Free Mobile Chuch App Now Available to Churches Worldwide


Sharefaith Gives Churches Ability to Create Powerful and Feature-Packed Apps for Android or iOS

(Medford, OR) November 6, 2014 — Church media company, Sharefaith, announces the release of their new mobile church app builder, giving churches the ability to create their own unique mobile app. The app builder is available for free to all Sharefaith’s Complete Yearly and Website Yearly members. Continue reading “Free Mobile Chuch App Now Available to Churches Worldwide” »

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10 Benefits To Elevate Your Church App Using Sharefaith’s Free Mobile Church App Builder

Sharefaith Church App Coming Soon!

In just a few days, Sharefaith will launch our highly anticipated free church mobile app, giving churches who have a Sharefaith Complete Yearly or Website Yearly membership unparalleled value, allowing for simplified church app creation using our one-of-a-kind church mobile app creator. It has everything you want from the church app, including: newsletters, blogging, devotionals, bulletins, maps, audio, video, music, push notifications, tithing and more. Our aim is to provide integrated church resources that can rival the best, at a fraction of the cost. In this case, it’s 100% free to all users of our Complete Yearly and Website Yearly membership. Here are 10 ways the church app builder allows you to tweak and customize your mobile church app. Continue reading “10 Benefits To Elevate Your Church App Using Sharefaith’s Free Mobile Church App Builder” »

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Sharefaith Earns Worship Leader’s “Best of the Best” Award for the 6th Straight Year


Worship Leader Magazine Recognizes Sharefaith in Five Categories

(Medford, OR) November 3, 2014 — For the sixth year running, Sharefaith has received the most prestigious “Best of” Award from Worship Leader Magazine. Each year, Worship Leader Magazine publishes an issue dedicated to informing churches about the most valuable resources available today. Continue reading “Sharefaith Earns Worship Leader’s “Best of the Best” Award for the 6th Straight Year” »

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10 Things to Never Say to a Pastor


Pastors are only human, which suggests they have their own set of peeves. Sure, they are called to rise above it all—to turn the other cheek, deflect wrath with a kind word, and not be so affected by horribly rude people. But it really isn’t fair to razz the pastor to see how far they can take it any more than it is ok for the village wise-guy to provoke the Buckingham Palace guard to laugh. Let’s stand down a little and show some respect, maybe even some support, for the thankless things they do every day; and whatever you do, try to avoid saying the following things to your pastor: Continue reading “10 Things to Never Say to a Pastor” »

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Top 30 Sunday School Songs for Kids


We’ve assembled this list of the top 30 Sunday School songs sung by kids around the world. They may be sung in different languages, but these songs have stood the test of time. You are blessed if you have a worship leader on your Sunday School team that can write your own material, but for the rest of us, sticking with these tried and true songs provides great value in addition to the Sunday School lessons for kids that we teach. Continue reading “Top 30 Sunday School Songs for Kids” »

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10 Reasons Why A Bible Centered Sunday School Curriculum is a Must-Have



“Train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). It is in childhood that crucial spiritual development occurs so getting biblical facts straight and implementing viable applications that will effectively reach your little audience with the truth is extremely important; it is how they will filter through and understand the world around them. There is only so much time to instill important truths before they are thrown into the arena of life. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why A Bible Centered Sunday School Curriculum is a Must-Have” »

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5 Benefits of Having A Church Mobile App


Your church mobile app is a powerful tool that brings with it great benefits. When your focus is on proclaiming the Gospel, connecting with your congregation and encouraging your flock, you’ll benefit heavily from having an app. There are many exciting possibilities, but these 5 benefits remain amongst the top favorites and are all possible with Sharefaith’s free Church Mobile App, available on the Website Yearly and Complete Yearly membership plans. Continue reading “5 Benefits of Having A Church Mobile App” »

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10 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving from a Biblical Perspective


Thanksgiving for the Christian is more than just another holiday and there’s no better time to set a precedence of gratitude towards God than during this special season. There are lots of ways to celebrate the goodness of God and His many blessings, here are just a few. Continue reading “10 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving from a Biblical Perspective” »

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30 Beautiful Church Website Templates for Ministry and Outreach

Websites have quickly become a powerful and necessary tool for the church. These days more people are finding churches through searching online, than searching through the phone book. However, even if you come up #1 in searches all the time, that won’t do you much good if your website looks out-of-date or just plain ugly. You need to make a good first impression for any potential visitors and your church website will serve as your digital ambassador to the world. The internet has grown leaps and bounds since its inception and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Keeping up with those changes and maintaining a look with the latest and greatest features can be exceptionally difficult. This is where church website templates come in. Oftentimes, we hear the word “template” and think that this means low quality cookie cutter stuff. In actuality, many templates are out there that make even professional web designers have to  do a triple-take to see if what they are looking at is truly a template or custom design work. Continue reading “30 Beautiful Church Website Templates for Ministry and Outreach” »

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