For most churches, Vacation Bible School is your premier summer event. And for good reason. VBS energizes kids, engages volunteers and unites your entire church around Kingdom-driven event. And while VBS will always center on your students and volunteers, having the right resources is key. With the right program, your kids will be inspired, your volunteers will be empowered, and your church will rally together like never before. This is why you need to check out the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School! This epic 5-day program is included FREE with Sharefaith Kids and will transform your VBS in 3 easy steps.

What Is The God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School?

God Of Wonders is an all-in-one 5 day Vacation Bible School adventure where your kids will explore the exciting story of Moses and discover the God Of Wonders along the way. Filled with out-of-this-world resources, the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School program is volunteer-friendly, kid-focused and Gospel-centered.

Over the course of your 5-day VBS adventure, your kids will expand their faith as they examine the power and purposes of God! Along the way, your students will learn essential Bible truths that will transform them from the inside out! Here is a summary of each day’s topic along with it’s big idea:

  • Day 1: A Deliverer is Born (Exodus 1:8-2:10) – We can trust God’s plan for our lives.
  • Day 2: Escape from Egypt (Exodus 2:11-22) – We can look forward to an eternal reward.
  • Day 3: The Burning Bush (Exodus 3-4:20) – We can really know the living God.
  • Day 4: The 10 Plagues (Exodus 5-12) – We can expect God to fight our battles.
  • Day 5: The Red Sea Crossing (Exodus 12:31-15:18) – We can hope in God for salvation.


Vacation Bible School In 3 Amazing Bundles and 3 Easy Steps

To pull off the perfect VBS, you’ll need to partner the right plan with the right resources. But there’s no need to stress, because the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School has made this simple. We’ve bundled together everything you’ll need into “ready to download” VBS packs. These packs include our Promo Pack, Swag Pack and Lesson Packs. With these resources in hand, your free Vacation Bible School is as easy as one – two – three!

1) Recruit

Every great Vacation Bible School is founded on a strong team of volunteers. Recruit & equip your team with the following resources:

  • VBS Checklist: This 4 page PDF is a VBS director’s dream come true. It clearly lists every volunteer you’ll need, the digital resources you have access to, and a big picture overview of the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School.
  • Announcement Slides: A stunning collection of vibrant slides. Use this tool to inform your congregation about Vacation Bible School and begin recruiting your volunteer dream team.
  • Bulletin Inserts & Registration Forms: Get key information in the hands of your congregation with these beautifully designed templates. Featuring bold designs, you can be sure these forms are going home, and not in the trash.

2) Promote

A successful VBS means getting the word out! Promote your God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School with this assortment of eye-catching materials:

  • Posters: Turn the heads of everyone passing by with our amazing collection of posters. Each design is a work of art and will get VBS on the minds of your congregation.
  • Banners: If you’re looking to go big with your promotions, then look no further. All banner files feature the God Of Wonders artwork and come in a variety of large format sizes.
  • Cover Sheets: Give your kids something they’ll want to take home! This quality collection of designs are the perfect way to present your registration packets, information packets and more.
  • Social Media: Make sure you promote beyond the walls of your church with this collection of social media graphics, custom designed for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

3) Deliver

Present an inspiring summer of learning with 5 full days of kids Bible videos, curriculum, printable VBS activities, VBS slideshows and more! The moment you sign up, start downloading and let your free God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School begin:

  • Curriculum: Each day of your VBS comes with an easy to use, volunteer-friendly curriculum. This concise PDF includes your 4 hour service outline, opening and closing announcements, daily teachings, games, small group discussions, skit guides and more.
  • Videos: Videos are one of the most effective ways to engage today’s generation of children. Your God Of Wonders VBS will include Gospel-centered Bible lesson videos, fun Bible quiz videos and an epic God Of Wonders countdown timer.
  • Slideshows: The slideshows of the God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School are an innovative game changer. Every moment of your VBS has a corresponding digital slide. Together, these slides allow any teacher to lead VBS moment-by-moment, activity-by-activity and discussion-by-discussion.
  • Activity Printouts: We’ve packed God Of Wonders with coloring pages, Bible mazes, word searches, spot-the-difference activities and crossword puzzles! Each printout ties into your daily teaching, features lesson artwork and is jam-packed with fun.
  • God Of Wonders Swag: These BONUS items are going to take your VBS to the next level and include: award badges, collectible cards, name tags, thank you cards, sticker designs and more.

Free Vacation Bible School + Sunday School

The God Of Wonders Vacation Bible School is included 100% FREE for all Sharefaith Kids members. Sharefaith Kids combines VBS, Sunday School Lessons and Sunday School activities to bring teachers the most amazing, intuitive, and complete teaching resource on the planet! With stunning kids Bible videos and Sunday School activities, these Gospel-centered lessons come to life like never before. Sharefaith Kids is volunteer-friendly, kid-focused, Gospel-centered and extremely easy to prepare and teach.

Sign up today and save up to 25% during Sharefaith’s Annual Easter Sale! For less than $1/day you can re-energize your VBS and Sunday School. You’re not going to find a more value-packed Sunday School resource anywhere on the planet! We even provide a top-notch teacher scheduler and planner on our Complete plan that will take your Sunday School and VBS planning to an entirely new level!

The Next Level!

Loved by kids and teachers alike, Sharefaith Kids is exactly what your Kids Ministry has been looking for. As you start planning for summer, Sharefaith Kids is the single best decision you can make to take your VBS and Sunday School to the next level! Our kids Bible videos, Curriculum, Sunday School activities and lesson slideshows give you the innovative tools you need to reach today’s generation of children with the Gospel. Amazing Sunday School lessons and FREE Vacation Bible School – It’s why Sharefaith Kids is Sunday School like never before.

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