In this episode of Sharefaith Spotlight: We announce the release of 52 brand new SharefaithKids color-ins. Still don’t have a church app? We give you a few compelling reasons to get one with Complete. Plus two new articles on anti-human trafficking organizations and questions you should ask when making a new hire in your ministry.



52 Brand New Color-Ins in SharefaithKids
Here they are! Today we’re releasing 52 more character color-ins all available at no extra cost for SharefaithKids and Complete members. Beautifully and professionally designed and ready to print. Go to your Print Activities section and choose the Color-in 2. The mobile update will be released shortly. Interested in learning more about SharefaithKids? Try out our demo and get 3 full lessons free!


e98b4f98-070d-469c-941f-1737e1a62a9cTop 10 Anti-Human Sex Trafficking Organizations
These are the men and women, outraged by the horrors of human trafficking, whose conviction to “do justly and to love mercy” is much more than a mere obligation. With love and compassion they have given their lives to see captives set free and the world rid of the gross injustice of modern day slavery. It is because of these willing heroes that the voice against this vile corruption grows louder each day. Read more


735b88ca-d368-4374-b71c-6026929ef7eePreparing for New Hires in Ministry, Are You Asking the Right Questions?
Hiring employees can be a scary thing for churches because the decision to enter into an employer/employee relationship can impact the church and its ability to fulfill its mission. If the right person is chosen, it can mean getting additional things done, more quickly. However, if the wrong person is hired, it can result in management challenges, frustrations and distraction from focusing on those mission critical objectives. So here’s a great checklist and guide to help you with your next church hire in your ministry. See the guide.


wl-announcedWorship Leader Conference Winners
Congratulations to all of these Sharefaith subscribers, they just won a free conference pass to the National Worship Leader Conference in Washington D.C.! The winners are: Michelle Young, Ed Frisbee, Daryl Welch, Keith Malone, and Narcely Ruiz, congrats guys! Enjoy the conference!

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