How To Make The Most of Your Church Website

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By now, just about every church has a website. Good so far, but having a website is not enough anymore. Now, churches must make the most of it. Gone are the days where you could just toss up a website and leave it. Instead, a website is a living, breathing part of your overall effort to reach the community and to spread the good news. Here are some of the top tips for making the most of your church website.

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Is Technique Important? Making the Message Stick

Is Anyone Listening to You?

Let me be open with you. I’m not into the whole three-step formula and how-to books about churches and church ministry. It seems a bit artificial and used-car-salesmanish to me. Of course, if there is such a thing as an actual three-step formula to growing a church of ninety million people, I’m all ears. In the real world, though, such things are the stuff of pastoral fantasy and a waste of time. Understanding and applying biblical principles and commands is way more important. Having said all that, I’m about to tell you a how-to tip, but hopefully, it’s one that will work. (And no, it’s not about growing a ninety -million member church…but it might help.)

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What Are the Key Elements Found in the Best Church Websites?

What makes a church website really shine? It’s easy to look at a dazzling church website and think, “Wow. That website rocks! That must have cost them a ton of money! There’s no way we can do that with our website.”

Think again.

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Ministry Websites Should Be Easy to Maintain

Let’s consider a tale of two churches, each with their own church website. For the sake of comparison, we’ll assume that each of these churches has a website with a decent design and a good web hosting company to back them up. Now, for the tale…
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Church Website Must-Haves

A church website template is a predesigned website that churches can use as the basis for their own church website. Church website templates are a smart solution, but unfortunately many churches think that they need to consult with a church website design firm for their ministry website. By not going the route of church website templates, churches are unfortunately wasting time, resources, and missing out on some huge advantages. Let’s discuss some of the important features of a church website, and how a church website templates furnish the most ideal solution to maintaining a church web presence.

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