Five Things a SAD Pastor Should Do – How to Deal with Seasonal Attendance Disorder

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As I write this it’s almost Father’s Day, a day traditionally distinguished by being one of the least attended Sundays in the pastoral calendar. We need to diagnose a new condition for churches—Seasonal Attendance Disorder (SAD). It seems to me that two things contribute to this annual congregational malaise often exemplified by Father’s Day. First, there are more women than men in most churches most of the time. Sometimes the ratio is 2 to 1. In many households Mom is the one walking with God and Dad is the one who likes to read the paper and golf on his “only day off.” (more…)

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Stay Up to Date On Israel with Organization Bridges for Peace


In the heart of every person, regardless of faith, nationality, race, or creed, is a desire for peace. Yet peace, regardless of how earnestly we desire it, seems elusive. Perhaps the reason why peace seems impossible is because we’re looking for the wrong kind of peace. Jesus told his disciples that he would give peace, but “not as the world gives.” (more…)

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10 Things Members Want to Know About Your Giving Campaign


One responsibility that most church leaders hate – is fundraising.  Crossing that bridge can be difficult and frustrating. There aren’t many people who feel called to pastor a church and who will say that they did it so they could raise money to build buildings! Nevertheless, we all know that the church is a group of people, who need a place to meet. And that is why securing a building is so important.

There are many different approaches to raising money. The experts will show data to support that hiring a professional to facilitate a capital campaign will more times than not yield a higher result. However, the fees can be high, and not every organization is comfortable bringing in an outsider. The challenge is to determine the best approach for your church culture. (more…)

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Top 20 Most Influential Worship Leaders of All Time


To build this list of the most influential worship leaders, I have narrowed it to the variety of worship music known as modern praise and worship, with all due respect to traditional hymnody. Another factor that distinguishes this list of influential worship leaders of all time is that I have only included individuals, not groups; otherwise I would have certainly mentioned influential worship groups like Bellarive, Hillsong, The City Harmonic, Hosanna-Integrity, and Maranatha. Without further ado here is the Top 20 Most Influential Worship Leaders of All Time. (more…)

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5 Easy Steps To Increase Your Church’s Online Presence With Google My Business For Churches

Google My Business For Churches - Sharefaith

Are you looking to increase your church’s online presence? Looking to make sure your church’s info is correct on Google? Adding your church to Google My Business will increase your online traffic, local impact, and assist new visitors to your church by making it easier to find your church’s location. Practically, taking these few simple steps allows your church to show up in Google results, to show your location in Google Maps, and even helps your church come up when a person searches for something vague like “Churches near me”. This article breaks down the steps on how to create a Google My Business account for your church or ministry in 5 easy steps. (more…)

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Here are 10 Sound Checks to Look at Before Sunday Morning


Aside from being the media director at my home church, I get the amazing opportunity to travel about ninety days a year to work with events held at other churches. I meet tons of awesome folks on the tech side and on the talent side every month. I’m constantly impressed by the tech crews at churches for their dedication to serve even when there is no money in the budget and no spare time to figure things out. I’m hoping that this article can help serve as a simple reminder for some of the mistakes you run into on a weekly basis. Here are 10 Sound Checks to Look At Before Sunday Morning: (more…)

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Is Your Spiritual Foundation Weak? Here’s 9 Ways to Make Sure It’s Rock Solid


There’s really no middle ground –firm foundation or sand, stability or destruction. For the man who built his house on the rock, “the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock”; but the man who built his house on shifting sand, that same storm came and hit the house and it came crashing down, “and great was the fall of it.” The clashing of two kingdoms, the collision of righteousness and unrighteousness, is becoming heightened, producing the perfect storm. Where will you be when the “big one” hits? How will you fare when the very foundation of the earth and all you know is shaken? Christ’s teaching in the Sermon on the Mount directly precedes the warning found in this parable of the wise and foolish builders; the Sermon on the Mount holds the key to surviving the harsh, volatile and seemingly indiscriminate series of storms we have been assigned to endure. “Therefore, whoever hears these sayings of mine…” (more…)

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Top 50 Most Popular Verses in The Bible


Many of us grew up memorizing the most popular Bible verses for Sunday school and had our own top favorite Bible verses as well. Many are so imprinted on our brains and utterly familiar that it’s easy to take for granted the profound privilege of being saturated in scripture. Hebrews 4:12 speaks of the Bible as being living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword, and able to discern between the thoughts and intents of the heart. Isaiah 55:11 assures us that God’s Word will not return void without successfully accomplishing what He desires. There’s a reason scripture sticks with us throughout our lives and is able to transform us. Take this opportunity to review this list of Top 50 Most Popular Bible Verses and rediscover why each one of these most popular Bible verses has become so cherished. (more…)

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Do You Have a Plan for Your Church Plant? Make Sure to Cover These 4 Things


There is a saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is true in our personal lives, in business but it is also true for the church. Churches are birthed for a God ordained purpose. This purpose is articulated by developing a written mission, vision and values statement. This document provides clarity for why the church exists (mission), what it hopes to accomplish (vision) and the values (guiding principles) by which it will operate and make decisions. (more…)

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