(The following is excerpted from a recent Sharefaith white paper publication.)

Strengthen the Worship Focus
Introducing new media as a backdrop for the worship service can help direct the congregation much like a symphony conductor directs an orchestra. Instead of people looking down to flip through pages of hymnals or handouts, the vivid presentations and videos can draw their attention to the front of the room—to the pastor, the musicians, and the beautiful image that complements your message, creating a rich, collective worship experience.

Here are examples of ways that small- and medium-size churches are enriching their services with high-quality, affordable media:

Compelling PowerPoint sermon templates

Provide church leaders, pastors, administrators, and teachers with a rich source for sermon subjects and Scriptures with powerful Christian slideshows. These templates include Scriptures and phrases related to the main sermon along with text-ready and blank slides for adding lyrics, additional scripture, outlines or other sermon notes. Sermon subjects in the PowerPoint collection range from subjects such as the Atonement, Wisdom, and the Promises of God to Hope, Salvation, Sanctification, and other Christian topics, commandments, and inspirational concepts.

Impacting still and animated video worship backgrounds

Enhance the worship experience at your Church with inspiring background images. Tastefully designed background images and video bring life to your services, and you can easily add church announcements, worship lyrics, or other information to the background images.

State of the art video splash welcome and announcement images

These videos are perfect for use as a welcome video loop before the service starts or as a worship video during the service. Church leaders and teachers can use a mini movie to better communicate their message, and youth groups can use a video loop as a backdrop to their youth concert.

Engaging email and church newsletters

Forge stronger ties with members and keep your congregation up-to-date with news and announcements. Email communication also allows you to send sermons, prayer requests, or daily devotionals to your members.

Professionally-designed illustrations and clip art

Artists from around the world have created thousands of beautiful and inspiring Christian images for every occasion, from traditional holidays to special events. These images add color and life to your announcements and newsletters while making them more enjoyable for readers.

Easy-to-use church bulletin covers

You can use a different program cover for every Sunday service of the year! Colorful church bulletin covers and church programs are available for holidays, communion, and other seasonal events.

It is very simple to download any of the above items, add your own text, and use them to enrich services and communicate with your church members. Plus you can start small with a new “Welcome” image every week, and then add additional new media at your own pace.

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