For most churches, Easter is a really busy time. Easter Sunday is usually the best-attended service of the year. It’s the day where there is the most preparation, most planning, and most anticipation. Pastor unleashes his best sermon. The choir delivers a top-notch performance. And even the kids with angel wings strapped on their backs are on their best behavior.

Maybe you’re not doing the whole kids-in-angel-wings thing. And maybe you’re not even having a choir number. But whatever you’re doing, I’m sure that Easter is a pretty big deal for your church. After all, the resurrection is the focal point of our faith! The resurrection is the very reason, according to Paul, that we have anything to believe in at all (1 Corinthians 15:14).

So, with all the busyness, rehearsals, planning, media preparation, and organizational meetings, are we forgetting anything? Yes, you might be.

Three Things You’re Forgetting to do in Your Easter Preparation

Last Updated: March 2017

Don’t feel bad. It’s easy to forget these things. In fact, it’s absolutely common among men and women, to forget such things. That’s why we’re sharing this with you — so you can back up, breathe, pray, and maybe do a few of these things that you need to do before Easter Sunday rolls around.

1.  Stop and think about the resurrection.

I’ve put this at the top of the list because I believe it’s so important.

I find it ironic that we talk so much about the resurrection, but rarely do we stop to actually think about it.

My goal here is not to shame anyone for failing to reflect on the resurrection. I completely understand! After all, most of us don’t live life every day deep in thought about the fact that Jesus died and rose again. I wish that we all lived on such a plane of sanctification, but we don’t.

There’s no need to beat yourself up. Instead, just take whatever opportunity you can — your morning quiet time, your commute to work, the minutes before you fall asleep at night — and think about this fact:  Jesus rose from the dead.

Better yet, take your Bible, and read with new eyes the incredible resurrection accounts. Place yourself in the sandals of the disciples who peered into a rocky tomb to discover that it was empty. Go into the room with the door locked, and watch Jesus pass through the walls into your presence. Stand in the boat on the Galilee lake, and look at Jesus on the shore, preparing breakfast. With a trembling and fearful heart, watch as Jesus ascends into the clouds.

Think about it. Meditate on it. Pray over it.

2.  Take a break.

The last thing most of us are inclined to do before Easter is take a break. “Take a break?! <Holy gasp!> I could never do that!” It sounds so unholy, not at all Christianish, and a complete waste of time.

Do it.

When we take breaks — provided we do it with the right motives and preparation — we are professing our confidence in God.

See to it that any last minute details are sufficiently handled, then step away for an hour, or two hours, or an afternoon, or a day, or overnight. This is not selfishness on your part. This is trust in God, and care for your soul.

Easter preparation is a busy, busy, busy time. I get that. I’m been concerned for a long time that things can get too busy. When we get too busy, we completely lose sight of the whole purpose of Easter. We lose touch with the meaning of our labors. We burn out.

I’ve been in that situation, and I know that it can take a toll upon one’s family, church, and community.

By taking a break, you’re not just telling God “I trust you.” You’re also holding on to your own ability to continue ministering all the way up to Resurrection Sunday.

3.  Bask in the resurrection power.

Here’s one of the most ironic things about Easter. We’re celebrating this day —  a day that nearly every Christian calls the most significant event on the Christian calendar. The reason why it is so memorable and meaningful is that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. That act is one of mind-blowing power. It’s about death reversed, life given, and the power of sin broken! It’s an unmitigated, full-power miracle that outshines all miracles!

And what do we do in response? We scurry around as feverishly as possible, worrying about details, putting out fires, tending to minutiae, fixing problems, sewing up hems, tweaking mics, and fixing broken angel wings.

All of those things are necessary to do. But you don’t need to rely on your own power! Your power stores are puny compared with the power of the infinite God who raised Jesus from the dead, who smashed the grip of sin, who reversed the curse of death, who shook the earth at Christ’s death, who smothered the world with a blackout, who tore the temple veil in two, who unleashed a graveyard revival, who turned the world upside down with a Pentecost awakening, and who directed the course of human history to accord with his perfect will.

He has power. So, as you’re mending wings, talking on your mobile, plugging in mic cords, uploading the video, and scheduling a last-minute rehearsal (all at the same time), think about that power. Think about the infinite power of the God who rose Jesus from the dead.

Bask in that power.

I admit, this short list of three things is more about the intangibles and spiritual components of Easter prep. But that’s what the resurrection is all about.

This Resurrection Sunday, take the time to stop and consider what it really means, and how it can completely change your life.

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