Your church app and website play a huge role in sharing your heart for ministry, not only with your congregation but globally. In ministry, there is often a notion of first focusing on your local surroundings before extending your mission-outreach elsewhere. With technology, you can do both, using your church app and website as effective ministry resources. Here are 5 ways your church app and website are far stronger evangelical outreach tools than you thought possible.

5 Ways Your Church App and Website Are Far Stronger Evangelical Outreach Tools Than You Thought

1. Your blog can turn into a daily devotional, providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to millions.

Your church app and ministry blog should have a purpose. Instead of just blogging random church events, turn your church website blog into a daily devotional. Assemble a team of writers that can include your pastor, pastor’s wife, church secretary or really anyone that understands your vision, God’s mission and has some writing skills. Create a writing schedule and plan a month ahead. Listen to the needs and prayer requests of your congregation and study global news to understand where humanity has the most need. Then decide on article topics and assign these to each of the writers in order to fill an entire month of daily devotionals. Then use God’s Word and your ministry gifts to bring hope and encouragement, on a daily basis, to your own flock and millions of others. It seems like a daunting task at first, but once your 1st month is complete, it will become easier. The best part is that through using your church app to encourage others, you yourself will be encouraged!

2. Your Sermon Audio becomes a thriving educational tool for believers, helping them grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

If you are truly called to ministry and have a heart for God, your sermons will be impactful, filled with edification and be Scripturally sound. Don’t let your sermons enrich lives only on Sunday mornings. Bring them to your congregation and global believers wherever they are. Using your church mobile app, your teaching and sermons can literally become an educational tool that believers look forward to on a weekly basis. We all have our favorite pastors, and they are popular usually because they have the gift of simplifying God’s Word so it can be applied in practical ways in our lives. You upload your sermons on your church website and it automatically publishes on your church app. You can now start building a teaching schedule that is more consistent with the subject matter and Biblical exposition. Decide beforehand what your sermons will be for this year, and what God wants you to teach your congregation and believers for this time period. Then be open to His leading. The best part of listening to a sermon is when the pastor or preacher is so in tune with the Lord that the message they deliver is so relevant that there is no denying God’s divine intervention.

3. Your Sermon Video places God’s message in the hands of every person with a phone, tablet or computer.

We have to admit that in this day and age, people thrive on instant gratification and have become sensory-dependent. To some, listening to sermon audio is enough, for others seeing the preacher is more efficient. This is where your church app comes in handy! By recording your Sunday services and publishing your church videos on your church website, it automatically gets filtered to your church app. When Dave and Sandy are on vacation and miss two Sundays in a row, they can simply watch the church service, using your church app, on their phone or tablet, wherever they are. This does not mean that assembling for church becomes irrelevant. On the contrary, it brings believers closer. You can be members of one congregation but enriched and edified by the church service videos from various other ministries. Watching a church sermon video on your church app truly makes you feel connected and becomes a stunning missionary tool that can be used on the mission field, globally.

4. Your church app and website online-tithing ability become a fundraising tool for global ministries, not just your own church.

Regardless of what tithing tool you use for your ministry, it should easily integrate with your church website and church app. Believers tithe into their church, and the church should tithe into other related ministries. Your church should pick 12 ministries that they want to support. One for each month. Then when tithe is collected, you can communicate to the congregation that a portion of the tithe for that month goes to that month’s special outreach ministry. This way your congregation not only tithes confidently, but your bigger outreach becomes their hands, extended. Your church app makes this very easy by allowing a direct integration or link to your church tithing resource. Through using push notifications, your monthly newsletter or weekly bulletin, you can announce this month’s outreach ministry and give a heads-up towards the tithing ministries for the rest of the year. Nearly everyone has a phone or tablet and your church app, with its tithing functionality, makes pushing funds to outreach opportunities easy, secure, and instant.

5. Your church app and church website integration with social media create a ripe platform for prayer requests, igniting prayer warriors around the world.

Your church app should easily integrate with social media. Churches use social media to its highest efficiency when they turn it into an outreach platform to share the Good News. Your church app and church website integrate seamlessly with your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels. Use these platforms to encourage, inspire and educate. Pay close attention to peoples’ comments and remarks. Invite viewers to post prayer requests and raise up a team of prayer warriors in your congregation, and globally, to pray for all these needs. Your church app makes this so easy since anyone with a phone or tablet can view or post prayer requests. The best part is that once prayer is sought and answered, a powerful testimony can be shared. Imagine the encouragement it brings to see prayer requests answered on a global scale. It ignites faith, it deepens trust in the Lord and brings utter joy to ministry. That’s what it’s all about!


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When you decide to buy a church app, you should take into consideration the functionality, cost and ministry advantage it will provide. It’s not simply a website on a phone, it’s an actual app that can be freely downloaded by your congregation and anyone else. You can communicate with your congregation through push notifications, sermon audio, blogs and daily devotionals. Your church app even lets you send out your weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter.


We’ve put together these articles to get you excited about the fast ministry outreach opportunities that a church app and church website provide. 


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