How To Live In The Joy Of The Lord


In a day where churches are run like enterprises and pastors carry the titles of “executive”, there is a real threat of being so focused on visionary achievements and expansion that ministry teams can quickly become oblivious to the spiritual needs of their flock and the diminishing presence of the Lord in their own lives. The majority of pastors are not even employed by the church but work a second and third job to provide a steady income. All this brings so much stress and anxiety that one of the first things lost is the presence of joy. The lack of joy happens to be one of Satan’s oldest playbook strategies. Without joy, you are not much of a witness and there is not much evidence of the Lord in your life. (more…)

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How America’s Millennials View the Bible


Screens have affected almost every part of modern life, and that includes religious practices. While all Millennials—significantly more than all adults—have, by and large, incorporated other mediums for engaging with the Bible, none of these trump reading a print version of the Bible (81%), or even hearing it read aloud at church (78%). In comparison, two-thirds of Millennials say they use the Internet on a computer to read Bible content (66%) and a little more than half read the Bible on an e-reader (51%). (more…)

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10 Guidelines For Discipling New Believers After Easter Is Done

Guidelines to discipling after easter

Last Updated: February 2017

Easter is over. Now what? Ever wondered how many people dedicate their lives to God on Easter, only to return to their former ways 10 days later. That’s normal if the church misunderstands the importance of ongoing discipleship of new believers. When the conversion happens, we want to make sure that it is sincere and that this decision is fully understood so it can have a lasting impact. We suggest following these 10 essentials in discipling a new believer. (more…)

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Justin from Faith Community Church Shares About Using Sharefaith


Everyone knows that Sharefaith loves their customers! But Justin, from Faith Community Church, has decided to share how much he and his church love Sharefaith! Faith Community Church has been Sharefaith members for many years as media and website users. If you’ve been on the fence on choosing Sharefaith as your all-in-one tech resource provider, watch this video! Justin describes how much they have benefitted from Sharefaith.  (more…)

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New Video From Sharefaith – We’ll Walk the Journey With Your Ministry!


We’ve created a new promo video representing our commitment with our great Sharefaith members! Sharefaith is proud to journey with your ministry! Whether you are a new church plant, or growing your congregation – we’ll be there, every step of the way. (more…)

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What is Easter Sunday? An In-Depth Look At Resurrection Sunday

Easter Sunday - Main image

Last Updated: February 2017

Our faith is useless without the resurrection. Through Jesus Christ, our greatest problem of sin and facing eternal judgment has been solved, and because of His resurrection, the solution of His perfect sacrifice has been established. If the church had to pick one event to put time and effort into and rally the most enthusiasm around, it would have to be the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (more…)

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Top 20 Church Outreach Ideas for Easter Sunday

outreach ideas for easter sunday - header image

The substance of our faith and our very salvation depends on the resurrection of Christ. Apart from it, our faith is futile, we are still dead in our sins, we have no hope in our own resurrection, and as the Apostle Paul put it, “we are of all people most pitied.” But Jesus did rise again and His resurrection proved victory over every ruler, authority, and power, including death. Invite your community to hear this important message. Here are the top 20 church outreach ideas for Easter Sunday: (more…)

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10 Easter Ideas for Children’s Ministry on Easter Sunday


The Resurrection is one of the most important truths about Jesus that kids will ever have the opportunity to hear. The resurrection of Christ means confidence that the entire testimony of Jesus is true, that payment for sin has been made in full, and that there is sure victory over sin and death. Let’s help children experience His resurrection this Easter. Here are 10 Easter ideas for children’s ministry on Easter Sunday:


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