Push notifications are one of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate with your congregation through your new church app. But what should you say? We’ve put together 5 ideas of how you can use push notifications to best serve your church.

5 Ideas for Push Notifications on Your New Church App

1. Event Reminders

Push notifications are the perfect tool to remind your congregation about the church’s upcoming food drive, Thanksgiving night worship service, etc. Send out a few push notifications to remind your church about the occasion both a week beforehand and the day prior, and you’ll definitely see an increase in attendance and participation in your events.

2. Volunteer Requests

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a smooth-running church, and you can never have enough of them! But it’s unlikely that you’ll gain more volunteers unless you ask. One of the easiest methods to get more participation is with your new church app. Simply shoot out a notification informing them of where the church is in need (setup crew, kids-wing, worship, etc), and link them to your handy signup form on your website (Don’t have a form? Learn how to add one here). And just like that, you’ll see a big increase in your volunteer numbers.

3. Weekly Pastor Encouragement/Word

Your church wants to hear from your pastors and leaders in other ways than just from the pulpit. A great way to stay connected during the week is for the pastor to send out a weekly (daily might be too often) encouragement, Scripture reference, or just what’s on the pastor’s heart that week. This is an effective way for the congregation to feel more connected with the pastor which is crucial, especially in larger churches.

4. Special/Crucial Announcements

If you have a crucial message such as “canceled service due to snow” that needs to be sent out and viewed by everyone, there’s nothing faster or easier than a push notification. Or a special announcement, like the birth of a new baby from one of your church members, will make your church feel more connected in fellowship.

5. Follow on Social Networks/Email

The church congregation can have so many distractions in today’s technology-filled world. So it never hurts to be in communication with them in multiple channels like social media, email and of course, apps. Use push notifications to inform them of your presence on other social channels and add a link so they can ‘like’, follow, or signup to hear from you. Because you’re basically promoting yourself, these types of notifications should be used sparingly to about once per month.

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