are batched on a daily basis and processed together for deposit. You will find a total for each batch as well as fees, estimated deposit amounts and dates. You can view all the transactions that are a part of the batch by clicking the "View Transactions" button. Another handy feature is the ability to mark a transaction as reconciled by clicking the checkmark button on the far right of the Transactions page.

Q. Do I have to be a Sharefaith member to use Sharefaith Giving?  

Yes. To use our tithing platform you have to be a Sharefaith member. Any members who are paying for an annual or monthly membership of any kind through Sharefaith will be able to apply for a Sharefaith Giving account and use it once their application has been approved.

Q. How is Sharefaith Giving better than other tithing solutions?  

With Sharefaith Giving, our goal is and has always been to keep giving simple and help churches keep more of their funds. We have a heart to serve churches and aren't in it for the 'bottom line.' We've developed our processing to reflect this by offering low, flat rate fees and by creating deposit timelines that are easy to follow and reconcile. We want to make it as easy as possible for donors to give. Just an extra step or a misunderstanding can cause a donor to abandon their gift. For this reason, we've made our processing as simple and easy as possible.

Q. Will my tithing increase if I use your tithing solution?  

If only 15% of church going Christians tithe, we need to be much more pro-active in teaching the Biblical principle of tithing. Sharefaith Giving taps into the 85% that don't give and provide them with all the tools they need to give. The success of your giving relies on your promotion of these tools to your members.

Q. Does Mobile and Text giving work on all smartphones?  


Q. We’re not a “Techy/Modern” church. Is Sharefaith Giving still for us?  

Absolutely! Sharefaith Giving offers a sleek, simple interface that makes it easy to set up and get the kind of reporting and tracking that you need, as well as provides convenience and options for your donors.

Q. Can I use my own merchant account?  

No, other merchant accounts can not be used in conjunction with the Sharefaith Giving software.

Q. What information do you collect from donors?  

We require a donor’s first and last name, billing zip/postal code (and country, if international donations are enabled on your account) along with their payment method. We also store the donor’s mobile phone number when they use Text Giving and give them the option of entering their email address. You can require the email address of all donors with Text Giving by changing the settings on the Add-Ons page, but we do recommend leaving it as optional for your donors.

Q. Can donors login and change their own information?  

Yes - if a donor created an account, they can login and manage their information and set up one-time or recurring gifts. If a donor logs in on your giving form, it will automatically retrieve their stored payment information so they won't need to manually enter it. You can manage the donors who have created an account by clicking the donor tab on the left. You can reset their passwords, view their transactions, etc.

Q. Do donors get a receipt after the transaction processes?  

Yes - immediately after their gift processes, they will see a receipt on their screen and if they provided an email, they will receive a copy in their inbox as well. If someone has a recurring gift, they’ll receive an email confirmation a week before it processes as well as a receipt after it processes.

Q. How is a recurring gift updated or cancelled?  

There are a few different ways a recurring gift can be managed. (1) The donor will receive an email whenever their gift is processed. In that email there is a link that allows them to manage their recurring gift. This is also true of the reminder email they receive a week beforehand. (2) On every donation form, there is a link that says “Update recurring gift.” When a donor clicks on this link, they are able to request an email giving them access to their recurring transactions. (3) If a donor created an account and setup their recurring gift within it, then they are able to edit all of their recurring gifts by logging into their account. They have the ability to change dates, payment method, amounts and designations after logging in. (4) Account administrators are able to manage all recurring gifts by going to the Recurring page under Reporting.

Q. My church has multiple campus locations. Can we still use Sharefaith Giving?  

Yes - with Sharefaith Giving, you can create multiple forms, events and as many funds as you need. This allows you to track giving, create auto reports for specific funds and much more.

Q. What is Text Giving?  

Text Giving allows your donors to give to your organization by simply sending a text message to your organization's specially reserved phone number. The first time they give, the donor will be prompted to fill out a short sign-up form. But every time after that, giving is as easy as sending a text message.

