The best church websites all have something in common. Usually, you know a good church website when you see it. But what is it that makes that website really pop? Why, really, what makes a good church website good?

The Best Church Websites Have Visual Appeal

If we had to boil it down to one thing, it would be this:  visual appeal. Now, I know that you can’t have visual appeal in isolation. I mean, you’ve got to have functionality, navigation, power, speed, pagerank, and a whole lot more. But if you had to pick only a single thing that makes a church website good, it would be the aesthetics — the way it looks when a user sees it on his or her computer screen.

A Lot of Church Websites Are Ugly

Let’s face it, though. Church websites have a reputation for looking like garbage. Maybe in the early 90s they looked swank, but that look just isn’t going anymore. The ugly church website thing is crucial, because it’s a total turnoff from the moment a user loads the page.

How to Make Your Church Website Look Better

There are four key features that the best looking church websites have:

  • A sharp logo. Good design can be built around a good-looking logo. Make sure you’ve got a brand, and your website matches. See an example of a logo tied into the website theme.
  • Lots of graphics. You’ve seen those slider images on websites, right? They serve a major purpose:  eye candy. Yes, they communicate a message, but they can only do so because they look good. This is where people’s eyes go. See an example of great website graphics. 
  • Beautiful banners and sidebars. Give yourself plenty of options when it comes to banners and sidebars. These powerful little widgets play a big role in the visual appeal of a church website. See an example of church website banners and sidebars.
  • Clean layout. A great looking church website isn’t just a matter of pictures and colors. It has a lot to do with the layout of the site, too. Make sure your website allows for easy visual tracking and flow. See an example of a church website with a clean layout. 

What’s needed for most church websites is nothing short of a complete makeover. Often, it requires starting from the ground up. It sounds like a major project, but it doesn’t have to be that daunting. Sharefaith church websites can be user-ready in less than two hours.

Sharefaith church website are known for a lot of things, but one of their shining points is their sheer beauty. Basically, you get a professional church website without paying sky-high boutique web consulting fees. It’s the power and panache of high-dollar sites without the cost.

Want one of the best church websites for your church? Find out more about a Sharefaith church website, including the cost. 

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