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Grow Your Church by Embracing Technology

It's a given fact that a lot of churches are embracing technology in a major way. By "technology," I don't just mean a microphone, electric lights, and a telephone line. Today's churches are going big time ... Read More...
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Pastoral Counseling on Facebook

Josh, the youth pastor, was looking at a very frustrated teen. Chris, a fourteen-year-old in Josh's youth group, refused to speak with Pastor Josh about anything. Josh had tried talking to Chris about sports,... Read More...
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Why Good Friday Matters

Have you ever wondered what Good Friday is all about? The big event at this time of year is Easter, but Easter is preceded by days like "Good Friday" and "Palm Sunday." What is Good Friday? What happened on G... Read More...
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Preparing Your Heart for Easter Sunday

Last Updated: March 2017 Easter is less than a week away. Are you ready? I don't simply mean "ready" in the sense that your bulletin template is prepared and your sermon outline is developed. I mean "ready" ... Read More...

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