Hello, it’s David Choate from Sharefaith Kids! Prior to joining the Sharefaith family, I had the privilege of being a pastor at Table Rock Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. During that time, I got to work with an amazing Children’s Director, named Melissa Gallegos. Melissa is very creative, always organized and above all else, she loves the Lord!

A couple years back, Table Rock Fellowship was looking for a new Sunday School curriculum, and they chose Sharefaith Kids. So I decided to catch up with Melissa and see what they thought of our lessons. Bottom line: they love them 🙂


Q: What makes Sharefaith Kids right for your Children’s Ministry?

Melissa: We chose Sharefaith Kids because of the visual storytelling and the lesson overviews.  The curriculum has great teaching suggestions and our kids loved the activity pages. We’ve found that when a kid hears the Word of God and sees it come to life – it makes all the difference.


Q: What makes Sharefaith Kids right for your kids?

Melissa: A few weeks back, we were teaching the story of Jacob and Esau and our kids really connected with the lesson. The Bible video showed how Jacob dressed up like his brother and our kids were really captivated by the story! They got to see and hear the Bible – they loved it!

Then in the crossword puzzle, the words they were searching for were all Scripture words. The kids had so much fun with the activity and it made the Bible relatable to their life. This lesson really helped them to ponder the story of Jacob and Esau and take it home with them.


Q: What about our lessons caught your interest?

Melissa: When we were searching for a new Sunday School curriculum, we looked into Sharefaith Kids and found it would really connect with our volunteers. They would be able to teach it very easily because of how well it’s written, and how how easy it is to use. Even if they didn’t prepare that morning, they can pick it up and they’re ready to go.


Q: What is your favorite part of a Sharefaith Kids lesson?

Melissa: I would say the things I love the most are the Bible lesson videos. Our kids get to see the Bible come to life! And that is huge, especially in this day and age when technology is everywhere. iPads, tablets, YouTube, movies are all grasping for our kids’ attention and these videos grasp them right back!

Can I pick a second favorite? (I of course said yes)

The discussion questions. They help the kids remember the stories and apply them to their lives. There are lots of silly follow up questions that really encourage the kids to participate. It’s just something that help the kids share and gives them a voice during the discussion time.


What problem did Sharefaith Kids help you solve?

Melissa: One problem we encountered was really getting our children to understand the Bible. Kids need to see the Bible come to life. That’s easy if you’re a great storyteller, but not everyone is gifted in that area. So if you just read the Bible, sometimes the kids lose focus and don’t fully grasp what’s going on. We were really struggling with this.

When we started showing our kids the Sharefaith Kids videos, it was all about the look on their faces. When we saw them connect with the videos, we knew this was our curriculum.


Why would you recommend Sharefaith Kids?

Melissa: For any church who is looking for a top notch curriculum, Sharefaith Kids is what you want to look at. Kids can relate to the lessons, and teachers and leaders can relate to them as well. It’s going to impact and change your ministry in so many amazing ways! So I highly recommend Sharefaith Kids.


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