Help your kids discover the big story of God with the Sharefaith Kids 52-week Sunday School scope and sequence. With our recommended quarters, your students will journey through the Bible, Old and New Testaments, over the course of one year. Additionally, this schedule has been designed to correspond to major dates/holidays on your church’s calendar. If you are tired of teaching lessons at random, or just looking for more structure, this Sunday School scope & sequence is a must-have resource!

Our Sunday School lessons focus on empowering teachers and inspiring children with resources that focus on God’s plan of salvation as revealed across the pages of Scripture. Every lesson in our Sunday School scope and sequence is fully downloadable and includes a stunning kids Bible video, volunteer-friendly curriculum, teaching slideshow, activity printouts and more! Sharefaith members can download every lesson set via the links in the tables below. If you would like printable version of this scope and sequence, we’ve provided a downloadable PDF at the end of this article.

Sunday School Scope & Sequence First Quarter

First Quarter

The Q1 Sunday School scope & sequence introduces your kids to key characters and events in the books of Genesis and Exodus, while concluding with a collection of spectacular Easter-themed lessons.


WeekSunday School LessonScripture
1The Creation StoryGenesis 1-2
2The Fall of ManGenesis 3
3Cain & AbelGenesis 4
4Noah's ArkGenesis 6-9
5Tower of BabelGenesis 11
6Abraham & IsaacGenesis 22
7Jacob Wrestles with GodGenesis 32
8The Story of JosephGenesis 37-50
9The Ten PlaguesExodus 1-11
10The Exodus StoryExodus 12-15
11The CrucifixionMatthew 26-27
12He is RisenMatthew 28
13The Empty TombJohn 20


Sunday School Scope & Sequence Second Quarter

Second Quarter

The Q2 Sunday School scope & sequence begins with a powerful follow up to Easter, titled “The Holy Spirit Comes” from Acts 2. Then your class will dive back into the Old Testament, exploring key stories from Exodus through Esther.


WeekSunday School LessonScripture
1The Holy Spirit ComesActs 2
2The Ten CommandmentsExodus 20
3Wilderness WanderingsExodus & Numbers
4Joshua and the SunJoshua 10
5Gideon and the 300Judges 6
6Ruth & NaomiThe Book of Ruth
7Samson & DelilahJudges 13-16
8David & Goliath1 Samuel 16-17
9The Wisdom of Solomon1 Kings 3
10The Lord's PrayerLuke 11
11Elijah & the Prophets of Baal1 Kings 18
12The Story of NehemiahThe Book of Nehemiah
13Queen EstherThe Book of Esther


Sunday School Scope & Sequence Third Quarter

Third Quarter

In quarter number 3, your journey through the Old Testament will conclude with the Sunday School favorite, “Jonah and the Whale.” Afterward, your class will begin an exciting study through the the greatest life ever lived, the life Jesus.


WeekSunday School LessonScripture
1The Story of JobThe Book of Job
2The Fiery FurnaceDaniel 1-3
3Daniel & the Lion's DenDaniel 6
4Jonah & the WhaleThe Book of Jonah
5Jesus as a ChildLuke 2
6John the BaptistMatthew 3
7Jesus TemptedMatthew 4
8The 12 DisciplesMatthew 4
9Jesus Feeds 5000Matthew 14
10Jesus Walks on WaterMatthew 14
11The Good SamaritanLuke 10
12The Prodigal SonLuke 15
13Jesus Heals 10 LepersLuke 17


Sunday School Scope & Sequence Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter of the Sunday School scope & sequence continues the study of Jesus’ life before launching into the Book of Acts. This quarter concludes with a series of lessons that are perfect for Christmas and a final lesson from the book of Revelation.


WeekSunday School LessonScripture
1The Story of ZacchaeusLuke 19
2The Story of LazarusJohn 11
3The TransfigurationMatthew 17
4Light of the WorldJohn 8
5Ascension & PentecostLukes 24 & Acts 2
6Philip & the EthiopianActs 8
7Paul's ConversionActs 9
8The Armor of GodEphesians 6
9Paul's Missionary JourneysThe Book of Acts
10The Prophet IsaiahThe Book of Isaiah
11Mary & JosephLuke 2
12Journey of the Wise MenMatthew 2
13All Things NewRevelation 21


The lessons in this article are just a taste of the Sharefaith Kids Sunday School library. If you’re not a Sharefaith Kids member, but would like to try it in your classroom, you can get 4 FREE LESSONS today!


Sharefaith Kids Sunday School Curriculum Scope And Sequence PDF Download


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