Q. Will I be able to switch my reserved phone number?  

Yes, you can switch your phone number at any time. But proceed with caution: You can’t switch back. Your old phone number will be released and will not be available again. Donors will no longer be able to use your old number.

Q. How do donors use Text Giving?  

You would instruct your donors to “Text any dollar amount to (your text giving number).” Once they text an amount (like “$20” or “120.50”) they would either be sent an acknowledgment for the gift (meaning it processed) or given a short link to click in order to provide their payment information. The donor is prompted by text message with instructions. The whole process is designed to be self-explanatory.

Donors can use both Credit/Debit and E-Check when they set up Text Giving if both are available on your Sharefaith Giving account. Unless required, donors are given the option to provide their email address and receive email receipts. If the donor just gave and would like to receive an email receipt, they can text their email address and Sharefaith Giving automatically sends out a copy of their receipt for their last gift.

Q. How long until the text gifts are deposited into our bank account?  

Text message gifts are processed the same as any other one-time gifts on your account and are deposited in the same amount of time. Please contact your processor if you have specific questions about deposit timelines.

Q. What about recurring gifts?  

Donors will not be able to set up recurring gifts via Text Giving. Text Giving was designed to be incredibly simple, easy and enjoyable to use. As such, we made the decision to leave the complications of recurring giving out of our initial version of Text Giving. Thus far we have found that the experience of Text Giving to be so smooth and barrier-free that automated recurring gifts are not needed. A donor simply pulls out their phone and texts their gift: that’s it!

Q. Can donors login to their existing accounts for Text Giving?  

While we do hope to be able to add this feature in the near future, we do not currently offer it. Donors who use Text Giving must enter their payment information manually the first time they attempt to give- whether or not they have already created a separate donor account.

Q. What are Text Giving keywords?  

Keywords are words that donors can include in their text message in order to designate their gifts towards a certain fund. You can set up an unlimited number of Text Giving keywords by clicking the Edit Keywords button on the Add-Ons page. As an example, if you wanted to give donors the option of giving towards the youth fund, you could setup the keyword YOUTH and then tell donors to include this keyword after their dollar amount. If they then texted “$50 YOUTH” their $50 donation would be appropriately assigned to the youth fund.

Q. Are there any fees for Text Giving?  

There is a monthly fee of $5 for using Text Giving. Your first month is pro-rated and billed after you sign up. Each month after that is billed on the 1st. We bill directly to your organization’s bank information on file with Sharefaith Giving. Note that you will receive invoices via email and you will be able to see past invoices on the Account Billing page.

Q. If I disable Text Giving, can I keep my phone number?  

Unfortunately not. Once you disable Text Giving or switch to a new phone number, your old number is immediately released and is made unavailable by our telephony service provider.

Q. Can we refund transactions and what are the fees that apply?  

Yes - you can refund any transaction by going to the Transaction page, clicking the action button then selecting “Partial Refund” or “Full Refund.” There is no fee for a refund but the original processing fees will not be refunded.

Q. We had an e-check transaction returned, what happens now?   

When an e-check transaction is returned, it is usually because the donor entered an invalid account or routing number or because there was insufficient funds in the account. We do provide the exact reason on the Transactions page under 'More Info' in the drop-down menu. Within a day or two of an e-check being returned, we will automatically retrieve the funds from your bank account for the original transaction plus a $5 returned e-check fee. Unfortunately we are not able to refund the original processing fees.

Q. We had a credit card transaction reversed, what happens now?  

When a credit card transaction is charged-back (or disputed), it is usually because the donor called their bank and claimed a transaction was fraudulent or unauthorized and instructed them to reverse the transaction. A chargeback is never a good thing for an organization because it can raise some flags that make your organization look as though you've charged a card when you shouldn't have. If a donor mistakenly initiates a chargeback, which also happens on occasion, we recommend they call their bank again to drop the dispute. Within a day or two of the chargeback, our system will automatically retrieve the funds from your bank account for the original transaction, plus a $15 chargeback fee. Unfortunately we are not able to refund the processing fees on the transaction.



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