We all need role models, don’t we? Whether it’s someone encouraging us to take a risk or whether it’s someone telling us to finally put the mullet to rest, role models help us become our best and truest self. This same truth goes for Instagram. As a church, you need social media role models that challenge you to write strategic and intentional content. These role models can help to inspire you, encourage you, and even challenge you as a church. We’ve compiled the top seven churches that are currently excelling at this social media platform. Hopefully, this list will inspire your church to be creative with how you do social media so that you can engage deeper and further online.


7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

With over 41,000 followers, @freshlife is creating content that resonates with many people. From posting pictures of their weekly sermons to posting pictures of all the events their members attend, they are hoping to inspire those around them to be their best, most Godly, selves. They have even partnered with local organizations to help promote opportunities in the community too! Be sure to follow this church if you desire to know what it’s like to reach your community with the good news of the Gospel!



7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

This megachurch has an excellent platform to speak truth to many people, and they are doing it well. One thing that stands out from @saddlebackchurch is the consistent language they use throughout their account. Writing in “second person,” this church has created a strategy that is all about the person reading their messages. They use words like “you” and “yours” so people can more easily relate to their content. Even their mission statement in their Instagram bio is flooded with this same strategy. If you need ideas on consistency and desire to make a well-rounded impact, check out @saddlebackchurch!



7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

@vouschurch has created a lively and energetic Instagram account that shows not only their creativity but also their diversity. Not staying within the box of typical fonts and images, this church has gone above and beyond by being a leader in doing their own thing so they can relate to more people. We love how they’ve pushed the creative boundaries and have taken risks that have paid off. This is a great church to follow and be inspired by the numerous posts they promote.



7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

Even though @bellevuememphis isn’t a megachurch, they still have a great following with strategic content. This church has a great compilation of both videos and still images that create a strong Instagram account for people to follow. By creating videos, this church has been able to highlight events, such as their Vacation Bible School, which has brought many views and an increase in their church following. Follow this church for great ideas on how to use different types of content to attract the masses.



7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

Without fail, @bethel gives their audience simple, eye-pleasing content that shows the heart of who they are as a church. This church is known for its patience to wait upon the Lord and its intentionality of loving Jesus with everything they have. This reputation also floods into their Instagram account. By posting quotes, Bible verses, event promotions, videos, and many other types of content, they have created a great example of what a good Instagram account can look like. Check them out and be inspired.



7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

Taking the Gospel to all the nations is what @life.church has in mind. From creating powerful sermon series to creating the Bible app “YouVersion,” they use their social media platform to get the word out. They also use their platform to challenge their followers to be the best Christians and people they can be without apology. If you want to learn how to challenge and create strategic content, be sure to check out LifeChurch!



7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

@victoryatl has created a bold Instagram account through their use of colors and images. They are not shy about their personality, and that’s exactly why they have been successful on social media. By posting content that tells people who they are, this church has gone above and beyond showing off their creative skills and vast interests when it comes to their church’s events. Be sure to follow this account if you desire to be bold and brave when it comes to your church’s content.


Next Steps

These churches are all excelling at Instagram because of the time they have put into it. Don’t feel overwhelmed if you are not a megachurch reaching thousands with each post yet. Often it takes time to build a following, and by being intentional, you can create an account just as dynamic as any of these. For more tips on how to use Instagram, check out Instagram for Churches in 5 Steps. Also, check out the social media images available in the ShareFaith library to help your church use Instagram to connect your audience to Christ.

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