The Resurrection Sunday School Lesson for kids explores the most important event in all the Bible: the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are several reasons why this story holds significant weight in the believer’s life. First, the resurrection was an undeniable witness of God’s absolute power and authority. Since God raised his own Son from the dead, so too can he raise we who have placed our faith in Jesus. Second, the resurrection confirmed the claims of Jesus – most importantly that he was the Son of God. It has been said that the claims of Jesus make him either a liar, lunatic or Lord. The resurrection showed Jesus to be the king of kings and lord of lords!  Finally, the resurrection of Jesus Christ validated the Old Testament prophecies which predicted the suffering, death and triumph of God’s Messiah. The resurrection proved Jesus to be the absolute fulfillment of all that God had promised.

The Ressurection Sunday School Lesson For Kids

This Resurrection Sunday School lesson provides must-have resources which will allow you to teach this important Bible story with confidence and inspire you kids along the way. Get ready to explore a Sunday School lesson like never before with: Curriculum, Bible video, slideshow, printable activities and more! If you are looking for a resurrection Sunday School lesson that is easy-to-use and made to engage kids then look no further!


The Story of the Resurrection

On the third day after the death and burial of Jesus, two women, both named Mary, came to the tomb of where the body of Jesus had been placed. Planning to take care of his body, the women were shocked to find the large stone covering the tomb’s entrance had been rolled away. Even more shocking was the angel that stood before them declaring “[Jesus] is not here; he has risen!” Confused and scared the women rushed from the tomb.

Suddenly Mary heard a voice speak to her. At first she thought it was the voice of a gardener working at the tomb. The voice spoke her name again, then Mary realized it was Jesus who was speaking. Jesus was alive! Her Lord had conquered death and risen from the grave. Jesus told Mary to go tell the  disciples of his resurrection.

Afterword, Mary entered into the room where the disciples were staying. She burst in and proclaimed “Jesus is alive!” The disciples were speechless and some of them ran to the tomb to see for themselves. But one of the disciples, named Thomas, struggled to believe the news. He demanded to see the wounds for himself if he was going to believe.

Some time later, Jesus appeared to his disciples as they gathered in an upper room. It was Jesus, alive and standing in their midst! Jesus held out his hands to Thomas, he asked Thomas to touch his wounds and believe. Thomas was astonished and realized that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead.

The resurrection is just as significant today as was to those who first witnessed it. As you share this resurrection Sunday School lesson you’ll an incredibly opportunity to share the Good News with your class. Jesus was God’s perfect sacrifice for sin, his death made it possible for us escape the curse of sin and spend eternity in heaven!


Resurrection Sunday School Lesson Curriculum

Teaching Children About the Resurrection of Christ

While your kids may understand that the resurrection was a miraculous event, they may not fully appreciate why it holds such an important place in the Christian faith. Here are 3 key teaching points that you can share from this lesson’s curriculum.


Why is the resurrection important?

  1. Jesus Redeemed us: Jesus was the ultimate, perfect, sinless sacrifice that paid the price for all sins – present, past, and future. His death gave us a clean slate and washed us clean.
  2. Jesus reconciled us to God: With our sins forgiven, we are able to enter into a right relationship as sons and daughters of our father in heaven.
  3. Jesus restored us: Without sin hanging over us, Jesus healed us from the brokenness of sin. As we get closer to God, we are restored to wholeness, and our lives are marked by grace and love. This process makes us able to see and work toward the purpose for which we were created.


Resurrection Sunday School Lesson Slideshow

Your Resurrection Sunday School Lesson Slideshow

To get the most out of this lesson it’s important that your kids really participate. Our resurrection Sunday School lesson slideshow will have your children eager to raise their hands and share what God has placed on their hearts. Comprised of Q&A, artwork, big idea, memory verse and closing prayer slides this presentation has something for every student.


