We connected with some of the top graphic designers in the church creative realm, perused social media, and scoured the web to find out what design trends we can expect to see this summer. As temperatures rise and beaches get packed, what graphics are drawing people in? 

Previously, it could be argued that graphic design wasn’t on the top of the priority list when it came to church marketing and inviting people to Sunday services. But recently, church creativity has become almost its own movement, with creative professionals stepping it up with their Sunday graphics, promotional materials, and content.  

Summer seems to create feelings of excitement, joy, and even nostalgia. We’ll most likely see some of these ideas popping up in this summer’s church graphic trends. Check out these 5 trends to get some #inspo for your church this year.   



It’s time for vacation, beach volleyball, and flip flops. One graphic trend we’ve noticed on the rise as summer approaches is a feeling of playfulness. Images that are fun and exciting with vibrant colors and textures reflect the feelings of the season.  


Til Death Do Us Part Slides

Retro is all the craze nowadays, from mom jeans to platform shoes, and the trend seems to bleed over into the church graphic design realm. With summer kindling feelings of nostalgia, we’ll most likely see psychedelic fonts and images, as well as spin offs of 80’s and 90’s trends, like neon colors and typography. Some vintage styles also spark comfort after a very uncomfortable year.  


The Faithfulness of God Slides

Florals and greenery are making a very big debut, along with natural textures and earthy colors. Many people enjoy being outside in the summer, taking advantage of the nicer weather and time off. Graphics will represent this and offer contrast to the viewer on their screen.  


Heaven On Earth Slides

We’ve seen some of this already in 2021, but we’re likely to experience more play with abstract art in church graphics this summer. As sort of a combination of nature and abstract, many graphics are pulling in a manufactured feel and juxtaposing it with natural items like flowers or the sky. 

Geometric shapes


Add some depth to a flat graphic by incorporating geometric shapes to the image. Layer a triangle behind an image of a person to highlight the focal point or place multiple rectangles angled just slightly. Play around with these shapes to tie in the graphic and add some contrast.  

Keep things fresh with new designs

Trends are just that, trends. They come and go. Often just as we’ve caught on, a new trend rolls in. It is no different with church graphic design either. But it’s fun to try new things, incorporate the old, and figure out what catches people’s attention. Use some of these design trends this summer to help get people excited about your ministry or to promote a summer church gathering.  

If you don’t have a robust design team (or anybody at all) to create inspiring graphics, no problem! Sharefaith has 90,000+ graphics and church media resources to save you time and help you move your ministry forward.


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Zach has been with Sharefaith since 2011 and has served as a pastor ministering to all age groups, from children to adults, throughout that time. His passion has always revolved around building relationships and using communication and technology to help churches reach more of the world for Christ.

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