This week we’re trying something brand new! We’re gonna tell you everything that’s new at Sharefaith, through video! You can learn more about everything that’s mentioned in the Sharefaith Spotlight video with links down below.



Tons of New PowerPoints, Bulletins, Backgrounds and More
This week, we’re releasing lots of beautiful new graphics that have a ton of different themes like evangelical outreach, graduation, marriage and more. Remember that all new PowerPoints are completely customizable when you download the Photoshop source file. See what’s new now



175xbooksTop 10 Christian Books of All Time
Over the centuries, there have been other books that have encouraged believers, influenced movements, sparked revival, and motivated worldwide change. God has used Christian writers and thinkers to create a huge variety of influential books. If you want to grow deeper in your relationship with God, learn more about His wonderful love, and be encouraged in your Christian journey, these books in addition to the Bible, will feed your soul. Read more



Top Mother’s Day Mini Movie, Graphics & More
Mother’s Day is only 3 days away and we have a ton of new PowerPoints, printable bulletins, stock photos, flyers, a brand new Mother’s Day mini-movie and more for your sermon, this Sunday. Make the moms in your church feel special with a nice event and professionally-designed graphics. See all Mother’s Day




The Importance of Providence in Pastoral Ministry Work
Providence is the biblical idea that God sees and goes before us in all that we do as Christians. We as pastors know this, and preach it to our flocks. But do we ourselves rest in the reality of it? Not as often as we let on, I suspect. Our activist culture is very impressed with strategies, plans, wealth, wisdom and strength. Much “leadership” material, even for pastors, is about what we do, rather than what God does. Read the blog post.


175x-videoNew Church Website Template with Background Loops
Take your church website to the next level with video loop backgrounds! We just came from the Exponential conference in Florida with over 5,000 church planters and our brand new Ablaze template was a huge hit. Give potential church attendees a website to remember! Video backgrounds will show professionalism and draw their attention and show that your church is serious about investing in your church-voice online. Take a demo now.


Top 30 Bible Verses for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is more than just a day for cards and reservations at crowded restaurants. Mother’s Day is a celebration that finds solid support in biblical principles and commands. While we’re not going to find any direct reference to “Mother’s Day,” we do find plenty of teaching on honoring mothers, revering them, and giving them generous love and recognition for the role they play in our lives. Here are the top 30 Bible verses for Mother’s Day.

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  1. Cindy

    Like the video format. Couple suggestions:

    No stereo: a lot of people use one ear bud to keep the other ear free to hear if someone needs them in the office. Well…I use one ear bud to keep my other ear free to hear if someone needs me in the office! Sooooo…when the video started, I had some very catchy music going on, but couldn’t hear Hein. Just saw his mouth moving! Stereo sound is cool and all, but maybe not if someone like me could think the video isn’t working. 😉

    Not just video: To see any news, I have to click the video, get taken to another web site, click the video again. Would be cool to have the news in the original email in case I don’t have the time for a video, but want to scan what the news is.

    Kudos to ShareFaith for all you do to help churches do some really cool stuff! Thanks!

  2. Marcus

    I prefer the new format. Its easier to multitask and if I hear something that I like I can watch!

  3. Kirby Spivey

    Though I am new, I love the new format. Great seeing a familiar face on the video as well.

    Kirby Spivey, New Beginnings Ministries
    Halifax NS

    Introduced to Sharefaith at Exponential in Tampa

    • Kim

      Love the new video format! I agree with Marcus that it is easier to multitask and listen to your updates!

  4. Alex

    Love the new format! Already using the new video background web design, love it! You guys keep getting better & better! Thank you!

  5. Marc McComas

    I love the new video spotlight. Much easier than reading a whole bunch of text. Plus the video intro is fantastic! Way to go team!

  6. Ruth

    This was fantastic. Packed with information but delivered concisely. Keep up the good work.

  7. Daryl

    I love the new format, keep the videos coming.