Win Two Tickets to the National Worship Leader Conference in Dallas, TX!


Want to go to an amazing and edifying worship conference at the end of this month in Dallas, TX? From Sep 30th-Oct 2nd you can go hang out with hundreds of other worship leaders and worship, discuss song writing, leading in worship and so much more. Each ticket is worth nearly $400! All you need to do is tweet our post, like us on Facebook, or signup for our newsletter. Enter below… Continue reading “Win Two Tickets to the National Worship Leader Conference in Dallas, TX!” »

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Is Your Tech Hindering Your Spiritual Growth?

Is Your Tech Hindering Your Spiritual Growth?

It only takes a click. Or a tap. It is so easy to grab the smart phone and go into another world. Unlike a book that requires your mind to fill in the blanks, sounds and sights bombard us with tragic news clips, acrobatic kittens, and amazing displays of human talent. While it is debatable as to how much this has improved the lives of modern people, one thing is certain. Spiritual growth requires more than a click. It requires a discipline and intentionality that our new media habits abhor. Whether shopping Amazon or surfing Facebook, immediate access to what we want is what we get. But, is all technology bad for our spiritual growth? What technology helps or hinders my spiritual growth? Continue reading “Is Your Tech Hindering Your Spiritual Growth?” »

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Sharefaith Music Spotlight: Phil Wickham Singalong Vol. 3


In this week’s edition of Sharefaith Music Spotlight, we will be covering a more well-known artist, Phil Wickham, and his most recent album, Singalong Vol.3!

Artist: Phil Wickham
Album: Singalong Vol.3
Release Date: May 12, 2015 Continue reading “Sharefaith Music Spotlight: Phil Wickham Singalong Vol. 3” »

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5 Ways to Improve the Internal Customer Experience – Do you know who the internal customers are?


We commonly associate the term customer with someone who purchases goods or services. Joseph Juran, the famous management consultant, taught that organizations have both internal and external customers. In addition, internal customers have a direct link to a positive external customer experience. The external customer is the person who purchases the goods or services, while the internal customer is anyone within an organization who is dependent on another person to fulfill job duties. For a church, internal customers are employees and volunteers.

We all know the importance of taking care of the external customer (in this case the congregation), but a successful church will recognize the importance of taking care of the internal customers, the employees and volunteers.

For example, if the church secretary is dealing with computer issues, the IT department considers that person an internal customer and makes as much of an effort to meet her needs as the receptionist does to care for the member calling in for pastoral help. Continue reading “5 Ways to Improve the Internal Customer Experience – Do you know who the internal customers are?” »

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15 Books to Spark Leadership in your Church


Leadership is the act of leading, guiding or directing a person or group of people. An article from tackled the timeless argument of whether leadership traits are learned or inherited. According to that article written earlier this year:

“Researchers have found that leaders come by their talents partly through genetics but mostly through hard work and persistence. In fact, one study from The Leadership Quarterly on heritability (that is, the innate skills you bring to the table) and human development (what you learn along the way) estimated that leadership is 24 percent genetic and 76 percent learned.”

Wow! Is that saying that we can learn to be a leader despite our lack of inherited leadership traits? Biblical leaders are needed more than ever in today’s society, even more so in the Church. Since we have learned that 76 percent of leadership can be learned, why not be a part of that percentile and foster a culture that fulfills a much needed calling in our churches? To be an effective leader in the church, we need to first strengthen ourselves, strengthen our church, then take on the mission field! Jesus was and still is the Ultimate Leader. The Bible has great insight into leadership through Jesus and is by far the top book on leadership. In addition to reading the Bible, here is a list of 15 other powerful books written by modern-day authors that can help to bring a Christian perspective on leadership. There are many books out there, these are just a few to spark leadership in your church. Continue reading “15 Books to Spark Leadership in your Church” »

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It’s Time to Stop Arguing and Lead Worship!


What will it take to declare the worship wars over? Sign whatever truce needs to be signed, agree to disagree, raise a white flag, choose an ending, but in my opinion it needs to stop. Now.

I came into church music ministry in the mid-nineties, just as the contemporary worship wave was moving among mainline denominational churches all across the South. Seeing the success of contemporary worship in other parts of the country, especially among the burgeoning non-denominational congregations, church after church rushed to be more “culturally relevant” and begin “reaching the nominally churched, unchurched, and the nonbelievers” with CCM, lights, stages, sermon illustrations using film clips, projected lyrics, and of course, coffee. This led to the inevitable boarder battles as lines were drawn between the traditionalists, preservationists, and the agents of change. Spiritual blood was spilt, congregations were divided, and some severe pruning was seen. Yes, there was occasionally growth, but at what cost? Continue reading “It’s Time to Stop Arguing and Lead Worship!” »

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Top 10 Christian Bible Camps For Kids & Families in the U.S.


Sending a child to just any old camp takes on the risk of exposing them to values that are in conflict with scripture; but seeking out a good Christian summer camp can make all the difference. A Christian Bible camp should provide the means for kids to acknowledge and worship the Creator while enjoying outdoor adventures and give them opportunity to learn Christian values while engaging in group activities. Bible camps are a great place for kids to connect with their peers, be steered and influenced by godly counselors, experience and conquer new adventures, and be transformed by the Word of God. Here are some great camps to consider in the Top 10 Christian Camps in the United States. Continue reading “Top 10 Christian Bible Camps For Kids & Families in the U.S.” »

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Sharefaith Music Spotlight: Pilgrim Song


This week, we’re spotlighting an indie band that calls Southern Oregon home, just like we do at Sharefaith.Pilgrim Song started two years ago as a project of simple songs and friends. Their goal has always been to bring people into the joy we experience through Christ by creating music that shares the gospel. They offer a unique style of music that can’t be contained within one typical genre. Continue reading “Sharefaith Music Spotlight: Pilgrim Song” »

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Nepotism – 7 Things to Consider When Hiring Family and Friends


In an old classic movie from the 90s, the owner of an auto parts factory gives his dim-witted son a plush office job even though he just graduated from school—barely. The owner’s right-hand man does not approve. When he sees the son’s new office, he sarcastically quips: “You have a window. And why shouldn’t you? You’ve been here 10 minutes.” Although the movie had a happy ending, organizations that employ relatives or close friends often have disastrous results.This can be particularly difficult in the church when employing family members can seem to be a very natural thing to do. Family and friends of church leaders often seem a good choice for hiring because they love the church, understand the mission and we trust them.

Nepotism often works out well, but only if policies and procedures govern all employees, and there are no biases in how employees are treated.

Here are seven things to consider when hiring family or friends:

Continue reading “Nepotism – 7 Things to Consider When Hiring Family and Friends” »

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Sharefaith Music Spotlight: Kristene DiMarco’s New Album: Mighty


Kristene DiMarco is not a name everyone is familiar with. She is one of the many artists associated with Jesus Culture. Her debut album, Those Who Dream, was released under her maiden name, Kristene Mueller, back in 2008. Since then, she has released another studio album in 2012, Safe Place, and has been featured on many of Bethel Music’s albums as well. Mighty is her first-ever, full-length live album. Continue reading “Sharefaith Music Spotlight: Kristene DiMarco’s New Album: Mighty” »

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