Are you ready for our most exciting and feature packed church website template ever? Introducing the “Grace Church” template! You’ll love the layout, style, features and the stunning and simplistic design! The Grace Church website template will empower you to create a professional church website with little effort and difficulty. Check out this article to see everything this new church website template offers and learn how you can create a church website that will surpass you and your church’s expectations!


Introducing Our New Church Website Template – Grace Church!

Scroll through this entire article and learn everything there is about our band new church website template and how you can use this to create a 5-star professional church website in no time! We’ll go through all of the main pages of the template as well as highlight some new features along the way.


The Grace Church website template has one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring homepage! When visitors come to your website, they will be so impressed with the design and be wowed! With a clean, yet simple navigation menu, your visitors will know exactly where to find all of the important information about your church.

Announcement Section

Promote your next upcoming event or worship service here in the announcement section, which provides your visitors important information. You can also include a link for your visitors to learn more about the event or announcement you are promoting.

Welcome Section

This welcome section is a perfect place to welcome new visitors to your website, have your church’s mission statement and provide a link for them to find out more about your church and your beliefs and statement of faith.

Ministry Section

Showcase all of your various ministries and provide just enough information that will attract them to learn more about each ministry.

Leadership Section

Add photos of your pastor and leadership team directly to your homepage. This will help your visitors get to know more about your leadership team. From this section you can link to your about page and provide a more in-depth bio on each of your team members.

Photo Gallery

Show off  photos of your church and most recent events. This section has a fun new hoover/flip effect that allows you to link each photo to a gallery of your events. This is another great feature to have on your site to show visitors more about your church and your recent events you have put on.

Upcoming Events

Promote your upcoming worship services or special events in this section of the homepage here. This is a great place to show your three most important events, time and location of each event.

Blog Articles

Display your most recent blog articles directly on the homepage. This provides easier access for visitors and can even help draw their attention to articles they may have not known about otherwise.


In this section, you can showcase your most recent video sermon and your most recent podcasts/audio sermons right on your homepage. You can also provide a link to your sermons page to provide a view all sermons.

Member Information

Provide your visitors with contact information for them to easily become members of your church. You can list of service times, and provide a link to your contact page and membership information.


Adding a map to your homepage helps visitors find where your church is located. If you live in a smaller town, chances are they will recognize landmarks or other buildings close by. This also provides them with easy directions through Google Maps, especially if they are using their smartphone.





The about page of the Grace Church website template has a clean, and beautiful layout which is great for introducing your church leadership team. Start off by having some information about your church, your mission statement, vision statement, and then you can list out your church staff. Create bio pages for each member of your church leadership team that allows visitors to learn more about them and even connect with them through email or social media. Stick with the layout of this page, and simply replace the images and content with your own, and you’ll have a page that looks just as good on your website.



Provide a complete breakdown of all of the different ministries at your church and how others can get involved through the ministries page on the Grace Church website template. The layout of this ministry page does a great job of listing out all of the ministries, while not overwhelming you. Link from this page to the individual ministry pages to provide even more information about ministry and how to get involved and who to contact.



Promote all of the different events and activities going on at your church with the calendar page. This layout is so clean and simple, making it easy for visitors to quickly navigate through your church calendar. To achieve the same look, simply embed your church’s Google Calendar onto the calendar page. One of the reasons why this page looks so good, is there is no other information on the page trying to distract attention from the actual purpose of this page, which is the calendar itself.



The Grace Church website template allows you to showcase and display you audio and video sermons in a stylish and easy to navigate way. Using images that dovetail with the sermon from the previous weekend is simple and fluid, and the simple play button that is layered on top creates clarity and looks great.



You’ll love the new simplified blog layout with the Grace Church website template. You can easily display your most recent blog articles, daily devotions, and informational posts with this new, clean design. Now each blog thumbnail has the date located on the image, creating a fun and stylish way to show your most recent articles. Notice how the colors of the blog page stay constant with the rest of the theme? It creates a very nice and uniform style to the entire website template.



Not only is the blog layout and design updated on the Grace Church website template, the blog articles also have a new layout and design, making it easy to read and not overwhelming with sidebars or other filler that takes away from the article itself. Also, your readers can easily share the article on Facebook with a share button at the end of this article. By sticking with this layout for your blog articles or daily devotionals, your readers will enjoy seeing your new content as you release it.



Easily add your live stream of your church services with this dedicated live streaming page in the Grace Church website template. This provides your church congregation and visitors with access to live streaming services inside a clean and simple design.




Provide, easy, simple and streamlined contact for your entire church and any of your new church visitors with this contact page. This allows for anyone to email your church directly from your church website and not leaving the site to send an email. Contact forms are great tools to encourage visitors or new members to ask questions and even gather more information about the church.



Make online giving and donations easy with your own customized online giving form. You can set up multiple funds and allow for recurring donations. A simplified online giving form empowers your congregation to give anywhere and anytime with ease.


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