The Sharefaith church mobile app is loved by thousands and rightfully so. It’s not a mobile version of your websites, it’s an actual mobile app that your church congregation can download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Here are 10 essentials that the Sharefaith Church App has, and we believe every church mobile app should have.

10 Essentials of a Mobile Church App


1. Budget Friendly 

If you are already paying for a church website, media and Sunday School curriculum, paying a hefty price for a church mobile app may not be possible. You want to pick something professional, but surely the cost has to be relational to the return-on-investment you get from the app. Don’t just get a Church App to be cool. It’s a mighty tool with great potential, but should ultimately fit your budget!

2. Unified Editing

Editing should be easy, fast and done in one place. You will want to pick a solution that combines your church website and mobile app editing into one easy solution so you have to only edit once. Update once, publish everywhere!

3. Easy Sermon, Audio and Video delivery 

Folks are on the go. To give them your latest sermon in the form of notes, audio or video, right on their phone or tablet is a huge plus! Your church basically goes wherever they go. You also don’t want to double the work, so make sure your church website builder and mobile app integrate. You publish once, and your media is available on both your website and mobile church app.

4. Daily Devotional & Blog

A great way to connect with your congregation is to share your ministry insights through your blog. Turning it into a daily or weekly devotional is even better. Imagine the cohesiveness and unity when the entire church follows the same devotional. One heart. One mind. Again, the perfect solution would be to blog once, and have your information be visible on your ministry websites, social media and mobile app.

5. Social Connectedness

Instead of having your congregation switch between multiple windows on their mobile device, bring your social media into one spot. Having your Facebook feed, Twitter feed, Instagram etc, connected in one spot makes sharing events, updates and news so much easier!

6. Customized Branding

Your church mobile app should be unique and give you the ability to customize by picking color themes, graphics and more.

7. Bulletins & Newsletter

You may still like to print a bulletin and hand it out. Your church mobile app should give you the ability to add your weekly bulletin or monthly newsletter.

8. No hidden and additional costs

Most current mobile church app providers will charge you a monthly hosting fee, in addition to Apple’s $100/y App Store fee. This adds up. A great provider will combine these fees, and offer a complete package that fits your budget.

9. Complete bundled solution for all your media

Paying one membership fee and getting your Sunday School curriculum, worship software, graphics, church website, hosting and mobile church app included is fantastic! This way it’s all integrated, unified and you update and publish from one platform.

10. No submission to Apple App Store or Google Play needed

Submitting your mobile app, when finished, to the Apple App Store can be frustrating. Doing so on Google Play is a little easier. Your church mobile app provider should include this in your service so you don’t have to worry about it.

FREE Church Mobile App


Get a FREE church mobile app with Sharefaith Complete! No setup fees, monthly fees or developer fees! You’ll get all the features and you want and need in a church mobile app including audio/video sermons, blogs, bulletins, calendar, events, promos and more. The Sharefaith church mobile app integrates directly into your Sharefaith church website, allowing for easy creation and makes maintaining and updating your website and app a breeze! Plus you’ll have access to our FREE lifetime live phone, chat and email support 6 days a week! Learn more about the Sharefaith church mobile App here!

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