Sharefaith offers a feature-packed mobile church app, giving Complete members unparalleled value. Looking for a simple church app creator? Our one-of-a-kind church mobile app creator allows you to easily add audio/video sermons, devotionals, blogs, newsletters, bulletins, calendars, maps, events, promos, tithing and more to your app! Our aim is to provide integrated church resources that rival the best in the industry, at a fraction of the cost. That’s why we offer our mobile app creator 100% free of cost to all Complete members! The Sharefaith church mobile app integrates directly into your Sharefaith church website, allowing for easy creation and makes maintaining and updating your website and app a breeze! Plus you’ll have access to our FREE lifetime live phone, chat and email support 6 days a week! Here are 10 ways the church app builder allows you to tweak and customize your mobile church app. Learn more about the Sharefaith church mobile App here!

10 Benefits To Elevate Your Church App

1. Real-Time Church App Editing And Preview

The church app builder includes a real-time phone and tablet view that updates as you edit. This gives you the assurance that your church mobile app looks and functions correctly before you publish it. It’s paramount in mobile app creation to have this feature without having to receive actual updates to your phone or tablet in order to preview.


2. Live Screenshots Of The Church App For App Store And Google Play

In order to submit your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play, you have to include screenshots. We made that very easy by including an integrated screenshot function that takes screenshots from the live phone or tablet view right inside your church app builder. No need for you to do fancy tricks on your phone or Photoshop to get that. The screenshots are already in the correct size and format and can be replaced or edited at any time.


3. Church App Splash Pages And Opening Screens

You can decide what you want the users to see when they first launch your app. We made that really simple so you can easily design your opening church mobile app screen using your logo or whatever graphics you want. Then simply drag and drop the opening image and our church app editor does the rest.


4. Automatic And Customized Church Mobile App Push Notifications

One of the best tools included in your church app is the ability to custom write and create push notifications to your congregation. You can even select a link where you’d like the notification to take them. That said, our church app comes standard with automatic push notifications so that it sends out a notification each time new content is added to the church app. Versatile, simple and so powerful!


5. Church App Theme Customization For A Unique Look

You get to pick from a variety of beautiful colors that you feel best represents your church mobile app. Simply select the color choice you like and see an instant preview in your accompanying phone or tablet church app preview window. You’re not stuck with a single-color mobile church app.


6. Easy Church App Menu Creator

You can add new menu items, rearrange menu items and have full control over how your church mobile app works. Tailor your church app to your congregation using the exact menu items you know they will use. You can add your daily devotional, blog, newsletter, bulletin, maps, social media, an about us page, media, video and so much more!


7. Everything Integrates With Sharefaith Church App Builder

If you are a Sharefaith website user, you will be perfectly at home using our church mobile app builder, which is integrated right into your website builder side panel. The idea behind this was to minimize your work by letting you publish content once and seeing it on all your devices. It also eliminates the need for a new software and new password. It’s all your church solutions in one place.


8. Free Unlimited Mobile Church App Support For Life

Sharefaith members never pay for customer support. With our outstanding team or 12, that’s available on email, chat, and phone, including our superb FAQ section, you will never be without assistance. That said, we create all our products to minimize the need for support. They just work perfectly out of the box.


9. A Thousand Dollar Mobile Church App & Hosting For Free

To most, this sounds unreal, yet Sharefaith’s entire mission from its start has been to provide cutting edge technology solutions to nearly 100,000 churches globally at a fraction of the cost of other services. We don’t spare any costs in developing them but provide you membership solutions that are unparalleled in value. Your church mobile app may be free with your Complete membership, but it includes everything you need from a church app. You receive blogging, devotionals, newsletters, bulletins, media, video, music, maps, social media, tithing and so much more.


10. A Church App Plus The Most Powerful Church Resource Package On The Planet

When you join or upgrade to a Sharefaith Complete Yearly membership, you receive everything Sharefaith offers for a low $71/m (billed annually). This includes the church app with hosting, a church website and hosting, a Sunday School curriculum, 80,000 graphics and videos and our worship presentation software. For 9 years in a row, Sharefaith has won Worship Leader Magazine’s Best of the Best award and ever since 2015, we have won it for every single product we offer every year.


We hope that our offerings, that have served nearly 120,000 churches globally, will give you the trust and peace you need to take the Gospel message to the ends of the earth. Our church mobile app is just one more product to help you achieve excellence in your Christian message.


Create your own church mobile app with Sharefaith’s Church Mobile App Builder, FREE with Sharefaith Complete!

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