There’s no denying that your pastor works hard. Between sermon prep, hospital visits, vision casting, and leading the staff (not to mention the long list of everything else on their plate) they have a lot going on. With all of that, it’s easy for them to feel overworked and underappreciated even if they know that this is what God has called them to. In fact, according to a Leadership Journal poll of readers, 91 percent of pastors have experienced some form of burnout in ministry and 18 percent say they are “fried to a crisp right now.” In comes Pastor Appreciation Month!

While you should be appreciating your pastor more than just once a year, Pastor Appreciation Month is the perfect time to be intentional and purposeful in the way that you show your pastor just how much they mean to you. You don’t have to do a lot or spend a ton of money to make your pastor feel loved, cared for, and appreciated.

Take a look below for our list of fun, creative, and intentional ideas to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. Then, get started showing your pastor some love this month and every other month this year!


Ideas for Celebrating Pastor Appreciation Month

Read through the list below and then choose one or more (for all you overachievers out there) of the ideas to do for your pastor this year. Remember, a little appreciation can go a long way!

1.  Sponsor a Date Night

Provide your pastor with a gift card for dinner and to the movies and offer to babysit to give your pastor a night out.

2. Fuel a Hobby

Is your pastor a golfer? Consider a new club, hosting a golf tournament, or a round or two on you. Give according to preferred hobbies.

3. Involve the Whole Church

Send out an email to your membership using your ChMS asking each family to write a note of appreciation and bring it on a Sunday morning, or to the church office during the week. Present all of the cards at one time.

4. Give a Vacation

One of the best ways to refresh and renew is to get away (can we get an amen!?). Plan a weekend getaway for your pastor and family!

5. Try a Sentimental Gift

Pastors love their churches. Work to take a picture of your church building or church body and frame it. Present this to hang in the office as a reminder of your appreciation.

6. Buy a Book

While slightly stereotypical, pastors love to read. Find a book that would be a great addition to that library.  

7. Make a Movie

A picture video’s worth a thousand words. Find a videographer who can help you put together a video of church members sharing memories, thoughts, and reasons why they love your pastor. Show it during service.

8. Splurge on the Office

Consider adding some fresh paint, purchasing a new desk or office chair, and update the decorations. Pro tip: Consult with others if you are planning this as a surprise!

9. Celebrate Every Day

Coordinate with church members to have someone different bring your pastor a small gift every day. These can be small things like his favorite coffee, candy bar, or snack.

10. Create a Punny Candygram

Get a little “Pinteresty” and create a candygram full of puns to make your pastor and church leaders feel appreciated.


11. Involve the Kids

Help your kids express their appreciation, too, by coloring pictures and/or writing notes to your pastor from them. This will not only bless your pastor but also teach your children how to appreciate others!

12. Arrange a Surprise Party

Using your ChMS, contact all of your church members and invite them to a surprise party for your pastor. This could be directly following a service, at a fun restaurant, or even at a local event venue.

13. Decorate Their Yard with a Customizable Sign

If you haven’t seen the huge yard signs around, get excited. These are such a fun way to celebrate someone. Customize one to say “Thank you, Pastor ____.” Be sure to check out your area to find a company like Card My Yard or Sign Gypsies.


14. Customize a Gift

Find something customizable and make it special. This could be a tumbler with a favorite sports team on it, a personalized coffee mug, or favorite color accessory. Get creative and personal with this one.

15. Show Public Appreciation

Place an ad in your local newspaper or a sign in front of your church recognizing your pastor’s hard work. 

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16. Bake a Favorite Dessert

Who doesn’t love a home-baked dessert? Find out what your pastor loves and deliver it to the office as a surprise. Pro tip: make enough for the whole staff!

17. Perform an Act of Kindness

Mow the yard, rake the leaves, or wash the car. Find something that you can lighten the chore load.

18. Schedule a Special Delivery

Order cookies from a local bakery, lunch from a favorite spot, an edible arrangement, or even a bouquet of flowers. Find something you can have delivered as a way to show your appreciation.

19. Encourage With Scripture

Stick notes around the office with encouraging verses on them, or send daily texts of encouragement for the month. Pastors need encouragement, too, and the Bible is the perfect source. 

20. Made a Charitable Donation

Organize a contribution towards one of your pastor’s favorite local causes.


Next Steps

Hopefully, this has given you a few fun and new ways to celebrate your pastor this Pastor Appreciation Month. One final gift you could give your pastor is the gift of an amazing website that is seamlessly connected to your online giving and uses a robust media library. Check out the amazing options Sharefaith offers churches via integrated technologies that save you time and reduce duplicate efforts. 

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