10 Ways to Avoid Discouragement in Ministry and Church


Everyone suffers from discouragement. Fear and anxiety are commonplace in the secular world, but also in ministry. Avoiding discouragement in ministry is a priority for countless pastors and ministry teams around the world. It can come from burnout, lack of prioritization, or inability to delegate. Most of the time, it also originates from Christians placing such high expectations on other Christians to behave like perfect Christians, so that when we do step out of line, or make the wrong move, everyone is more than devastated.Then there is the all too familiar spiritual aspect of discouragement, which we know, originates from the pits of Hell. Is it possible to avoid discouragement in ministry altogether? We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how it affects us. How can we be more proactive in combatting ministry burnout and, especially, discouragement?

Here are ten ways pastors, worship leaders, and ministry teams can stand fast against discouragement in this new year! (more…)

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5 Ways Worship Leaders Benefit From a Church App


A church app is like a website on steroids. Its outreach potential is very powerful, given the adoption rate of mobile phones and tablets among churchgoers. Usually, a church mobile app serves a great need for sharing sermons, events and perhaps even daily devotional encouragement, yet it also has a great advantage for worship leaders. Here’re five ways a church mobile app can benefit a worship leader. (more…)

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5 Tips to Ensure Your App Gets Approved by Apple



Your new church apps are flying in, and we’re getting them submitted to the Apple and Google app stores as quickly as possible. As many of you are aware, Apple is a little more picky about what they will let into their App Store than Google, and every rejection by Apple can add a week or more to the time it takes to get your app into the hands of your congregation. Having submitted many apps to Apple in the past few weeks, we would like to share the most common reasons why an app could get rejected and provide a few tips so you can get your app live and in the hand of your church! (more…)

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Top 10 Worship Songs for Your Christmas Sermon


The selection for this year’s top 10 Christmas worship songs are rich in Messianic content. They are songs that evoke worthy praise and really bring the power and sentiment of Christmas alive. They are the kind of motivating music and lyrics that make you want to announce unashamedly to the crowd of anxious and busy shoppers that Christ the Savior is born and He will return! Hail the King of Heaven! (more…)

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How to Manage The Influx of Volunteers During the Busy Christmas Season – 10 Things to Consider When Managing Church Volunteers


Christmas and Easter are two of the busiest times of the year for churches. This is due in part to the reality that many people attend church only on these two days. Because of this increase in church attendance, there’s more to do, and there’s an increased need for help. Many churches do special things during the Christmas season. Some add a special Christmas production, host special events for children or ramp up services for Christmas Eve. Regardless, having a team of volunteers ready to meet the challenge of getting it all done is critical to success.

This time of year is also an opportunity to get new people involved for the first time. Having a clear goal and definite ideas about how to manage the volunteers can make the difference between winning a new volunteer or not or perhaps even losing a faithful one. (more…)

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20 Great Bible Verses for Christmas Cards that celebrates the birth of Jesus The Messiah

Header Image - bible verses for christmas

Last Updated: November 2016

The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is without a doubt, the greatest gift God has ever given to His creation. So naturally, many people will want to send out a few Christmas greeting cards to their friends and loved ones in celebration of our Messiah. Here are our top 20 Bible verses that we feel are the best to put in your Christmas holiday card. (more…)

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Top 10 Commentaries for Studying the Bible

The list of commentaries on the market today are endless, but which should you pick? Before deciding on any study tool, it’s important to always remember that when it comes to studying the Bible we should: Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15). I consulted the lists of a handful of worthy scholars which helped create a solid top 10 list of commentaries that should be included in the library of any serious student of the Bible. (more…)

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Top 7 Bible Verses for Thanksgiving



Even in the midst of dire circumstances there is much to be thankful for: We are forgiven and free from the chains of guilt, delivered from the hopelessness of facing an eternal existence in hell, blessed with all that we need, and we are given the opportunity to stand before a holy God and to call Him Father. Let the following verses encourage you to cultivate a heart of gratitude as you meditate on God’s goodness as presented in His Word. (more…)

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Top 52 Sunday School Lessons for Kids Ministry & VBS

Top 52 Sunday School Lessons for Kids Ministry & VBS

One of the most important callings in the church is that of our children’s Sunday School teachers. Without the persistent dedication of these men and women every week, providing Sunday School lessons for kids, the future generations would have very little help and guidance to know of God and His plan for His children. While being a Sunday School teacher may mean that you don’t usually get to see all of the fruits of your labors, it is important to keep in mind that children are like sponges and even though they may not retain everything we say, you never know which parts will be remembered, so every lesson needs to count. (more…)

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5 Ideas for Push Notifications on Your New Church App


Push notifications are one of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate with your congregation through your new church app. But what should you say? We’ve put together 5 ideas of how you can use push notifications to best serve your church. (more…)

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