Church management software (ChMS) is one of the greatest tools churches can have in their tool belt. It not only frees up time, but it also creates more opportunities for your church to impact the community. Your ChMS is supposed to support you, not the other way around. It’s supposed to make your life easier, and if you’re not using it to its fullest capability, then you are missing out. 

Here are five reasons you need effective church management software as well as how utilizing it can support your church’s mission.


Church Communication

Having a list of software login credentials to remember is a thing in the past. Imagine having one login for one communication platform for your church. Just the thought of it might make your church administrator throw away that long list of logins and passwords she has in her desk drawer. If you utilize your church management software you can contact individuals and groups by the click of a button. Need to send a mass email out? No problem. Holding a conference call and need to add three others? Got it covered. Forgot you and your wife’s anniversary? Well, technically it can remind you of that, too, but that might be good to remember on your own.



A common theme among parents is simplicity. The simpler it is, the more they will want to use it. This rings true especially when it comes to checking in their children into your children’s ministry. By utilizing your church management software, you can provide parents the opportunity to check-in their children as they enter the building or from their phones in the parking lot, which triggers name tag and label printing so you’re ready when they rush through the door. To parents of multiple children, this is truly a dream come true. It also provides you with an updated and accurate list of everyone in attendance for that day so your ministry is safe and secure. It’s a win-win for both parties.



One of the most common questions asked to any church administrator is “When and where is that event, again?” Imagine being able to answer that by simply going to one location and finding all the information needed. That’s what utilizing your church management software can do for you. It can allow you the simplicity of logging into your system and seeing exactly when and where events are happening. You can also refer your church members to this as well, which makes everyone happy.


Forms and Event Management

Asking people to fill out forms can be like pulling teeth. Oftentimes this is because there are so many forms to keep track of. Keeping all the forms in one location can not only benefit people filling it out, but it can also benefit your church staff. Rather than tirelessly inputting everyone’s information from various forms, their information is automatically uploaded in the church management software as it comes in, plus you can set up a series of workflows that thank those who filled out forms and remind them of the upcoming event they’re planning to attned. If that doesn’t make an administrative assistant swoon, we don’t know what will.


Online Giving

Managing giving can be strenuous enough, especially when leaders need detailed information on the status of the entire church’s giving. Reporting this type of information can be simple if all giving is funneled through your church management software. When you use a church management software with a fully integrated giving platform, you can have the ability to not only set up online giving but also giving kiosks and text-to-give. Providing multiple ways to give provides your church members ample opportunities to give to your mission. Plus, with robust reporting in your church management software, you can follow the metrics that are important to your church and make strategic decisions about giving campaigns that resonate well with your donors and make the most difference in your church’s mission.  


Next Steps

If you want to learn more about our church management software and how it can benefit you, check out our ministry partner Elexio. Their easy-to-use software is ideal for streamlining church management, their automations and workflows are unparalleled in the industry, and they keep adding features we love, like Volunteer Scheduling. Check out the Ultimate Guide to ChMS to learn more about how their software can serve your church. If you want more information on ways to make your church processes easier, check out Sharefaith. We’ve got what you need from websites, graphics, background checks, and so much more. Reach out anytime!

Elexio Ultimate Guide to ChMS

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