Custom Scheduling for Teachers in SharefaithKids – Out Now!


Great news for SharefaithKids! Users can now customize their Sunday School teaching schedule for multiple days, on any day of the week. Mobile push-notifications to parents with ParentShare will be automatically updated, so your Sunday School parents will be in the know at all times! Continue reading “Custom Scheduling for Teachers in SharefaithKids – Out Now!” »

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Sharefaith Partners With Samaritan’s Purse for February


Sharefaith is very excited to be partnering with a new mission and outreach partner every month in order to give back and support Gospel and humanitarian efforts globally. We are very excited to announce that Samaritan’s Purse has been selected as Sharefaith’s ministry and outreach partner for February.

Continue reading “Sharefaith Partners With Samaritan’s Purse for February” »

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10 Simple Ways to Train Volunteers to Help with VBS


Hopefully you’ve found a handful of volunteers passionate about the VBS mission of training and disciplining young hearts, so you’re onto your next task of putting together a training strategy for your enthusiastic team. A good training plan will go far in promoting the success of your event, so don’t skimp on time and effort; consider these tips in 10 Ways to Easily Train Volunteers to Help with VBS. Continue reading “10 Simple Ways to Train Volunteers to Help with VBS” »

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3 Ways To Ignite a Revival in Your Town or City


Revival cannot be initiated by men since it’s solely the work of the Holy Spirit. However, as believers we can participate in structuring and initiating ideas or events that can create a setting where the Holy Spirit can actively minister. Over this last decade, I’ve seen various successful initiatives where believers united for a common goal of having their town or city draw closer to God. Pastors and worship leaders can take the lead in this initiative by breaking their mold of denominational exclusivity and focusing on leveraging the strength by uniting for ministry, prayer and outreach, regardless of denominational barriers. This, however, does constitute a common framework of believers accepting and agreeing on principle Biblical/faith concepts that do not defect the Word or character of the Trinity and Salvation. In other words, drop the denominational barriers, but keep within the Truth. Continue reading “3 Ways To Ignite a Revival in Your Town or City” »

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Three Fantastic Pieces of Gear For Solo Worship Leading 


There will be many times when you don’t lead worship with a larger team. Leading solo at a Bible study, youth event, or camp may require just a guitar and some percussion. But sometimes a mic, some portable speakers, and these three little tools could make you sound great while keeping a professional feel during your acoustic worship approach. These may not be brand new, but we’ve heard so many good things about them that we now think they should be in the arsenal of every worship leader: Continue reading “Three Fantastic Pieces of Gear For Solo Worship Leading ” »

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Using SharefaithKids for Your Vacation Bible School


So, you’ve been given the significant task of planning and overseeing this year’s Vacation Bible School? By now you have considered your overall objective (if you still need a little help with this, read VBS: 10 Things That Vacation Bible School Is, and Is Not) and you are exploring possible themes, looking into curriculum, discussing budget, and rolling it all into a master checklist. With a head full of ideas and a blank page in front of you, the overwhelming task is not made any easier by the plethora of fragmented resources thrown your way. But be of good cheer! SharefaithKids offers 52 lessons complete with videos, slideshows, and activities to choose from that can easily be converted to a complete VBS experience. Top that off with the ease in which you can present video and slideshows on any popular multimedia device, and your planning just got a little easier! Simply pick a theme or series of common themes and you have a week of fun and interactive Bible learning your VBS Kids won’t soon forget! Continue reading “Using SharefaithKids for Your Vacation Bible School” »

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3 Ways Branding Your Church Mobile App Sermon Will Get More People Listening


When you hear an unforgettable sermon, or even when your church is going through a teaching series, it’s so beneficial to brand your sermon. Branding it gives it an identity. Sermon branding has been Sharefaith’s expertise for over 13 years. If you are familiar with our Church PowerPoint sermons, you will know that they have a title, image, and design that all fit together. This is pure branding to create a picture in the mind of the congregation in order for them to not only associate the design with the sermon, but to better relate to it as well. You need to do that with all your sermons you place on your church mobile app. It not only looks better, it works better! Continue reading “3 Ways Branding Your Church Mobile App Sermon Will Get More People Listening” »

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5 Ways Worship Leaders Keep God Center Stage During Worship


Do all worship leaders suffer from a fear of failure? Is it ingrained in musicians and singers to drift towards self-focus? Do you become prouder or more humble over time? More so, do your skills as a singer or instrumentalist remove the fear to sing or play in front of people? Can you get to a place, leading worship, where your focus is so directed to God, that you don’t even notice anyone around you. Is that the place where all worship leaders ultimately need to be? Continue reading “5 Ways Worship Leaders Keep God Center Stage During Worship” »

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VBS: 10 Things That Vacation Bible School Is, and Is Not


Vacation Bible School started out as a simple week of Bible training for children that over time has become a carnival ride of themed and live interactive learning; but let’s strip away method long enough to consider the bare bones objectives that will help us stay on course with the purpose for which we have been called. People in the community may see it as a chance for free babysitting, but we have given the directive to provide substantive and truthful answers to little minds that inquire, and the sobering reality is that we are accountable for every moment given and every resource afforded. As you make plans for your church’s Vacation Bible School, please take the time to do a little soul searching and consider VBS: What It Is, and What It Is Not. Continue reading “VBS: 10 Things That Vacation Bible School Is, and Is Not” »

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10 Ways to Avoid Discouragement in Ministry and Church


Everyone suffers from discouragement. Fear and anxiety are commonplace in the secular world, but also in ministry. Avoiding discouragement in ministry is a priority for countless pastors and ministry teams around the world. It can come from burnout, lack of prioritization, or inability to delegate. Most of the time, it also originates from Christians placing such high expectations on other Christians to behave like perfect Christians, so that when we do step out of line, or make the wrong move, everyone is more than devastated.Then there is the all too familiar spiritual aspect of discouragement, which we know, originates from the pits of Hell. Is it possible to avoid discouragement in ministry altogether? We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how it affects us. How can we be more proactive in combatting ministry burnout and, especially, discouragement?

Here are ten ways pastors, worship leaders, and ministry teams can stand fast against discouragement in this new year! Continue reading “10 Ways to Avoid Discouragement in Ministry and Church” »

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