A majority of families say that a vibrant children’s ministry plays a huge role in their decision to try a new church, or to stay at the church they are currently attending. So how’s your Sunday School doing? Are you struggling with bored kids? Are your volunteers disengaged? Are you getting the most value out of your Sunday School budget?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the amazing resources that make up the one-of-a-kind Sunday School library of Sharefaith Kids. From Kids Bible stories to Vacation Bible School, you’ll find lesson content that inspires your class, empowers your teachers, and rallies your leadership. Get ready to discover Sunday School like never before!

Sunday School Like Never Before

Inspire Your Kids

For too many Sunday School teachers, their class is filled with bored and disengaged children. Which is a shame, because the Bible is the most exciting and inspiring story that will ever be shared. It is the story of God and His unstoppable love for us!

So what is the secret to a Sunday School lesson that grabs your kids’ attention and gets them genuinely interested in learning about God? At Sharefaith Kids, we’ve discovered 3 sure-fire teaching rules that will transform your Sunday School lessons:

Rule #1: Leverage The Power Of Visual Storytelling

It’s important to remember that when you teach the Bible to children, you are sharing the story of God with them. What makes today’s generation of children unique, is that they expect stories to be brought to life, visually. They have grown up using screens at home and in school, it’s how they learn.

Sharefaith Kids allows you to leverage the power of visual storytelling in your Sunday School with amazing kids Bible videos and interactive teaching slideshows. This beautifully designed digital content makes the timeless story of God accessible to today’s generation of children.

Rule #2: Fun Is Mandatory

The last thing a kids Sunday School lesson should be is boring. Kids are designed for fun. They want lessons that are filled with excitement, high energy games, and activities that are both challenging and fun-filled.

Bored kids will be a thing of the past with Sharefaith Kids. Our lessons are filled with award-winning artwork that will capture your children’s imagination while our games and printable activities are packed with the kind of fun that will keep your kids coming back week after week!

Rule #3: God’s Word Is Your Foundation:

The Word of God is your best Sunday School resource. It saves, transforms, and inspires. With God’s Word, you have everything you need to make a lasting impact in a child’s life and without it, you have nothing.

That’s why, at the heart of every Sharefaith Kids lesson is a story taken directly from the pages of Scripture. We believe that when these stories are brought to life for your children, their lives will forever change and your Kids Ministry will make a lasting impact.

Sunday School Like Never Before

Empower Your Teachers

Children’s Ministry faces two huge challenges: First, it’s hard to find volunteers and second, it’s easy to burn out volunteers when you do find them. If you’re struggling with this in your Sunday School, don’t lose heart. With the right resources, you will be able to recruit, empower and retain your volunteers like never before!

At the end of the day, every volunteer wants three things: They want to teach with confidence. They want Sunday School lessons that are easy to understand. And they want all of their teaching resources in one place. In short, they want to teach a Sharefaith Kids lesson.

1. Teachers Want To Teach With Confidence

If a volunteer is unsure of themselves, kids are going to pick up on it and in all likelihood, the lesson will not go well. When teaching children, confidence is key. It keeps the leader in charge and children engaged.

Inside every Sharefaith Kids lesson, your volunteers will find the curriculum, slideshows, videos and printouts they need to confidently lead their class! Every one of these resources is ready to download, neatly organized, and classroom ready.

2. Teachers Want Easy-To-Understand Lessons

Most Sunday School teachers are taking time out of their busy schedules to invest in your Kids Ministry. That is why it is critical that their time is not wasted with over-complicated Sunday School curriculum.

The lessons of Sharefaith Kids are packed with great teaching content, but none of the filler you’ll find in other curriculums. This is why, on average, a Sharefaith Kids lesson only takes around 15 minutes to prepare. This is a prep time your Sunday School team will love!

3. Teachers Want All-In-One Resources

Nothing can be more frustrating for a teacher than having to pull together a Sunday School lesson from multiple sources. The ideal Sunday School lesson bundles together everything your teachers need, including curriculum, slideshows, activities and videos.

Sharefaith Kids makes it easy! Everything you need to teach an amazing Sunday School lesson has been conveniently bundled together. This means your teachers simply need to download the lesson they love, and they’re ready to go. And with the Sharefaith Kids App, your teachers can prepare on the go, anywhere, anytime!

Rally Your Leadership

The very best Children’s Ministries form a tight partnership with their church leadership. But at times, this can be challenging because Sunday School is just one of many ministries that your church leadership is responsible for overseeing.

So how do you rally your church leadership to invest in Sunday School resources that inspire kids and empower teachers? At Sharefaith Kids, we’ve found 3 core principles to cover when discussing a new curriculum with your leadership: Value, Quality & Support.


Simply put, value is getting the most for your money. Sunday School budgets don’t have a lot of wiggle room, so it’s important that you’re able to maximize every dollar you spend.

You get over 100 Sunday School lessons with Sharefaith Kids, each one featuring a stunning Bible video, volunteer-friendly curriculum, teaching slideshow, and a suite of print activities! On top of that, your Sharefaith Kids membership includes a fully-downloadable VBS curriculum and our amazing Kids App!

Here’s the best part, you get all of this for less than $1 per day. You won’t find a more value-packed Sunday School resource anywhere on the planet.


Your Sunday School resources should look great and be filled with award-winning content. Too often, Sunday School resources come with a huge price tag, forcing Kids Ministries to choose between cost and quality. But this is a choice a Sunday School teacher shouldn’t have to make.

At Sharefaith Kids, we’ve assembled a gifted team of artists, designers, curriculum writers and filmmakers to create Sunday School resources that are easy to use, filled with incredible content and look gorgeous! Plus, new content gets added every month to keep your lessons fresh and exciting!


Sunday School is a team effort that includes church leadership, families, teachers and volunteers. At Sharefaith Kids, we want to join your team. Our dedicated Member Coaches are here to answer any questions you might have with live phone, chat and email support.

With Sharefaith Kids, not only do you get amazing resources that equip teachers and inspire children, you also get premium Sharefaith Member Coaches on your Sunday School team that are committed to seeing you succeed! No matter how big or small your problem is, the Sharefaith team is here to help you through it.

Your Sunday School Like Never Before!

With the right Sunday School resources, your Children’s Ministry can say goodbye to bored kids and disengaged volunteers. And when these resources are defined by value and quality, they become something your whole church can rally around. If you would like to learn more about joining Sharefaith Kids, or try 4 Sharefaith Kids lessons absolutely FREE, visit us at sharefaith.com or give us a call at 888-317-4018.


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