(Medford, OR) September 3, 2014 – Sharefaith announces the launch of SharefaithKids, a cloud-based children’s ministry curriculum. The new Sunday school resource is fully available to churches worldwide today.


SharefaithKids consists of 52 individual lessons. Each lesson contains everything a teacher or volunteer needs, from opening song to closing prayer. Children ages 4-12 will enjoy the video Bible story, songs, lessons, memory verse, crafts, games, and activities. Teachers and volunteers will appreciate the simplicity and ease of lesson preparation and delivery. Parents will value the careful and intentional instruction in each lesson which are solidly biblical and recommended for Christian churches of any denomination.


The 52 Bible lessons in SharefaithKids provide a complete overview of the narrative of Scripture, beginning with Genesis and concluding with the book of Revelation. Although each lesson can stand alone as a self-contained unit of teaching and application, the entire series provides a deepened understanding of God’s redemptive plan. Each lesson includes breathtaking video, artwork and music created by an award-winning artists.

SharefaithKids is 100% cloud-based, meaning that once a church purchases a subscription, teachers will have total access on any Internet-connected workstation or device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Class leaders or volunteers can prepare and present lessons using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The free iOS and Android apps available in iTunes and Google Play.


The lessons are designed to meet the wide array of technological resources used by churches of all sizes. Teachers can display the Bible stories from the device or computer of their choice, using Airplay (iOS), or an HDMI, DVI, VGA or RCA connection. Bible videos and slideshows are available in HD at 720p or SD at 480p. Sunday school teachers can prepare a full lesson from their smartphone, then use their phone as the control device during the actual lesson.


Beyond its game-changing technological innovation, SharefaithKids delivers a level of ease in lesson preparation that has been hard to come by in Sunday school lesson planning. Lessons are fully customizable, age-adaptable, and flexible, making them perfect for use as a Sunday school curriculum, VBS program, or children’s church lesson. Whether Sunday school lasts twenty minutes or two hours or has an attendance of 5 or 500, the teachers have everything they need to fully utilize all the time and address all the participants.


For the teacher or volunteer with limited time, SharefaithKids makes it easy to jump in, pick up where a previous teacher left off, and allow for a continuous flow of material and presentation. With a full suite of tools at his or her disposal, the Sunday school director or superintendent can organize lessons, mark completion levels, and identify the lessons being taught, and who the teacher is.


Sharefaith recognizes that God has entrusted many churches with a wide array of technological tools. Churches are harnessing the power of these tools to spread the truth of Scripture. Sharefaith, a longtime leader in church worship media and websites, is confident that this latest release will help empower churches in their proclamation of the good news. Sharefaith believes in the importance of investing in our children the truths of Scripture. To this end, SharefaithKids is a testament to God’s Word and its power in young lives.


SharefaithKids is available for the affordable cost of $41/month (billed annually) or $50/month (billed monthly). Churches can access the resource now at https://www.sharefaith.com/category/sharefaith-kids.html

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