PowerPoint games are a Kids Ministry teacher’s secret weapon! These captivating slideshows are great for classroom management, filling extra time, or just having some unbridled fun with your kids. Plus, when cleverly designed, they can help your kids learn without them even knowing it! So if you’re ready to take your lesson to the next level, then buckle up as we explore 6 must-have PowerPoint Games for Kids Ministry.



Wonder Fur PowerPoint Game

Wonder Fur

Two things kids love are guessing games and cute furry animals. The Wonder Fur PowerPoint game brings both of these elements together in one fantastic slideshow. Inside your kids will be given previews of animal fur and then they’ll have to guess who it belongs to. Could it be a giraffe, a sloth, or maybe even an English bulldog? There are two variations of this game and we’ve linked to both.


Scrambled PowerPoint Game


If you have kids who like solving puzzles then this PowerPoint game is for them! Your class will be shown a scramble word from the Bible, then they’ll have to unscramble it. This game not only tests their creative thinking skills but also their biblical knowledge. It’s a win-win! This game has two versions one focusing on biblical names and the other on books of the Bible.


Memory Channel PowerPoint Game

Memory Challenge

How observant are your kids? With this game you’ll find out while your kids have a blast! In Memory Challenge your kids will be shown a series of similar pictures. What do they have in common? Is it their color, shape, size? There’s only one way to find out, download this game and play it with your kids. We’ve included links to both volumes of this PowerPoint game below:


Forest Robots PowerPoint Game

Forest Robots

Yes you read that right, Forest Robots! In this find-them-all your kids will enjoy an exciting twist on “Where’s Waldo.” With each slide your class will be transported to a beautiful forest with groups of robots hiding in the foliage. After you kids call out all the robots they’ve found the next slide will reveal if they found them all! Both volumes of this game are packed with challenge and guaranteed to be a hit with your class.


Quiz Master PowerPoint Game

Quiz Master

With questions taken from the pages of Scripture this PowerPoint game will test your kids’ knowledge of the Bible. Featuring a bold ‘gameshow’ style design and multiple choice questions your children will have a blast learning about God’s Word. The first edition of this game focuses on the Easter story and will be a great addition to your Easter Bible lesson for kids.


Cold Blooded PowerPoint Game

Cold Blooded

This gorgeous PowerPoint game for kids is like ‘Wonder Fur’ with a twist. Instead of animals that are cute and furry, this game will have your class try to guess animals that are cold blooded! With two variations of this game your class will either be guessing reptiles and amphibians or some of the wild creatures that live in the oceans and seas. 


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