So you’re expecting a huge turnout this year and a sanctuary full of church goers? You’ve already built up the anticipation for this year’s Christmas Eve church service and now all you need to do is be sure that every part of the service is beautiful! The holiday season can be crazy for you and your staff, but it’s the best time of year for your church to reach your community and provide them a marvelous place to connect and spend time with the Lord. A beautiful series of graphics that work in conjunction with your worship, sermon and service as a whole is exactly what you need. Check out the top 25 Christmas sermon and PowerPoint graphics for church.


A Time to Worship the King PowerPoint Graphic Christmas Blessing PowerPoint Graphic Christmas Joy to the World PowerPoint Graphic Come all Ye Faithful PowerPoint Graphic Glory in the Highest PowerPoint Graphic Gods Gift to Mankind PowerPoint Graphic Jesus Gift of Salvation PowerPoint Graphic Jesus Hope for Mankind PowerPoint Graphic Jesus the True Gift of Christmas PowerPoint Graphic Joy to the World PowerPoint Graphic Keep Christ in Christmas PowerPoint Graphic King of Kings PowerPoint Graphic Merry Christmas and Happy New Year PowerPoint Graphic Merry Christmas Church PowerPoint Graphic Merry Christmas Polka Dot PowerPoint Graphic Our Christmas Wish PowerPoint Graphic Peace Love and Joy PowerPoint Graphic Reindeer Snowflakes and Swirls PowerPoint Graphic Son of the Most High PowerPoint Graphic The Christmas Gift PowerPoint Graphic The Gift of Christmas PowerPoint Graphic The Joy of Christmas PowerPoint Graphic Tidings of Joy PowerPoint Graphic Winter Retreat PowerPoint Graphic Wishing You a Merry Christmas PowerPoint Graphic


Sharefaith has thousands of beautiful graphics just like these ready for you to download and edit so you can leave your best mark on this year’s Christmas service. If you would like to view the full collection of graphics from Sharefaith, you can find them here.

Chances are if you are in need of graphics like these, then you’ll want the whole get up. It’s all included in one membership; graphics, flyers, bulletins, worship video loops, ALL you need. Take a look at our extensive collection of Christmas Bulletins, Christmas Worship Background Videos and Christmas Tri-Fold Templates to ensure this year’s service will be the most amazing one yet!

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