Sharefaith’s PowerPoint templates are a visual aid that enhances your message, whether for a sermon, in a Bible study, during Sunday school, or a special event.  Each PowerPoint template is designed to give you stunning imagery and a professional layout to match any sermon or special event. Each PowerPoint template can be completely customized, allowing you to tailor each detail to your exact preference.

How to download: Once you have selected a PowerPoint Template, you will see two download options: 1) PowerPoint Presentation and 2) a JPEG Image Zip pack. The PowerPoint Presentation file is a complete designed template in the PowerPoint application including blank slides. The JPEG Image Zip Pack gives you the same slides in JPEG format, thus allowing you to customize the PowerPoint to your own unique preferences.

Quality (DPI): All PowerPoint templates are designed in 150 dpi, giving you crystal clear presentations and impeccable, print-quality resolution.

Compatibility: Our PowerPoint templates are compatible with MS PowerPoint version ’97 and up, Keynote, EasyWorship, LiveWorship, MediaShout, ProPresenter and SSP.

When to use: Pastors use our PowerPoints during their sermon as visual guides, often placing the Scripture text, notes, or a sermon outline on the slides. Media coordinators use them as song backgrounds during the worship service by adding song lyrics on top of the imagery. Sunday school teachers, group leaders, and Bible study coordinators use them to communicate relevant stories and events.

Using with MS PowerPoint: If you use MS PowerPoint to create your presentation, you may download and open the predesigned PowerPoint Presentation file and customize it by adding your own text. You may also use the individual JPEG images provided in the downloaded JPEG Image Zip Pack and build your presentation from scratch.

Sharefaith is the largest online provider of Church PowerPoints, Christian PowerPoints, Bible PowerPoints and Sermon PowerPoints : View our collection now!

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18 Responses

  1. Elisa Reyes


    • Admin

      Thank you Elisa,
      That is a very kind reply. We love doing these designs and want to use our creativity to glorify God and spread the Gospel. Be blessed using them !!

  2. Donald

    I just joined Sharefaith today and love the collection. This will be a great addition to our worship.

    One quick question – Is there a way to find out what font types were used in each template? I would like to match the font on my slides with what was used while making it.

    Thanks! Love your site. It is well worth the money.

    • Hein van Wyk

      Hello Donald,

      Let’s see how we can help you with this request. I have seen it popping out 2-3 times now from different users. That tells me its time to rethink our offering method. We have 34,000 templates and we have been creating art since 2003, so it will be a little difficult to go back and get the fonts used for all those projects.

      However, if there is any projects on the site done since mid 2010 till now, I can certainly inquire from our designers. I am going to see if we cannot, starting this month, add the font names in our description of the projects on the site.

      Until then, if there is any project in particular you would like to know regarding the font, please let us know and I can help you out!

      One solution would also just be to publish a list of all the fonts we normally use. We have about 34-45 great looking fonts we love to use in our designs, and just giving a complete list of the names might even provide some help too.

      Note though that fonts we use, unless they are free for commercial use, are bought, which means you in return will have to buy the font to get the same look. Unfortunately fonts cannot be distributed with our projects.

      Blessings and welcome to Sharefaith!

  3. ROSIE

    Thanks for publishing a free POWERPOINT TEMPLATE.I hope i can recieve it too.
    Thanks and God Bless!!!!!

    • admin

      Your Welcome Rosie,
      More of those will be coming each month. We love creating the powerpoint sermons to enable churches to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with excellence, creativity and relevance.
      Enjoy !!

      Sharefaith Team

    • admin

      Glad we can help, Rosie. Please let us know if you have any problems downloading it. Thanks.

  4. Donald

    Thank you for your reply to my question. That would be great if it would be possible to list the names of the fonts that have been used in the past, in order to narrow it down when I am looking to match fonts. It would also be great if future projects would list the fonts used.

    Thank you again and God Bless!

  5. Julie

    Love the site and templates!

    Thanks for checking into adding font names! I just asked the same question a few weeks ago.

    Our church struggles with budget, so we probably won’t be able to purchase fonts. Could the designers recommend complimetary fonts typically installed in PowerPoint 2007?


    P.S. Could web designer move the “Submit Comment” beneath the CAPTCH Code? I submitted before entering code and lost original comment. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for the comment! I totally understand that finding a spot in the budget for additional fonts can be challenging. I think a lot of churches are in a similar position.

      We’ll be brainstorming for creative ways to help out with this. There should be some complimentary fonts that you’ll be able to find that come installed in PowerPoint. Finding the right font sometimes involves trial and error–seeing which ones match and which ones don’t.

      Also, we’re sorry about the misplaced CAPTCHA code. It’s been moved below the “submit comment” button now. Thank you.

      -Sharefaith Team

    • admin

      Oh, and one more thing. We’re going to be releasing an article dealing with fonts. Coming soon. In the article, we’ll give you some great resources for free fonts and design tips. Watch for it on the blog.

  6. Rev. Sam Martin

    I was wondering if the powerpoints can be changed. I was looking at one you had and it seemed like the title was imbedded. I was wondering exactly what can be changed on it. I don’t use the NIV and I like some of the ideals but would want to use my own titles and scripture

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment, Sam. Every PowerPoint comes with a package of 8-11 slides. Nearly everything can be customized by using the blank slides in the package. Obviously, several of the slides are predesigned–the title slide, the Scripture passage, the welcome slide, and the announcement slide. These cannot be changed. However, each PowerPoint package also contains slides without text where you can include your own Scripture, sermon outline, titles, etc.

      For an example, the “What Is Church” Sermon PowerPoint Template comes with eleven slides. The first five slides have text embedded into the image. The final five slides are blank, and can be customized with your own text.

      Hope this helps. Let us know if we can help in any other way.

  7. Latrice Leake

    Im considering subscribing to what you offer here, I do have one question. Im not seeing much on this website for singles ministry. Once I sign up will there be more templates, videos, and flyers made available to me?

    I love what you have to offer so far.

    • admin

      Hi Latrice, thanks for the question!

      To answer your question about resources for singles ministry. Sharefaith does not have a specific curriculum, such as for a singles ministry, but we do have thousands of templates that would work well for any type of ministry, including a singles ministry. None of our resources are ministry-specific, but all of them can be customized to fit your exact need.

      For example, the design set, “Be Anxious for Nothing” can easily be adapted for a teaching session for singles, for a flyer announcement about a home Bible study, etc. The power of Sharefaith comes with the ability to totally customize anything you want. We release new designs every week, so there will be something fresh when you need it.

      I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other question!

      -Sharefaith Team

  8. jhona

    wow great!!! thank you so much.. my power point at during our praise and worship will be nice. wonderful backgrounds. God bless.. more power…

  9. Dana Zaldana

    Any option of having a bilingual section? Our service is in Spanish so we are limited on the resources we can use. Blessings!

    Dana Z

    • admin

      Good question, Dana. We recognize the need for Spanish-language resources, and are currently investigating expanding our resources to include predesigned Spanish templates. However, since many of our designs are customizable and text-free (e.g., many PowerPoints slides, worship backgrounds, bulletins, etc.,) they can easily be adapted for use with Spanish language.

      – The Sharefaith Team

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