Churches everywhere are getting ready to host a completely digital Easter Sunday service this year. Families at home will be spending Easter Sunday together in quarantine as they tune into their church’s live stream and experience worship and teaching through an online experience. That means that your online giving platform will be an invaluable aspect of your church’s stability through this time, as well. To help you with equip your church with the most accessible digital giving solution, here are 5 impactful online giving features you need.

 5 Impactful Digital Giving Features for Churches on Easter Sunday


  1. Text Giving

Text giving is ideal for unique giving days like Easter Sunday. While not everyone will prefer giving via text, many people find it an incredibly convenient way to keep up with generosity on-the-go. It takes 2 steps and only seconds to give from anywhere, anytime.

Campaigns emphasizing text gifts see very high success rates. For instance, the Red Cross raised over $43 million with its Text-to-Haiti earthquake relief campaign. Of those that gave, more than 50% contributed their gifts shortly after learning about the campaign.

Text giving simply makes sense for fundraisers that happen once a year, occur sporadically, or fall on a weekday. Remember, Easter Sunday is going to be a global event that takes place online, and people beyond your local community will be searching for ways to contribute to your church.



  1. Church App

People LOVE using church apps to keep up with ministry. Church apps have robust features like push notifications, built-in giving, media, prayer requests, calendars, and more designed to engage givers beyond the walls.

Use push notifications to remind people about your Easter Sunday service. Send emails inviting them to attend service online, where you’ll share the impact of the gifts. If they can’t attend, encourage them to listen to the sermon on the app. Let people know that even when they’re not in church, they can still make a difference!


  1. Fund Management Tools

If you’re raising funds for specific areas of ministry, creating and managing a separate fund for Easter Sunday doesn’t have to be complicated. With Sharefaith Giving, you can create unlimited funds for people to choose from. Continue to accept gifts to your general fund and run other year-end campaigns while also creating a special fund for Easter Sunday.

Seamlessly manage these funds and the information associated with them from your dashboard. As you plan next year’s service, look back at the results to identify giving patterns and understand areas of significance to your donors.


  1. Recurring Giving Options

Recurring gifts are one of the best ways to increase giving. But, promoting them tends to get swept under the rug during Easter Sunday. You should remind people that recurring gifts don’t have to be set up at a weekly or even monthly frequency. People can choose a quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly recurring gift if they prefer. 

In many cases, you don’t even have to mention recurring gifts to your church. Simply offer this option on your giving form, so people can select it if it makes the most sense for them.


  1. Success Coaches

Our Success Coaches have real-world experience working with (and for) ministries. Their mission is for every Sharefaith Giving customer to grow giving by making the most of our platform and resources. They provide strategy and marketing ideas, so you get more of your people using digital giving for Easter Sunday (and throughout the year).

If your ministry is searching for better ways to streamline your message, our Success Coaches will show you how to use features like text giving and a mobile app that capture givers where they are. Even if you already know about text and mobile giving, they’re here to help you maximize those features during peak giving days that make a real impact on your giving numbers.


Next Steps

Is your online giving platform giving you everything you need to prioritize online giving for Easter Sunday? For only $10/ month, Sharefaith Giving provides you with a full-service online giving solution that makes digital giving easier than ever for you and your congregation. 

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