Free Website Migrations For Churches – Coming Thursday


Over the last few years, we’ve met countless churches who loved Sharefaith’s website & hosting product, but were stuck in an expensive website contract or hosting agreement with another provider that they’re no longer pleased with. Many of these churches also did not have the funds, time, or staff to allocate to migrating or moving their old website to a new Sharefaith one. That is now in the past! As usual, Sharefaith goes above and beyond to create the best customer service and give you the best church resources at the lowest price possible! Continue reading “Free Website Migrations For Churches – Coming Thursday” »

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30 Best Church Website Templates for Ministry and Outreach


Websites have quickly become a powerful and necessary tool for the church. Every church wants the best church website, as these days more people are finding churches through searching online, than searching through the phone book. However, even if you come up #1 in searches all the time, that won’t do you much good if your website looks out-of-date or just plain ugly. You need to make a good first impression for any potential visitors and your church website will serve as your digital ambassador to the world. The internet has grown leaps and bounds since its inception and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Keeping up with those changes and maintaining a look with the latest and greatest features can be exceptionally difficult. This is where church website templates come in. Oftentimes, we hear the word “template” and think that this means low quality cookie cutter stuff. In actuality, many of the best church website templates are out there that make even professional web designers have to do a triple-take to see if what they are looking at is truly a template or custom design work.

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Brand New Church Website Template Released Plus Better User Experience


Programming websites is difficult. At Sharefaith, we provide everything you need to have a website without doing any programming yourself, but there are a number of obstacles that we have to deal with in providing an intuitive interface. Even with decent “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editing tools in place, you are at the mercy of the instances in which the authors of those tools decide that, “What You See is a close proximity, but may not be exactly What You Get.” All of the WYSIWYG content editors that we have seen (including the one we use – up until now) miss one simple fact: People who don’t want to learn a bunch of new computer skills are most comfortable if their content editor acts exactly like Microsoft Word. Continue reading “Brand New Church Website Template Released Plus Better User Experience” »

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How to Have Multiple Users on Your Sharefaith Website


Too often do churches have only one individual who updates and manages their entire church website. This creates major stress for that individual to not only keep the website updated regularly, but usually, they’re required create all of the content as well! Having only one member hold this responsibility is also dangerous because, heaven forbid, what if something happens to that individual? Will your church know how to keep the site updated and maintained, or even know the log in credentials? A church website is increasingly becoming one of the most important tools a church can have for communicating with their congregation, so having multiple users who can update and maintain your website is vitally important. Here’s a quick tip on how to add additional users to your church website: Continue reading “How to Have Multiple Users on Your Sharefaith Website” »

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9 Website Tips to Get Ready for Your Easter Service


Want to discover a secret weapon in promoting your Easter service? It’s your church website. Easter Sunday is one of the most important church services of the entire year. Spreading the word, inviting guests, and making this serving meaningful is crucial to your task of spreading the Gospel. Here are nine ways that you can prep your website for the most important service of the year. Continue reading “9 Website Tips to Get Ready for Your Easter Service” »

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How a blog helps pastors connect with their flock

The Lord is My Shepherd_varient747x280


A blog is simply an online journal in which to share your thoughts, opinions and knowledge. Typically written in a style that is personal, it can be an excellent vehicle to communicate your vision. It is an opportunity for the busy ministry leader to engage in a conversation over time; to express thoughts and concerns, and answer questions. Because it is an informal exchange of ideas that require both initiation and response, it should be moderated and updated frequently. As Christians we are in the business of serving others. Blogging allows us to efficiently connect with people in between the lines of our busy lives. Let’s discuss the potentially positive impact a blog can have for your church.

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7 Great Church Website Tips to Grow Your Church


Your website is the cover page of your church. It should not only be the introduction to your ministry but also the source of active ministry. It is a very effective tool for inviting new members and reaching out to those who are searching. I have listed 7 things to include if you wish your website to be a vehicle of growth in your church:


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Introducing Sharefaith Websites V3 – Made With You in Mind.


We are pleased to announce Sharefaith Websites V3, built with you in mind. Our latest church website release is our flagship providing industry-leading tools to build an online church community. It’s a powerful new tool, with endless customization and beauty that enables you to have a church without boundaries. Spreading the Gospel world-wide, while shepherding and encouraging your own flock has never been easier.  We loved making Sharefaith Church Websites V3, we hope you enjoy it too! And as always, this major release is completely free for current Sharefaith Website users. If you’re not a Sharefaith Website member, you can get started today for only $49/m! Continue reading “Introducing Sharefaith Websites V3 – Made With You in Mind.” »

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Church Websites Rejoice! The Fastest Website Editor Just Got Faster!



Medford, OR, July 9, 2013 — Sharefaith is excited to announce its latest release, Sidekick 2.0, the second version of the highly popular website builder. Sharefaith is the largest provider of church websites, hosting, worship presentation, and worship media in the country.  Users can now enjoy complete freedom with drag-and-drop layout and real-time editing; no programming required! With nearly 4,000 churches switching to a Sharefaith website in just a little over 2 years, the Sidekick website editor has proven to be the fastest, simplest, and most versatile church website editing tool around,  giving unparalleled freedom of creativity to church websites around the world. Continue reading “Church Websites Rejoice! The Fastest Website Editor Just Got Faster!” »

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How Your Church Website Can Increase Attendance


When church leaders get together to discuss, “how can we increase membership?” the first answer is usually not “improve our website!” Although most churches have websites, they aren’t viewed as the church growth solution. This assumption, however, deserves a second look. Continue reading “How Your Church Website Can Increase Attendance” »

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