Sunday School Curriculum & VBS

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Kids Bible Stories About Love

Top 10 Kids Bible Stories About Love

Scripture has a lot to say about love. Depending on the translation you’re reading from, the word “love” appears between 300 to 500 times in the Bible! As we explore these kids Bible stories about love, it’s im... Read More...
Top 10 Bible Stories For Homeschooling

Top 10 Bible Stories for Homeschooling

2020 Homeschooling Trends Before we explore our top 10 Bible stories for homeschooling let’s do a quick recap. Over the past two years the number of parents who have chosen to homeschool their children has d... Read More...
Relax Top 10 Free Sunday School Lessons-1

Top 10 Free Sunday School Lessons For Kids

Sunday School teachers are always on the lookout for great kids Bible lessons that are easy to teach and captivate their children’s imagination! In this article, we’ve assembled ten must-have Sunday School less... Read More...
Sunday School 101 Title

Sunday School 101

  Hello, my name is David Choate. Two years ago, before overseeing the Sunday School lessons of Sharefaith Kids, I was a Children’s Pastor in Medford, Oregon. Being a Children’s Pastor was one of the mo... Read More...

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