There are some common realities with any project of a certain scale and scope. There is a plan for beginning, for development, and then for long term growth. Building a strong worship team is no different. There are things to be done at the beginning, in the middle, and for the long term to keep the team musically strong and spiritually healthy. Here, in no particular order, are 10 tips for making this very challenging task easier.

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Have a Plan

It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of the building process or if you are managing a worship team that has been together for years, having a plan you can effectively communicate and expertly execute is essential. This new year is a great time to evaluate your plan. Where will your worship team be in the next few months, the next major worship seasons, next year, even 5 or more years from now?

Recruit the Best People for Your Church

This is not simply about the “best people.” This is about the best people for your worship culture and environment. That will be different for every leader, pastor, and congregation. Continually be open to the people that God may have for you to share in your ministry whether professional or volunteer.

Work Toward Excellence

The Bible makes it very clear that leading people in worship is a serious responsibility. In this, we should work to help our teams always be improving on their abilities. There are many resources available to work toward that goal. Of course, those resources only help if we actually find them and put them into practice. Make helping your team get better at whatever their contribution may be a goal to add to your plan.

Build Relationships

Of course, we can get so caught up in the production aspects that we forget that our worship team is a ministry. We are not just ministering to our congregations, but we should be ministering to each other as well. Take time to make hospital visits, send a much needed note or email, take a team member to coffee, etc. Making the time shows that you care as much about the person as you do their talent.

Root Your Team in Scripture

Establish a time for sharing the Word with each other. Whether in rehearsal or at a separate time that everyone agrees to attend, you need to work through Scripture together so that God’s Word fills your hearts as you work to present that Word to God’s people.

Root Your Team in Prayer

Like the Word, prayer is our lifeline to God. Spending time in prayer should not be seen as lost rehearsal time. Rather, it should be seen as “heaven practice” as we are sure to include God in our preparation and practice of worship. The Bible says, “pray without ceasing.” Make sure that is true of your worship team.

Avoid Segregating Your Team

Many large worship teams are divided between stage, sound, lights, media, etc. While these separate teams all serve essential roles, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that everyone works toward a shared purpose. Make sure that everyone on these individual teams is in relationship with everyone else. This is one big worship team working to proclaim the Word and lift God’s praise—-together!!!

Don’t Let Anyone “Fall Away”

No matter what happens, anyone who has served even one service at your church has contributed to the Glory of God and the spiritual journey of your congregation. Whether they are moving on or have been asked to seek ministry elsewhere for whatever reason, everyone’s contribution should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Ask A Pastor to Stop By

It is amazing to me how a team reacts when a pastor stops by a rehearsal and gives a “pep talk.” Your team will come together tighter, work harder, and feel better when they know that the leaders of the church value what they do.

Share What You Hear

Along the same lines, share the compliments you hear from your congregation. Your team will be better when they have conclusive evidence that they are making a difference in the spiritual lives of the people they serve.

These are just a few suggestions. Use these to stir your own thoughts as you work to make your team as strong as possible.



IMG_2662-circleDr. Craig Gilbert is the founder of, a worship renewal ministry. He is a husband, father, and veteran worship leader with over 22 years of experience. His career centers around bringing unity, depth and vibrancy to the church in congregational worship. He is a published writer, clinician, teacher, and preacher. His newly released DVD teaching series, A Purposed Heart for the Purpose of Worship, can be found on his website.

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