The book of Genesis contains some of the most beloved kids Bible stories of all time. Filled with drama, adventure, and life, it’s little wonder these kids Bible stories are a staple in every Sunday School, homeschool, Bible study and VBS. Now these timeless accounts have been brought to life like never before in the Kids Bible Videos of Sharefaith Kids. Perfect for today’s technology-driven world, these Kids Bible Videos are a must-see classroom resource!

Kids Bible Videos from the Book of Genesis

Starting with the Creation Story in Genesis 1 and concluding in Genesis 50 with the story of Joseph, these Kids Bible Videos are guaranteed to inspire children and teachers alike!

The Creation Story – Genesis 1 & 2 – Kids Bible Video

The Fall of Man – Genesis 3 – Kids Bible Video

Cain and Abel – Genesis 4 – Kids Bible Video

Noah’s Ark – Genesis 7 – Kids Bible Video

Tower of Babel – Genesis 11 – Kids Bible Video

Sodom and Gomorrah – Genesis 18 & 19 – Kids Bible Video

Abraham and Isaac – Genesis 22 – Kids Bible Video

Isaac and Rebekah – Genesis 24 – Kids Bible Video

Jacob and Esau – Genesis 25 – Kids Bible Video

Jacob’s Ladder – Genesis 28 – Kids Bible Video

Jacob Wrestles with God – Genesis 32 – Kids Bible Video

The Story of Joseph – Genesis 37-50 – Kids Bible Video

If you enjoyed these Kids Bible Videos there are plenty more to see. Sharefaith Kids has over 90 Kids Bible Videos spanning the entire Bible. And the best part? Each video is part of an entire Kids Bible Lesson that includes – Lesson slideshow, print activities, teacher videos and curriculum! Stop by our YouTube channel to preview more Kids Bible Videos, or you can explore our full library of Kids Bible Resources here.



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