Worship Leaders – Does the Worship Music Have to Be So Loud!?


If I have heard it once, I have heard it hundreds of times… I understand we are trying, well, something with this worship style, but does it have to be so loud!? It hurts my ears and I cannot concentrate, much less hear from God.

Now, before I hear the “Amens!” from my traditional worship brothers and sisters thinking I am on my way to condemning “rock band worship,” I have heard this exact same question about the worship featuring musical leadership from, wait for it, the Pipe Organ! Continue reading “Worship Leaders – Does the Worship Music Have to Be So Loud!?” »

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Top Christian-Backed Medical Organizations


Close your eyes and think back to the last time you suffered with a painful dental or medical malady. Now, imagine if there were no hope for relief and you are left with the anxiety of facing the days ahead with no answer to your problems and no remedy for your pain. Many individuals in the world cannot just book an emergency appointment when something goes wrong with their health, and sometimes there are emergency situations so catastrophic that the event extends beyond the abilities of local medical organizations to support. This is where mercy comes in—mercy in the form of dental and medical attention for those who would otherwise be unable to access the help they need, when they need it. There are heroes among us who have stepped forward to be the extension of God’s hands and feet—Christian-backed medical organizations filled with people who are prepared to serve when they are most desperately needed. Here are some of the Top Christian-Backed Medical Organizations in existence today. Continue reading “Top Christian-Backed Medical Organizations” »

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Get Things Done By Removing Church Bureaucracy


Most working adults can give at least one example of a time when getting things accomplished at work was slowed by bureaucracy and red tape. Multilevel decision making processes slow productivity and can be a source of frustration for workers who are simply trying to do their job.
A church’s internal structure is intended to clarify lines of authority and to support work process flow – while eliminating duplicate systems – not to slow things down. There are many different types of organizational structures that fit different business models. Occasionally, structures that have multi-level reporting relationships can slow the decision making process between the top and bottom of the organization.

Bureaucracy (administration characterized by excessive red tape and routine) hurts organizations when it creates bottlenecks in the decision making process – and ultimately work flow. This type of multi-layer decision making slows work processes which can have an impact on mission fulfillment. Continue reading “Get Things Done By Removing Church Bureaucracy” »

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6 Time Management Tips For Pastors & Ministry Leaders


Teaching people how to manage their time has become a booming industry. If you search for time management books on Amazon, you will find 138,562 results. This demonstrates the universal need that people have for managing this limited resource. Moreover, every one of us has the challenge to make good use of the time we have.

We all struggle with managing our time and controlling those things that steal our time. Things like unproductive emails, Internet search rabbit trails or conversations that go off on time-wasting tangents. These are all examples of things we do that rob us of one of the most valuable resources we have—our time. Continue reading “6 Time Management Tips For Pastors & Ministry Leaders” »

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Music Spotlight: Living Room Recorded Worship


In this #ThrowBackThursday edition of Sharefaith Music Spotlight, we are going to be focusing on a albums that have already been out for a couple of years. Both of these albums feature a live “living room” style of worship. Those of you who are familiar with both of these albums will understand why these two go hand in hand. These albums are both live worship albums that were recorded in smaller group settings. Continue reading “Music Spotlight: Living Room Recorded Worship” »

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Top Schools of Worship Training Academies



Many pastors attend seminary. But what about worship leaders? Where do they get the hands-on experience, intensive discipleship, and worship training? In the past few years, schools and institutions have risen to fill the need. The role of “worship leader” has become an integral part of many church’s leadership teams. The worship leader is usually an individual who helps to lead a congregation in music and worship on Sunday, but also serves as an assistant pastor during the week.

Worship leaders recognize the significance of their role in a church’s worship experience. More and more worship leaders yearn for the kind of solid theological training and fine-arts excellence that their roles require. This is where worship training academies have entered the scene. Most worship training institutions, especially those geared exclusively towards worship, are unlike like traditional schools or seminaries. In other words, most students don’t matriculate for a few years to get a bachelor of fine arts in worship leading.

Instead, these schools provide focused instruction in a certificate or module based format. Many of them are designed for current worship leaders to get the training they need without having to attend daily classes or enroll for long periods of time.

The training is focused, intensive, and ideally suited for those who are worship leaders or those who are called to be worship leaders. The innovative format means that most of these training programs are surprisingly affordable, and most have little to no educational prerequisites. Some of them are completely online. Continue reading “Top Schools of Worship Training Academies” »

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6 Areas of Quality Your Church Should Focus On


Quality management is not a new concept to many industries. As far back as the 13th century, there were established models for managing and improving product quality. A discipline that started in manufacturing migrated to service industries such as hospitality, hotels, and healthcare.

As these industries embrace quality concepts, we as consumers develop higher expectations for positive, error-free service experiences. Whether it’s a product free from defects or services that are customer-friendly and offer ease of use, we’re constantly raising the bar. Continue reading “6 Areas of Quality Your Church Should Focus On” »

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Top 10 Christian Authors of All Time


Ever since Moses, Christians have been writing books. These books have been written in stone, on papyrus, and in codices. They’ve been stored in scrolls, museums, and Amazon’s cloud. They’ve been read in catacombs, monasteries, churches, and subways. They have incited revolutions, sparked reform, and hit the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Culture and the world at large have been shaped by Christian authors. Continue reading “Top 10 Christian Authors of All Time” »

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Microphones


Keeping audio gear maintained is a crucial part of any audio engineers job description. Clearing the dust from amp filters, fixing cables and the like. One thing most church techs forget about is cleaning and maintaining their microphones. There have been times I’ve consulted at a church, tested their microphones and been amazed how much gunk and honestly, the stench coming off of them. Let’s face it, we’re all human and sometimes we get coffee breath or forget to brush our teeth in the morning. Or sometimes you’ll have a guest speaker or vocalist who smokes cigarettes and the microphone will store up that smell over time that’s just unpleasant. But it’s our job to deal with it so let’s get to it! Continue reading “How to Clean and Maintain Your Microphones” »

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10 Questions Your Church Board Should Be Asking

1120Cross-board (1)

Governing boards are responsible for ensuring that the organization fulfills its core mission. This is done by developing strategy, monitoring performance and ensuring financial viability. To do this, the board should have an annual review of the organization and ask some tough questions that are intended to stir thought and steer decision making and planning. 10 Questions a Church Board Should be Asking Itself

Continue reading “10 Questions Your Church Board Should Be Asking” »

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