2016 Easter & Spring Sharefaith Product Releases

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Boy are we excited to tell you about our awesome new product release! We also have a ton of new features and upcoming releases that will make 2016 the biggest and best year yet! We’ve always said that you cannot find more value and quality at this price point anywhere, and that, now more than ever, is true! Your Sharefaith membership has once again quadrupled in value. We love it, and so will you!

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10 Tips for Building Strong Worship Teams


There are some common realities with any project of a certain scale and scope. There is a plan for beginning, for development, and then for long term growth. Building a strong worship team is no different. There are things to be done at the beginning, in the middle, and for the long term to keep the team musically strong and spiritually healthy. Here, in no particular order, are 10 tips for making this very challenging task easier. Continue reading “10 Tips for Building Strong Worship Teams” »

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10 Tips When Hiring Sunday School Volunteers


A great Sunday School volunteer is worth their weight in gold. Now some of you on shoestring budgets might be thinking: “If that’s the case I’d like to trade in a couple.” But it’s true! A great volunteer multiplies your ministry’s influence and effectiveness. The opposite, however, also holds true. A lackluster volunteer makes children’s ministry harder than it already is. Carefully selecting and investing in your volunteer team is one of the most important processes a leader will undertake. To help evaluate where you are, here are 10 things to look for when hiring a Sunday School volunteer.

Passionate Follower of Christ: The greatest “ability” any volunteer will bring to ministry is a passionate love for Jesus Christ. And more than anything else, this is what our kids need to see in the adults that care for them. As the Spirit of God fills a volunteer with faith, hope, and love, they will outpour these very things into the lives of the children they serve. When interviewing a potential volunteer, a great opening question is: “Tell me about how you came to faith?” If their eyes well up with tears of joy, you have found the foundation of a great volunteer. Continue reading “10 Tips When Hiring Sunday School Volunteers” »

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15 Resolution Tips to Battle Conflict in Ministry


Conflict and churches go hand in hand. There are many reasons for this, but the fundamental issue is that people are interested in what they invest in. And, members have a vested (financial, emotional) interest in church decisions. This interest often insights passion – which sometimes results in conflict.

A major source of conflict in the church is the tug-of-war over the utilization of ministry resources – people, time and money or over the philosophical or doctrinal direction of the church.

These can be very emotionally charged issues, if not managed appropriately. One way to minimize conflict is to have a plan and to communicate well. When everyone understands what the mission, vision and values of the church are; and the strategy by which the church hopes to achieve its mission, issues are filtered through that lens which can minimize conflict.

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10 Warning Signs a Pastor Is Ready To Step Down


We all know someone who quit his or her job unexpectedly. Whether this is in a corporate environment or the ministry, employees often provide warning signs that lead to a sudden decision to quit their job.

It is said that hindsight is always 20/20. This is also true when reflecting on a great pastor who suddenly calls it quits. Church ministry teams need to be aware of warning signs so the ministry can intervene when possible and be prepared for a transition if necessary. Continue reading “10 Warning Signs a Pastor Is Ready To Step Down” »

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10 Tips for Mixing For Church Worship


As a volunteer sound tech for your church, you’ve probably never did sound for a living
and are looking for practical ways to get better. Here are ten helpful tips & tricks that have helped me over the years and certainly bring your mix to the next level.

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Top 20 Best Universities & Schools for Worship Ministry


If you want to be a worship leader or serve as a worship pastor and are looking for higher education options this list will give you a healthy start. We chose schools based on reputation for worship arts offerings, both in facilities and faculty. Larger and smaller schools both made this list as one size does not fit all. Also, regions were considered, giving a head start no matter where you live. Do you already have an undergraduate degree? We also made sure to list some schools that offered graduate level programs.


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Top 20 Bible Study Resources Available


There are tons of options when it comes to Bible study resources. They often are presented as guides for women or men or some life stage, whether we’re young, old, or somewhere in between. Historically, and sometimes still today, denominations will offer resources in an attempt to have a baseline for everyone to work under. These approaches are worthwhile and try and get to a place where this top list of resources tries to influence as well: this is the day that the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad. And, seek first the kingdom and everything else will be given. And, take up your cross everyday. In a Bible study, a group comes together in order to fellowship and devote time to Scripture reading, discussion and prayer. It’s also a time of sending people back out into our unruly world with more of a sense of God’s presence working in and through them. Oswald Chambers, the famed author of My Utmost for His Highest, recounts an encounter with God in which he heard him say, “I want you but I don’t need you.”

We hope the list below provides helpful tools for Bible study leaders and members. God wants us to be part of his mission in the world, and, isn’t it better to be wanted by God than just to be needed? Continue reading “Top 20 Bible Study Resources Available” »

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10 Ways to Ensure Your Kid’s Safety in Sunday School



You’re sitting in church, when suddenly a deacon crouches down next to you and quietly speaks: “You need to come with me, your child has been hurt.” Your head swims with thoughts as you are led to the classroom “What’s going on? Is my child alright? How could this have happened?!” There is nothing as important as our children’s safety. Oftentimes, our assumption is that the church, of all places, will be safe for our children. But as we have learned through ever-increasing instances of school violence, even the places we believe are the most safe are vulnerable.
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Millenials In Worship: What’s Old Is New Again


Being the parent of two Millennials has made me acutely aware of the issues effecting the church and the Millennial generation. While some may see this amazing group of young people as an enigma, they are are expressing wonderful characteristics that are a huge encouragement for the church. Here are a few observations and how they may be meaningful for worship in your church. Continue reading “Millenials In Worship: What’s Old Is New Again” »

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