The Annual Complete membership has always been Sharefaith’s most popular (and ridiculously value-packed) plan, including: a church website, free migration, free mobile church app, 78,000 graphics, presentation software, online giving and much more! But now, this plan (a member favorite) has just DOUBLED in value with the addition of the world’s largest, fully-downloadable Kids Bible Resource library! If you are already a Complete member, or considering joining, stop whatever else you’re doing and discover why Sharefaith Kids is your Complete solution for Sunday School, Small Groups, VBS and much more!



Sharefaith Kids: Every Complete membership comes with unlimited access to Sharefaith Kids, the world’s #1 resource for kids Bible videos and lessons. The ever-expanding world of Sharefaith Kids showcases amazing kids Bible videos, the Sharefaith Kids app for Android and iOS, lesson slideshows, printable activities, curriculum for over 90 lessons, Bible quizzes, kids countdown timers, Bible games and more! Throughout this article, you’ll get an in-depth overview of these ready for Sunday School features and how to access them through your Complete plan.


Sunday School Complete Membership Library

The Kids Library

You can begin your exploration of Kids on Sharefaith’s Kids Bible Lessons and Activities Page. From this page, you’ll be able to access everything that the world of Sharefaith Kids has to offer, including a link to download the amazing Sharefaith Kids App and all Kids videos, slideshows and printable activities, conveniently broken down for easy browsing. Be careful, once you get started searching the world of Sharefaith Kids, it’s hard to stop! If you’re looking for a specific lesson or Scripture, simply enter your request into the Search Media bar and all corresponding results will be displayed.


Sunday School Complete Download

Ala Carte

Complete members have the ability to download any individual Kids resource they choose. This includes Bible videos, Bible quiz videos, countdown timers, lesson slideshows, and all activity PDFs. Just click on the blue download bar next to the resource you’ve selected and you download will begin.


Sunday School Complete Full Set

Lesson Sets

The individual resources of Sharefaith Kids are stunning, but the majority of them have been bundled together in Lesson Sets. These Lesson Sets give any Sunday School teacher or volunteer a suite of visual teaching resources that are second to none. To view a Lesson Set, click on the green “See Full Set” button next to the resource you’ve selected.


Sunday School Complete Full Curriculum

The Whole Enchilada

Complete members gain access to the exclusive option to download a full lesson curriculum. This option downloads all lesson-related videos, slideshows and activity PDFs into a single zip file. But that’s only the beginning! This exclusive download bundle includes the classroom-ready curriculum PDF and the handy lesson overview video for teachers. If you’re ready for the whole enchilada, click the green “Full Curriculum” button on any Kids resource or Lesson Set page. You’ll be given a message that says your zip file is being assembled and that your download will begin shortly.


Sunday School Complete Kids App

The Kids App

This is where the value of Complete membership gets just plain ridiculous! The Kids App is an amazing tool for accessing and displaying the lessons of Sharefaith Kids. With this app for Android and iOS devices, you have the videos, slideshows, curriculum and activities of Sharefaith Kids all in the palm of your hand. This means any Sunday School teacher with an Android or iOS mobile device is fully equipped to teach, regardless of whether or not there is a TV, computer, or projector in their classroom. DOWNLOAD THE KIDS APP!


The #1 Kids Bible Resource

The world of Sharefaith Kids is massive and, with new lessons released every month, it’s only getting bigger! The Complete member has unlimited access to download the following Kids Bible resources:


Sunday School Complete Kids Bible VideosKids Bible Videos Featuring award-winning illustrations, professional narration, and musical scores, these videos bring the classic stories of the Bible to life like never before!



Sunday School Complete Kids Bible LessonsLesson Slideshows The lesson slideshows are the perfect complement to your lesson curriculum. Each slideshow makes sure you’ll have a stunning visual element to each component of your Sunday School lesson.


Exclusive Kids Bible Resources

The following Kids resources are EXCLUSIVE to Complete memberships:


Sunday School Complete CurriculumLesson Curriculum This classroom-ready curriculum is packed with fantastic, easy-to-understand resources, including: full lesson overview, Q&A, memory verses, lesson activities, teaching suggestions, take-home discussion topics, closing prayer, and much more!





Sunday School Complete Kids Countdown TimersCountdown Timers Classroom management is a must for effective teaching. Our Kids Countdown timers are a fantastic resource to let your kids know that service is beginning, an activity is ending, or anything in between.


Sunday School Complete Teacher Intro VideosTeacher Intro Videos Everyone needs encouragement – Sunday School teachers included. Our lesson Intro Videos remind teachers of the opportunity and impact of each Kids lesson.



Sunday School Complete Kids Bible Trivia QuizKids Bible Trivia Quizzes If you’re looking for a fun-filled change of pace that will get your kids searching their Bibles, then look no further. Bible Trivia videos are exclusive to Complete members and a standout Kids Bible resource.


Sunday School Complete Crossword PuzzlesCrossword Puzzles Another resource that encourages Bible study, Sharefaith Kids Crossword Puzzles are filled with lesson-specific questions that will have your kids searching the Scriptures.






Sunday School Complete Kids Coloring PagesColoring Pages A member favorite, our coloring pages are illustrated by hand with amazing attention to detail. Get ready to unleash your kids’ creativity on these second-to-none Sunday School activities.






Sunday School Complete Kids Bible MazesBible Mazes With just enough challenge to make them fun, our Kids Bible Mazes give your kids a fun activity, filled with amazing lesson artwork.






Sunday School Complete Kids Spot the DifferenceSpot the Difference If your kids like some silly fun, then they are going to love our Spot the Difference activity pages. This printout is loved by kids of all ages.






Sunday School Complete Kids Bible BookmarksBible Bookmarks Ready to print, color, and cut out, these bookmarks make a great take-home activity, reminding your kids to study their Bibles later.






Equip your Sunday School

Complete Members: If you’re looking for a way to support your church’s Sunday School, then make sure to get these resources into their hands. Children’s Ministry is often underfunded and under-resourced, but it doesn’t have to be. The resources of Sharefaith Kids are made by teachers for teachers, are completely customizable, and easily fit into any Sunday School, Small Group or VBS.

And the best part – as a Complete Member, you’ve already got the world of Sharefaith Kids just waiting to transform your church’s kids program! If a Sunday School teacher or volunteer you know would like to know more about Sharefaith Kids, send them to our Kids Bible Lessons and Activities Page or they can download 3 FULL lessons for free!

Sunday School Complete Membership Try 3 Lessons Free


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