Easter is coming… Are you ready? I don’t simply mean “ready” in the sense that your bulletin template is prepared and your sermon outline is developed. I mean “ready” in the sense that your heart is prepared to celebrate the greatest event in all of history–the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are ten ways that you can prepare your heart this week for Easter Sunday.

Preparing Your Heart for Easter Sunday

  1. Read the resurrection account in each of the gospels, as well as the “resurrection chapter,” 1 Corinthians 15 (Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20).
  2. Take time to consider at least three ways in which Jesus’ resurrection profoundly affects your life. Write them down. If you need some priming, read through 1 Corinthians 15, Romans 6:5, Philippians 3:10, or 1 Peter 1:3.
  3. Memorize at least one verse from the list above, or choose another one that deals with Jesus’ resurrection. Meditate upon this verse as you go throughout the week.
  4. Study the chronology of Jesus’ passion week, and read relevant biblical passages each day of the week. Reflect upon the price that he paid for your sin, the pain, the grief, and the anguish that he experienced.
  5. Tell someone else about the resurrection and the impact that this doctrine has had on your life.
  6. Invite one person, perhaps someone who does not know Jesus as Savior, to come with you to your church’s Easter service. You may event want to invite them to your home for dinner afterward.
  7. Celebrate Easter by giving someone a gift. It can be an Easter basket, flowers, a Christian book or even a new Bible.
  8. Consider spending a day this week fasting as a specific act of devotion, worship and preparation for Resurrection Sunday. Use the time to meditate on the truth of the resurrection.
  9. Sing about the resurrection. Find a song about the resurrection that is particularly meaningful and memorize it or sing it each day. You may even wish to sing or listen to the song as part of your personal quiet time or worship.
  10. Spend a few minutes in prayer each day, simply thanking God for the resurrection.

This Easter can be one of the most spiritually significant times in your life. Allow God to work in your life by engaging in some of these spiritual disciplines.

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