  • Q&A Small Group Slides: These thoughtfully put together slides equip your class to have a meaningful discussion about the resurrection of Jesus. Each series of questions has two parts. First, children will be asked a question that helps them remember the story, next they will be asked a question that helps them understand/apply what they’ve learned. In this lesson the first question they will be asked is: Who stood outside of the tomb? (Angels). Your class will go deeper with the second question: What would you do if you saw an angel? All questions have a teacher discussion guide so that any leader is fully prepared.
  • Artwork Slides: Artwork is a powerful resource for Sunday School teachers. Our award-winning illustrations help your children engage their imaginations and enter into this Bible story. In our slideshow, you will find slides of our all-original lesson illustrations. These are a great tool to use in class. Have your kids retell the story of the resurrection, using each illustration as their guide!
  • Big Idea Slide: When your lesson comes to an end you want your kids to have a solid idea of your lesson’s central theme. The Big Idea of this lesson is: Even though we can’t see Him, Jesus is real, and He is Lord.
  • Memory Verse Slide: God’s Word is living and active! As Sunday School teachers, one of the best things we can do is encourage Scripture memorization. In this lesson, your class will memorize 1 Corinthians 15:4 “[Christ] was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures.”
  • Closing Prayer Slide: Teach your children how to respond to God’s Word by closing your lesson in prayer. With this slide, you’ll be able to guide your class in a heartfelt closing prayer: “Dear God, you didn’t only die for us; you rose for us! You came back to life! Hallelujah! We praise you. We can have life in you. Thank you for living, and loving today! Thank you for listening as we praise you.”


Resurrection Sunday School Lesson Activities

Fun Activities That Take Your Teaching to the Next Level!

A key ingredient to any Sunday School lesson is fun! Included in this Resurrection Sunday School lesson, are a collection of printable activity handouts that your kids are going to love. Each activity has been carefully designed to educate, inspire and…be just plain fun 🙂

  • Coloring Pages: Get ready to unleash your kid’s creativity with these one-of-a-kind printable coloring pages. Featuring hand drawn illustrations and key lesson Scriptures, this Sunday School activity will be a hit with your class.
  • Bible Mazes: Your children are going to love guiding Mary  through each twist and turn of this maze so she can share the good news of Jesus’ resurrection! We’ve made sure to include just enough of a challenge to keep it fun.
  • Crossword Puzzle: This Bible activity is not only fun, but an incredible learning tool, as well. You’ll love watching your kids flip through the pages of their Bibles to discover the answer to each crossword question!
  • Spot the Difference: Kids need silly fun, and this activity makes sure that they get it! Featuring amazing artwork and clever differences, this activity is a classroom favorite. Oh, and if your kids need some help, we’ve made sure you have a convenient answer guide.
  • Bible Bookmarks: Help your kids discover the joy of personal Bible study by sending them home with these wonderfully designed Bible Bookmarks. Featuring lesson-specific artwork and Scripture, these bookmarks are a fantastic reminder.


Resurrection Sunday School Lesson Why It Matters

Why This Lesson Matters

The Gospel is God’s good news to all of us, adult and child alike! When we share the story of Jesus’ resurrection with our kids, it’s important to let them know how this good news can transform their lives. Here are four big ideas from the Ressurection Sunday School lesson curriculum:


  1. The Price of Sin has been Paid in Full: Because of the incredible sacrifice of Jesus we no longer have to live in fear, shame and guilt. His blood has washed us clean and liberated us from the sin’s curse.
  2. Jesus has United us: The resurrection of Jesus brought us into union with God, our fellow believers and ultimately all creation. The death and resurrection of Jesus was the singular event with the power to reconcile all things to God.
  3. All Things Will be Made New: The power of the resurrection is hard to fully comprehend. Those who place their trust in Jesus are reborn the moment they believe, and the day is coming where they will experience a new heaven and earth free from the pain of sin.


Resurrection Sunday School Lesson All Lessons

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