6 Tips for Managing Church Facilities

Managing a church facility is very similar to managing any other type of building or campus. The only difference being churches often use volunteer labor to help get the job done. This approach provides volunteers with opportunities to give back to the ministry and allows the church to maintain its campus with a limited church budget.

Churches can be very busy campuses with activities going on almost daily.  Whether it is Sunday morning services, Wednesday night bible studies or a Saturday afternoon wedding – there is always something going on. This constant use of facilities requires coordination, planning and scheduling to ensure all responsibilities are taken care of.

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Why Young and Old Church Leaders Might Clash

Sometimes, young leaders make stupid mistakes. Sometimes, more senior leaders shake their heads in dismay, wishing that these foolish young leaders would just listen, learn, and quit being so bullheaded. There are times, however, when young leaders take unfair heat from older leaders because of generational misunderstandings.

This article attempts to explain the tension from the perspective of misunderstandings that older leaders might have towards younger leaders. The broad brush strokes used are not an attempt to stereotype “young” or “old,” but to sort out some misunderstandings that might arise.

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What Should Go in Your Easter Church Bulletin

Resurrection day is one of the most important events on the calendar. Without the death and resurrection of Christ we would have no church, there would be no reason for ministry, and we would have no message. It is the foundation to the hope we enjoy, the faith to endure and the reason many of us get up in morning. He is risen!  Celebrating the resurrection is a joyful event for believers and the intrigue of those searching, so let’s not lose focus or be distracted by tradition, habit or culture; instead let’s create maximum impact on the gospel in all areas of this special service, including the bulletin. Continue reading “What Should Go in Your Easter Church Bulletin” »


10 Easter Worship Songs with Worship Backgrounds

Sharefaith Presenter allows for your Easter Service preparations to be simple yet absolutely visually stunning! With amazing text-over-video features, easy countdown timers, 8 integrated bible translations, and best yet, complete media integration with your Sharefaith Membership at only $99, Sharefaith Presenter is a no-brainer solution for all of your worship presentation needs! Try a FREE DEMO now by calling Sharefaith at (888) 317-4018. Learn more


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How to Audition Church Members for your Worship Team

So you want to grow your worship team…


You are trying to determine the best way to audition prospective worship team members and to come up with a successful format. Should they come prepared with a song they choose, or will you choose one for them? Will the entire band be included in the audition, or should each audition be done solo – or maybe something in-between? In a previous article I discussed the qualifications for team members (Selecting Members for Your Worship Team) but this discussion will center more on practical tips for conducting auditions. Continue reading “How to Audition Church Members for your Worship Team” »


Are You Getting Distracted Away From “Mission Critical” Tasks?

The Lord knew when good things were eclipsing the crucial things in his ministry. In Mark 1:35-39 we find Jesus and the disciples involved in a thriving healing ministry. Yet the he rises early in the morning, tiptoes out over the slumbering forms of his friends (they lived in a small home in Capernaum) and finds a “desolate place” to pray. That prayer time changed the course of their immediate ministry. When Peter and the others find him as the sun crests the Golan Heights, they expect the Lord to come back to the house to continue the healings he had been doing late into the previous evening. But after prayer, Jesus, with clarified vision says, “No, we are going into the villages to preach. That’s what I came for.” He understood the difference between good things, and mission critical things.

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When a Church Might Have a Saturday Evening Service

“We were there every time the doors opened — Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.” So goes the conventional every-time-the-doors-opened saying of many a churchgoing family. But in some churches today, if you were there every time the doors opened, you wouldn’t be doing much but going in and out of doors.

Many churches have a wide variety of programs, meetings, groups, and activities. Every day of the week, and sometimes every hour of the day, is filled with some type of thing going on.

Some churches have chosen to hold a service on Saturday evening. Traditionally, Saturday evenings were times when the church was closed up and quiet. Why would a church have a Saturday evening service? Should your church do the same?

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How to Have Multiple Users on Your Sharefaith Website

Too often do churches have only one individual who updates and manages their entire church website. This creates major stress for that individual to not only keep the website updated regularly, but usually, they’re required create all of the content as well! Having only one member hold this responsibility is also dangerous because, heaven forbid, what if something happens to that individual? Will your church know how to keep the site updated and maintained, or even know the log in credentials? A church website is increasingly becoming one of the most important tools a church can have for communicating with their congregation, so having multiple users who can update and maintain your website is vitally important. Here’s a quick tip on how to add additional users to your church website: Continue reading “How to Have Multiple Users on Your Sharefaith Website” »


How to Create A System For Coaching And Developing Worship Leaders


If I showed up at your church and asked, “I feel called to lead worship. Can you help me?”


What would you say? Would you have a process in place to help me? If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know we are all about discipleship. But discipleship can be difficult if you don’t know how to disciple. What are the specific areas a young worship leader needs to work on?

Here’s the exciting part: there may be called, gifted potential waiting to happen in your congregation. Without a process – a system of leading people – tremendous possibility could be overlooked. People don’t grow unless they’re given specific feedback on their performance. You must communicate your values and expectations.

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How to encourage your pastor and their family

The opposite of the word encourage is discourage, so it isn’t hard to make the connection that failing to encourage can leave a pastor and their family demoralized and disheartened. We may love our pastor and may be grateful for the work they do, but we often make the mistake of assuming they know this. Maybe it’s time for a shift in our thinking. Here are some practical ways to encourage your pastor and their family.
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