It’s here! Sharefaith’s brand new Church Mobile App for all iOS/Apple devices, and it’s 100% FREE for all Sharefaith Complete members. No setup fees, no monthly fees and no developer fees, The Sharefaith App allows you to connect with your congregation anywhere, anytime.


NEW Church Mobile App For iOS/Apple Devices


In this day and age, everyone has a mobile phone; and almost all of those phones are smartphones. So how does your church play into all of this? Well, did you know that your church can have a mobile app that allows your congregation to connect with your church, right from their smartphone?

With a church mobile app, you’ll be able to stay connected to your congregation on the go, no matter where life takes them. With features and tools such as audio/video sermons, live streaming, blogs, calendar, promos, online tithing and donations, bulletins, newsletters, the Bible and push notifications, your church app will become your congregation’s favorite app on their phone. So let’s take a moment and break down each feature of the Sharefaith Church App and how your church can benefit from having one.


Audio/Video Sermons

Do you record your sermons? You can easily make your sermon audio/video available directly on your church mobile app for your congregation. This is such a great feature to have for those who missed a service or want to listen to your sermons again. This is a great feature for those who miss a sermon due to serving in children’s church or being out of town or stayed home while sick. Posting your sermon audio/video each week will keep your congregation coming back to your app and looking for it, while also browsing the other content you have. Plus, each time a new sermon is posted, your app users will get a push notification when it’s available to watch, download, or listen to. How cool is that?


Live Streaming

So we’ve covered recorded sermons, but what about live streaming? You can easily integrate your live streaming platform with YouTube, Vimeo or your Sharefaith live streaming account directly into your church mobile app. This is an awesome feature for those who are unable to attend your church service in person as they can still tune in directly through your church app.



While you may not have a blog currently, you’ll find that once you have a church app, you’re going to want to blog. You can share sermon notes, create a daily or weekly devotional, share thoughts about marriage, parenting and more. Similar to sermon recordings, each time you publish a blog article on your church app, your congregation will get a push notification letting them know about the new blog post you’ve published. This provides a great avenue to stay connected to your congregation while encouraging them throughout the week.



Do you find it hard to keep your congregation on the same page when it comes to events, service times and more? With a church mobile app, you can easily add your church calendar from Google. This will provide your congregation with all of the information they need, directly on your app without having to hunt for it on your church website, Facebook or other platforms.


Online Tithing And Donations

Online giving is a wonderful resources for churches. It allows church visitors and church congregations to give anywhere, anytime, which is perfect for those who forgot their checkbooks at home (or don’t carry around checks or cash). You can easily integrate your FREE Sharefaith Giving Account with your church app using the online forms or creating a custom form, just for your app.


Push Notifications

We’ve already covered this a little in some of the previous features, but one of the coolest things about the Sharefaith church app is having the ability to send custom push notifications directly to your church congregation on their smartphones. You can use this feature to send a Bible verse each day, remind them of service times, notify them of changes in service times due to weather, prayer requests or more. With push notifications, the options are limitless and you’ll be able to keep your congregation in the know, like never before!


These are just some of the many features and tools the Sharefaith Church App has! With no setup fees, monthly fees, or developer fees, the Sharefaith Church App is 100% FREE with Sharefaith Complete. The Sharefaith Church App simply has no competition in price or value! Learn more about the Sharefaith Church App here or give us a call at 888-317-4018.

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