Sharefaith’s PowerPoint templates are a visual aid that enhances your message, whether for a sermon, in a Bible study, during Sunday school, or a special event.  Each PowerPoint template is designed to give you stunning imagery and a professional layout to match any sermon or special event. Each PowerPoint template can be completely customized, allowing you to tailor each detail to your exact preference.

How to download: Once you have selected a PowerPoint Template, you will see two download options: 1) PowerPoint Presentation and 2) a JPEG Image Zip pack. The PowerPoint Presentation file is a complete designed template in the PowerPoint application including blank slides. The JPEG Image Zip Pack gives you the same slides in JPEG format, thus allowing you to customize the PowerPoint to your own unique preferences.

Quality (DPI): All PowerPoint templates are designed in 150 dpi, giving you crystal clear presentations and impeccable, print-quality resolution.

Compatibility: Our PowerPoint templates are compatible with MS PowerPoint version ’97 and up, Keynote, EasyWorship, LiveWorship, MediaShout, ProPresenter and SSP.

When to use: Pastors use our PowerPoints during their sermon as visual guides, often placing the Scripture text, notes, or a sermon outline on the slides. Media coordinators use them as song backgrounds during the worship service by adding song lyrics on top of the imagery. Sunday school teachers, group leaders, and Bible study coordinators use them to communicate relevant stories and events.

Using with MS PowerPoint: If you use MS PowerPoint to create your presentation, you may download and open the predesigned PowerPoint Presentation file and customize it by adding your own text. You may also use the individual JPEG images provided in the downloaded JPEG Image Zip Pack and build your presentation from scratch.

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